November 10, 2014

What a crazy week!!! Are you ready for this…
On Saturday Sister Griffeth and I got a call from our mission president letting us know that our area is going to be closed. This means there will no longer be missionaries in our area as it is currently set up. I’ll explain why- This upcoming transfer we have 18 sister missionaries going home and only 8 coming into the field. At the end of next transfer we will have 11 going home and currently none are scheduled to come into our mission at that time. This being said, some areas that have multiple sets of missionaries in the ward are going to down size. Currently our ward has two sets of sisters and one set of elders. They are removing one set of the sisters and then just splitting our area between the two sets of missionaries that will be remaining. Here is where things start to get a little crazy. There is another area that has two sisters serving in it and bother sisters are going home in a week, so president is sending Sister Griffeth and I into that area a week before transfers so they can show us the ropes in the one week that they have before they go home! So yesterday I said goodbye to all the people that I have only known for about a month 😦 It is crazy how attached you can get to a group of people in a month. Today we are packing up EVERYTHING in our apartment so it can be ready to be moved out of, and tomorrow Sister Griffeth and I will travel to a very small town in the middle of nowhere. It should be an adventure! I can’t begin to say how grateful I am that Sister Griffeth and I get to undergo this epic trip journey together 🙂 Truly a tender mercy from the Lord 🙂
Well now that the big crazy news is out of the way, I’ll share the wonderful stories from this week 🙂
On Sunday one of the people that recently was baptized wasn’t at church. Monday we went by to visit with him and it was so great what he shared with us. He told us that multiple members of the ward had called or texted him just to make sure he was doing alright since they didn’t see him at church. He got a little quiet after telling us who had talked with him and then said, “I didn’t know that anyone cared.” He was so grateful and touched that people had bothered to notice that he was missing and that they loved him enough to check on him. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ doesn’t have to be some extravagant thing that you do. It is as simple as letting people known that they are loved and remembered. If each person just took time to focus on the one, then the word would truly be a better place, full of a lot more love.
Tuesday we were out riding our little bikes around town. You know you look stupid when an entire field of little middle school kids make fun of you when you ride past 😦 All sense of dignity was lost at that point. Good news though, after that horrible experience we were able to go have a fabulous lesson with a lady that we had met the other day. When we first got there she wasn’t home, but just as we were pinning up our skirts and buckling on our helmets, she pulled into the drive way. She was very friendly but told us that she really was too busy for our message right then and said that maybe we could come back later. Well I didn’t think that was the right answer so I expressed that our message would only take 10 to 15 minutes and it would really be worth her time. It worked! She invited us to pull up a lawn chair and the discussion began 🙂 By the time we talked for about 10 minutes she told us, “You know what? It’s crazy, but within the first six minutes of us talking, ya’ll answered a lot of the questions that I’ve had all my life, that I’ve never been able to find the answers to.” The gospel is true, the restoration is real, and the Book of Mormon is scripture from God! I love getting to be a missionary and helping to answer peoples’ questions of the soul that they have long since thought that they would never know.
Oh my goodness, so every Wednesday after our meeting with the other missionaries we all go out to lunch together. Well this past week, when we were going into the place we had chosen to eat at we were confronted by this man who asked us for a few dollars. Well we really aren’t supposed to give people money, but one of the sisters offered to buy the man a sandwich inside. He told her that he wasn’t hungry he just wanted money and then he started quoting scriptures at us pretty much telling us that we were all going to go to hell because we wouldn’t give him cash. He then pulled a tumor out of his shirt and was asking us if that grossed us out or if the fact that he didn’t have any teeth made him repulsive to us. He didn’t wait for an answer, but just continued quoting scriptures as he walked away. It was crazy and a little scary, because he did not only have zero respect for himself, but he had no sense of respect for the people around him or for God and his word. He was only using the scriptures to tell us that if we believed in God then we were going to hell for not giving him money.
All of us missionaries had a chance to attend a youth fireside, which was literally at a fireside 🙂 firesideIt was all about missionary work, and preparing to go on missions. One young man spoke who had just gotten home from his mission a week prior. He told the kids all about his crazy experiences in New Zealand. Then a young man who just got his call to serve in the Philippines spoke about his preparation to serve his mission. He spoke quite a bit on the power of the atonement and how it can be used in everyday life and need to use it. Then Sister Griffeth spoke about her preparation so the young women could have an idea of preparing from a girls point of view. I’ll share my thoughts on that. If you are a young woman that isn’t sure if you want to serve or has never even thought about serving my advice is this. If you live worthy to enter the temple, then you will be ready to serve a mission if that is the path that the Lord calls you on. There is no better preparation for a mission than the preparation you must make to go inside the House of God and make sacred covenants with Him 🙂 Keep your sights set on the temple and on your Heavenly Father and He will lead you to the path He wants you to follow 🙂 He has done exactly that for me. He gives me the light that I need to take one more step forward in faith and He has never failed me. I am so very grateful for His love, guidance and direction even when things are hard and the way seems unclear. He has always given me the next step. Moving forward in faith is scary sometimes, but it is so liberating to put your trust in the one who can actually see the entire picture instead of trying to trust in my own personal senses that can become dulled by the world.
Thursday we had a wonderful time in Mendenhall and were able to visit with a whole bunch of people up that way. Miracles are happening in and around that small town. My prayer is that the Sisters that are taking over will be able to have that same progression happening for them as well 🙂 That small town is just about ready to over flow with blessings 🙂
Well I know my last letter was a little bit too long so I’ll try and keep this one at a little more reasonable of a size 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers


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