March 9th, 2015

What a week!fun sisters
While out door knocking this week we had a rather eventful experience-
We had parked our car on one of the many country roads that cover our area and began knocking on doors. Since there weren’t many houses we decided to knock on some on the way down and then hit up the ones we had skipped on the way back so we would have something to do besides a straight mile walk back. Well we would knock and then skip and then knock and then skip, when we came to a nice brick home at the top of a hill. A very sweet elderly lady answers the door and tell us that she has company over at the moment, but we are welcome to come back at another time. Apparently missionaries had visited with her before and she had been very impressed by them. Just as we are saying goodbye and turning around a white car pulls up and a rather angry looking llady with dark curly hair gets out of the car. The conversation with her went something like this –
Winkel – with a big smile, “Hi I’m Sister Winkel!”happy
Lady – not smiling, “What are you all doing?”
Me – smiling, “We are missionaries.”
Lady – still not smiling, “What are you doing?”
Me – still smiling, “Well we’re sharing a message about Jesus.”
Lady – “Why did you skip my house?”
Winkel – “What?”what
Lady – “Why didn’t you stop at my house? You walked right past it why didn’t you stop?”
An awkward moment followed where we tried to explain that we would be knocking on doors on the way back up the road as well, where she didn’t listen to us at all.
Lady – cutting us off, “There are a lot of scammers going around. I’d hate for ya’ll to get shot.”
Me – “Thank you for your concern-”
Lady – “Stay away from my mothers house.”
Us – “What?”
Lady – “Stay away from my mothers house.”
Me – “Is this your moms house?”
Lady – while shaking her head yes, “Stay away from my moms house. I’m serious. I’d hate for ya’ll to get shot.”scared
and with that she disappeared inside her moms house leaving her elderly mother looking confused and us feeling slightly frustrated that she was so ready and willing to shoot us but not to listen :/ farther down the road we met her sister who was super kind and spoke with us for a good minute. When we told her tat we thought we might have met her sister a little earlier she suddenly got grim and told us, “Oh,… that’s a sad situation. She’s not saved…” so I’m guessing she’s just having a hard time right now 😦
Also on the route of funny stories we were out visiting people this past week with one of the members. Do you remember a few weeks ago when I told the story about the lady who had been wanting a Book of Mormon for years and then we finally got her one when she was at work at the jewelry store. When we gave her the book we had also swapped numbers but it turned out later that the number was had gotten was incorrect. We didn’t really know where she lived, we only knew where she worked so we went to her work with the member who had originally promised to get her the Book of Mormon and just as we were pulling into her work we saw her car pulling away. So of course naturally we go into oober big creeper/ secret agent mode and start tailing her. We followed her through winding country roads for a good 20 minutes!!!! When she FINALLY pulled into her drive way we pulled in right behind her. I was terrified that she was going to be slightly annoyed or even scared since we had followed her for so long, but the member we were with just rolled down her car window and yelled, “Hey girl” and everything was all right πŸ™‚ The south is truly a wonderful and unique place πŸ™‚ Where else can you stalk someone for 20 minutes and have them be totally okay with it?
A wonderful mixed blessing had happened this past week! The last area I was in had two sets of missionaries in it, but when Sister Winkel and I left from there the area we had then become covered by just the one set of elders that were there. A week ago they ended up having to leave the area which left the people we had been teaching without missionaries. One of them was about to get baptized, but without missionaries there it made it a little bit of a challenge for her. So here is the wonderful part… We got permission to teach her over the phone and she will be getting baptized this upcoming Sunday!!! That lady is so incredible and we feel so very blessed to be privileged enough to get to help her prepare to enter the waters of baptism πŸ™‚ What a beautiful blessing she is πŸ™‚
I hope you all know that I have a strong testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that it is through him that people are able to turn darkness into light as they are cleansed from sin. I know that as we diligently search for knowledge and continuously pray to our Heavenly Father, he makes all things possible. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is not passive nor is it easy, but I can tell you this much, it is very worth it. The world offers happiness that will not last, but the joy we can find from being truly and completely cleansed of sin is all encompassing and worth more than the grandest worldly mansions. I love the gospel so much! It teaches me how I can be healed. I love my Heavenly Father, He gave me the ability to be healed by sending His son for a sacrifice for the sins and pains of the world. I love my savior Jesus Christ, he made the healing possibly. I love my family, they have taught me to use the healing power of Christ’s Atonement in my life. I love being a mission, because this has been an incredible opportunity for me to share with other the truths that I know and love πŸ™‚ Truly there is no better place to be than in the service of our fellow man, because when we are in the service of our fellow man we are really in the service of our God πŸ™‚

I love you and the church is true!

Sister Mignonne Rogers πŸ™‚ward mission leader


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