February 10th, 2015

My last transfer calls… can you believe it?! Transfers are every 6 weeks and that is when we find out if we are going to be moving around or staying where we are at. I am so very grateful to be able to say for the first time in over 4 months my transfer calls came and I will be staying in the same area with the same companion 🙂 SO very very grateful!!! I love the area I am in and I love my sweet/crazy companion 🙂 I feel so incredibly blessed right now! crazy fun companion
Our music devotional that we have been planning for the past month was Saturday evening. Truly miracles happened and it was even better then we had thought it was going to be 🙂 Lot and lots of prayers went into the program. The main goal was that everyone would be able to feel the spirit while they were there. images of ChristWe had other missionaries that were willing to come and participate and also a few other people from other areas that came to help out as well 🙂 Typically at church there are about 25-30 people. On Saturday we had over 40 people there! It was wonderful 🙂 Sister Winkel and I were practically in tears because we were to happy with how it all turned out. We had one lady come up to us afterwards and say, “It was a crazy day today. This was exactly what I needed.” Another person went on and on about how strong the spirit had been during the devotional. Also, one lady who hasn’t been to the church in over 20 years, possibly close to 30, came to the devotional! Not only did she come, but she brought her sister in law with her who isn’t a member of our church! Not only did they enjoy themselves while they were there, but later than night we got a call from the lady and she was telling us that she wants to come back to church!!! When we went over to visit with her yesterday, one of her friends came over and told us that she has been talking all about it since she went! Miracles my friends 🙂

A door knocking story from this week – We were out in the middle of no where trying to share the gospel when we came upon a skinny dirt road that led to a beat up looking trailer. We started the long walk to it and from the back we could hear this ferocious dog barking insanely. Nailed to a tree was a sign that read “BEWARE OF DOG Dog eats anything owner shoots” Just as we knock on the door yet another dog, this one is inside the house, starts barking like it wants to eat us. As we began the second knock, a rifle shot is heard not too far off from where we were. This was about the time that we turned tail and walked very quickly away, praying the entire time! Thank goodness the Lord watches out for His missionaries or else I would probably have been a goner. out in the field
I LOVE my mission and I’m so grateful all the many lessons that the Lord is teaching me daily 🙂 I couldn’t feel more blessed or taken care of! This work, the Lords work, is an incredible thing to be able to be apart of 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂


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