February 23, 2015

Happy Mardi Gras!!! last mission district
This week has been wonderful as always πŸ™‚ truly there is never a bad week as a missionary! Sometimes rough hours or days, but the Lord always makes sure to give us what we need to continue onward with a hop in our step and a smile on our face. Sometimes the smile we have isn’t for us, but it is to help lift another who might be worse off than we are. My mission President told me this week rather emphatically, “The gifts you have are to bless the lives of others. Not your own.” I feel like that goes for sunny dispositions and infectious laughter as well.

So I suppose I can start with our terrifying story this week – we were out door knocking and we were coming up to this house. We were almost all the way up the drive when these two massive dogs (a pitbull and a bloodhound) came sprinting around the corner!killer dogs Before we even had time to blink they were literally right in front of us and I seriously thought, “I am about to die!” Lucky for us, they didn’t rip out our jugular vein, but instead they bounced around us wagging their tails and lifting up our skirts as they tried to kiss our faces. Honestly when we got to the door both of us were still trying to swallow our hearts from where they had jumped into our throats so when the lady answered we sounded like idiots as we struggled to keep our skirts down while the dogs bounded around us and we tripped over our words. It was probably the worst door approach that I have ever been a part of!

We had a lesson with an investigator this week that went pretty well, and kind of interesting. Any confusing part of the gospel that could have been brought up, was. Like β€œwhy was the Book of Mormon written in ancient Egyptian?” That is easily explained but not really pertinent to our salvation. Even though the lesson went every which way he still came to church this past Sunday πŸ™‚ Truly the Lord is in charge of this work. If it was left up to us missionaries, then it would be a mess lol The man that we were teaching lives with a recent convert. As we were explaining the Book of Mormon to our investigator the recent convert spoke up and said, “Really man, if you want to know if it’s true you just have to read it and then pray. That’s the only way you’ll know.” Yay for having a testimony of the Book of Mormon! I love that book so much. That and the Bible are what help us to have a full understanding of Christ’s gospel. Reading one without the other is like only reading Matthew and Mark, but leaving out Luke and John. They many all tell about the life of Christ, but if you left one or two of them out you would be missing so much! The same goes for all of God’s scriptures and that includes the Book of Mormon and the Bible πŸ™‚ They truly are both the word of God and we are so very blessed to have access to both of them πŸ™‚

Also I learned a new form of measurement this week, “It’s within hollerin distance!” That means they live close enough they could hear you yelling at them. Oh the South, how I love thee πŸ™‚

I love you and the church is true!

Sister Mignonne Rogers πŸ™‚ moo

P.S. β€œIt doesn’t do me any good to figure out what other people’s problems are. I can’t change them. I can only change myself.” – Sister Ava Price (one of the ladies in my current ward)


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