January 12, 2015

district luncheonSo this week we went out looking for people to teach and it is country roads and trees for miles here! Also it is hunting season so everyone that we saw was in their hunters orange vests. I’m starting to think that it might not be a half bad idea for us to get some so we don’t stick out so bad! Here we are in our shiny jeep, in skirts and our copies of the Book of Mormon, and all around us are mud covered trucks, hunters orange, and shot guns! It’s fantastic! Truly Ed’s paradise lol Just driving down the rode there are trucks parked off to the side and men chillin there with their guns. Welcome to the deep south. This is a normal thing, and it’s also normal for decorations in the main sitting area of a house to be turkey beards and deer heads. So we can better fit in with the culture here, Sister Winkel and I have begun to learn Southern. We have adopted a southern mom with a real thick accent and she is teaching us how to speak a little country so hopefully when I get home I can give my homecoming talk in my mission language 🙂fried buffet (frog legs, quail, catfish, alligator, crab cake and shrimp!)
For stories this week, we were very blessed to have lots of members of our church come out visiting with us 🙂 One member introduced us to another member that hasn’t come in a very long time. She invited us to come back later in the week. When we got there for our appointment she welcomed us right in and told us that she had invited her daughter who is about our age to join in the lesson, which we were super happy about 🙂 When we first sat down, the mom started firing off questions at us and it almost seemed like it was about to get intense, but then we asked is we could say a prayer and she said that would be totally fine. After the prayer the entire spirit in the room changed and we were able to have a fantastic lesson with them and answer all their questions. The daughter told us that she has always had lots of questions about out church she just wasn’t sure who she could ask and get the right answer. We have another meeting with them this upcoming Thursday 🙂 The lesson went so perfectly that when we walked out of there Sister Winkel and I both kept saying, “Is this even real?” it was was awesome! Prayer is such an important thing! I really do have a testimony of that 🙂 The ability to be able to pray and speak to our Heavenly Father and feel of His spirit and receive blessings and answers from Him, is a miracle in and of its self 🙂 I’m so grateful He listens to us and leads us. I’m grateful that our God is not a god of the past, but He listens to us know and helps us today 🙂

I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂sunset


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