November 18, 2014

What an absolutely insane week filled with fun, tears, and craziness!cheerleader sis
So remember last week I said that both me and my companion where being moved to a new area? Well that happened, but there is a catch. I’ll explain-
So on Saturday afternoon we received a random phone call from our mission president letting us know that our area was going to close and we were both going to go up to a very small town called Richton to replace two sisters that where finishing their missions in a week and were going to be heading home. Our job was to learn as much as we possibly could in one week about the area before they left. So we packed like mad women and said our goodbyes before hopping in the car with the Sisters that were coming to get us and driving 2 hours to our new area. Well here is where things get even crazier! I then found out that I wasn’t even going to be staying in Richton. I would be there for the week and then I’d be heading to a new area. My head is still trying desperately to comprehend everything that is happening, but sometimes we are not meant to understand but simply follow the Lord’s direction for us, and that is what I’m trying to do 🙂 Today I move to my new area and I have the cutest new companion – Sister Winkle.sis winkle
This week I was able to be companions with 3 sister missionaries 🙂 Of course I still had the fabulous Sister Griffeth, but then I also had Sister Ray (from Utah) and Sister McElderry (from Arkansas).travel fun Tomorrow they head home to see their families for the first time in over 18 months! I’m so excited for them 🙂 During this week they have taught me so much about enduring well to the end and staying focused. They have shown how to truly love each of the people they come in contact with and it was truly a joy to get to serve with them for this very short week.little branch
I’m running super short on time today so I’ll wrap this up, but known that my mission is incredible 🙂 I know the Lord has a plan for me even though sometimes things get hard and often times I don’t understand the meaning behind things that happen. I am so grateful I was able to serve in Florence for a month. I’m grateful I was able to serve in Richton for a very quick week. I’m grateful for the wonderful sisters I was able to serve with for a super brief moment. Yes, sometimes things are hard. Sometimes I’m not ready to say goodbye, but if I had my choice between making the friend and then having to say goodbye or forgoing the friendship so I could avoid the pain of change, I would always ALWAYS pick the friendship. I know this church is true and I know that the Lord is in charge 🙂 I’m so very grateful for that knowledge and the peace that brings to my soul 🙂
I love you and this church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
cute pup


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