Contact Info

How To Reach Mignonne (through March 2015)

Sister Mignonne Rogers                                                                                                           Mississippi Jackson Mission                                                                                                   175 Burnham Rd.                                                                                                                     Brandon, MS 39042

Anything sent to this address should be sent through USPO and will be forwarded to where ever she is currently living. She loves getting letters and will write back!

Her email is                                                                         She has limited access to email (once a week) but will reply.

If you need a current mailing address contact Tamara Rogers at She will be updating the blog and                               Facebook during Mignonne’s mission.


One thought on “Contact Info

  1. Hello Sister Rogers,

    We Smithville Willards have been peaking at your posts for some time but have not left a comment. Now that I know you are coming home so soon, I need to say “thank you” for being such a great example to my daughters (and sons!) from the mission field.

    Blessings and Safe Travels home,

    Sister Heather Willard
    (Dalton Willard’s Mamasita)

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