February 2, 2014

What a week 🙂
While door knocking this week we had some pretty… interesting experiences. We came to house where a sweet looking elderly couple was sitting outside shelling pecans. As soon as we walked up they offered to let us join them for a little chat. At first the conversation started out pretty mild with us getting to know each other. Then the man said that he wanted to do some scripture study with us, which we thought was awesome! He went and got his Bible and what commenced was a 45 minute conversation where he preached to us about the fact that we are both ignorant idiots who are blindly following after the traditions of our fathers. The thing is, he said it in the sweetest way possibly and if you weren’t listening to the words coming out of his mouth, you would have thought he was praising us for our missionary efforts. The verse he held to and kept going back to is Matthew 7:28, “And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine.” His interpretation was that the people in this story were too stupid to comprehend what Christ was telling them because they were too set in their old traditions of their parents. We simply listened to him and then bore witness of having worked to gain our own testimony of the things we are going out to share. Once we’d finished he replied, “You are a perfect example of this scripture.” What a frustrating man. The scripture doesn’t even mean what he thinks it means, but it is really hard to talk with someone that is unwilling to listen to anything you have to say. At the end of the conversation he told us that, “God will not be mocked,” and also, “I’m sure when judgment day comes this conversation will come into play.” If there is any doubt in any ones mind that reads my emails that I am simply following the traditions of my parents and that I am ignorant of what is in the world, I would like to clear that up really fast. I have spent the past 16 months on a mission for Jesus Christ wearing His name on my name tag because I know that this gospel that I go out and share with people holds powerful truth. I’ve lived these truths and I’ve felt of the power that comes from them. I have prayed to God more than once to receive answers and He continues to give them to me. Do you think God would do that for me again and again if I was so mixed up in my beliefs? Missions are not easy. They are wonderful and incredible but they are not easy. Everyday in this work missionaries have their beliefs tested, abused and tormented. But still we go forward. For what? We don’t get payed for what we do. The rewards from the world aren’t over flowing by any means. We continue on because we know for ourselves the importance of the message that we bring. Even on rough days we are still able to find joy in the work, because this is not our work. If it was the work of man we would probably all quit, but this is the Lord’s work 🙂 What a comfort it is to go out each day knowing that if I do my part, then He will always do His 🙂 I am so grateful to get to be a missionary and teach people about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ 🙂 We are a blessed generation! I would strongly suggest going to the Lord for answers when you have questions. Pray for direction and then search the scriptures. He answers in many different ways, but He does answer. If we do our part He will always answer 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
sky 7


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