December 1, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!! I hope everyone ate lots of food and had a splendid time, as for myself, that is exactly what I did 🙂
So adventures from this past week-
Thanksgiving Day was super fun! We started out having lunch with a lady and her family in our congregation and then we got to go have a blast at another family’s farm 🙂 Kind of fun- one of their kids served his mission with Chauncey! What a small world 🙂 Sister Winkel and I did not fully think through the fact that we were going to be up at a farm so we came dressed in our skirts and flats. No worries though, we didn’t let that stop us from having lots of adventures! We joined the guys for a game of Ultimate Frisbee and then we went on an epic hay ride where we were attacked by massive tree limbs and thorn bushes.hayride Next we went hunting for arrow heads in an old field and one of the elders found an old rusty machete. Instead of going back the same way we came to the field one of the guys decided we should take the old path. Well getting to the old path consisted of us having to hurtle a stream and climb through weeds and over massive logs. After doing all that we found out that the old path no longer existed and that we were trapped on an overgrown island. In order to get back the way we had come we had to chop back through the foliage with a rusty machete and then one of the elders had to build a bridge to get Sister Winkel and I back across the stream without dying in the process! It was super crazy and fun! To finish it all off Sister Winkel and I got to swing on a ginormous rope swing like Jane of the jungle! Yes, we were still in our skirts, but no worries we remained completely modest 🙂 My logic through all of this was, “Well if I can ride a bike in a skirt than I can do pretty much anything else in a skirt!” Thanksgiving was a blast!thanksgiving3
Saturday was filled with door knocking which turned out to be super great! We met this sweet little lady that lived in a mansion and she insisted we come in and see all of her Christmas decorations. Apparently she used to do interior design so her house was pretty incredible! Then later as we were walking along the road we talked about how sad it is that some people don’t love their children and how hard it must be for Heavenly Father when he sends His children down to a home where He knows they won’t be valued like they should. Just as we finished up this conversation we came across a very beat up house. When we knocked on the door a little five year old boy came and answered the door. His name was Chris and he had huge blue eyes, pretty gold hair and dimples. When we asked him to go get his mom he went in the house and came back quickly saying his mom wasn’t there. When we asked about his dad he looked through the house and said that he didn’t know where he was either. While he was talking to us a tiny kitten with paint smeared on it came tottering up behind him. He grabbed up the cat and cradled it as he spoke with us. Chris then remembered that he had a dog and he really wanted us to come see it so he sprinted around the back saying, “Come one! Come see him.” So we wandered around behind the house, but I made sure to stay well in sight of the road. Littering the ground where old beer cans and bottles. As we spoke with Chris three men came walking out of the woods that were behind the house. Chris was delighted to see that one of the men was his dad and he started telling his dad that we were there to visit them. Let me explain these men in just a few words- skinny, rough, and a little creepy. Sister Winkel didn’t want to talk to them so she talked to Chris and left me to speak with Rusty, Cameron, and Leroy. I explained that we were missionaries and that we had come by to share a message about Jesus. Rusty told me that if we ever felt like sinning and then repenting then we were welcome to come by anytime. I let him know that we were actually there to help people stop sinning and to teach them how to repent. He was being less then splendid with some other things he said so we hurried up and got ourselves out of there, but not before Rusty let us know that he would love to give us a foot rub if ever we needed one. No thank you, Rusty :/ They promised to come to church, but they weren’t there yesterday… maybe next week they’ll come? Sister Winkel told me after we left that when she was talking with Chris she gave him a picture of Christ and he excitedly said, “I know who him is! Him up there,” he said pointing to heaven, “Him is gooder than Santa!” what a sweet sweet kid 🙂beautiful reflectionfall confetii
While out door knocking on Sunday we met a man who told us that he has a different way of believing. When we asked him to explain he started with, “Aliens!” Apparently the dead sea scrolls talk about aliens… at least that is what our friend believed. So that was a little interesting. We also met a super sweet husband and wife. Every evening this sweet older gentlemen goes down and leaves food for the raccoons and foxes because he can’t stand the thought of them ever having to go hungry 🙂 They told us that if we ever need anything, then all we have to do is come by and they’d love to help 🙂 Sister Winkel and I just love them and we’ve decided that we’ll go caroling at their house here in a few weeks 🙂
It truly has been a wonderful week filled with blessings and all sorts of fabulous missionary stuff! We had two of the people that we are teaching come to church on Sunday 🙂 It is incredible to see how the light of Christ can completely change someone and where there was once darkness, now light shines through 🙂 The church is true and I am so very grateful for the understanding and direction that the doctrine of Christ’s Church provides 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂


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