November 24, 2014

pathThings I have learned this week-
1. 1- I am not very good at biking
2. 2- You need the right kind of skirt to bike in
3. 3- Biking in the dark isn’t quite as terrifying as I had thought it would be
4. 4- Never say, “This can’t get any worse,” because it always can
5. 5- I already knew this, but to reiterate – there is always tons of room for improvement!
I am now in another small town down in the South part of Mississippi. The roads are hilly, the trees are big, the people are wonderful, and the weather is bipolar. I got here Tuesday evening and it has been nonstop go since then. The Elders had the car this week so we got to ride our noble steeds though
Wednesday was pretty crazy! I definitely have faith that the Lord leads this work. We rode our bikes out to a little trailer park to visit some investigators that live out that way. We had two main people in mind to see and one other that we could visit if the other two didn’t work. The first two didn’t answer so we went to the last on our list of possible to see ad they were there! We began teaching them a lesson and in the middle of it one of the two ladies we were visiting with got up to go to the kitchen. On her way in she suddenly began slowly crumpling to the floor. The other lady jumped up and caught her in time to help her down the rest of the way. The ambulance was called and we held the door and tried to stay out of the way as she was lauded up and taken to the emergency room. Once she was gone we stayed for a few more minutes to comfort the other women. She told us, “I’m so sorry you had to see this, but I’m so grateful you were here.” I know that the Lord knew we needed to be there. We made sure that the lady at the house was doing alright and then we rode our bikes down to the hospital to check on the other lady. She also expressed her gratitude that we had been there just at the time that they needed us most. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and He is so very in charge and aware of each of us. He knows the beginning from the end 🙂
On Sunday one of the younger single women in our ward offered to go door knocking with us 🙂 That was a fun new experience! I’ve never been tracting with a member and I’ve also never been tracting in a trio. It ended up going super well and the two and a half hours we were out together seemed to totally fly by 🙂 Thank goodness for willing church members and the help and faith they provide to the work!
The work here is wonderful 🙂 My companion is fantastic and I’m se very grateful to be out here serving in Mississippi 🙂cheerleader
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers :)<a href="https://missionary apartment


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