February 16, 2015

My fabulous week!landscape
As always a wonderful week full of miracles! Lately in this area it has been difficult to find people to teach because the houses are mostly spread pretty far apart and door knocking is kind of illegal, but this week the Lord truly did provide 🙂relief society pres. sweet country girl
We went out visiting with a member and she told us, “There is a lady that works in a jewelry store and she told me that she wants a Book of Mormon.” Of course we were super happy to hear that! When we asked a little more about the situation we found out that the conversation with the woman about the book had taken place 3 years ago, and randomly the sister had remembered it and thought that it was worth a try! We drove out to the Jewelry store and the sister said she would go in first to talk with the woman and if the situation looked promising she’d invite her outside to meet with us. She went in and the conversation went something like this –
Friendly greeting to each other and then,
Lady – “Hey, you still owe me that book! Someone was just in here the other day and I told them that if they see you then they have to remind you that I still want my book.”
Sister – “Well (name) that is exactly why I’ve come. I brought the missionaries with me and I’m sure they have an extra copy of the Book of Mormon with them right now. If you’d like, you can come outside and meet them.”
Lady – “Of course!”
Stuff like this doesn’t typically happen! She came out and we were able to have a wonderful conversation with her and exchange information. We are really looking forward to getting to go visit with her again and answer some of her questions. Anyone that is still that interested after 3 years is going to have to have some pretty great questions 🙂
We also went to visit a lady that we’ve taught a couple of times, but it had been a while since we’d been over there. As we were visiting with her she told us that she has actually been reading from her Book of Mormon and then she told us about what she’d been studying!!! Not only that but she also told us, “I know that book is true!” Yay for miracles 🙂
Well as always I’m running a little short on time… sorry. I love you all and I hope you know that Christ lives and that He still speaks to us today 🙂 I know that Heavenly Father is very aware of each of us and He is always ready to send His love to us as we look up to Him 🙂 We are so blessed! We just have to take the time to open our eyes, see the blessings, and be grateful 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 current district

A little old hymnal I found at an antique store:) hymnalhymnal 1


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