October 13, 2014

Welcome to Missouri! Oops I mean Mississippi lolFlorence Mississippi looks like home
It looks a crazy great deal like back home and I am currently in a small town that can’t be much bigger than Lathrop Missouri. Quite the change from the areas I’ve been in previously. I am surrounded my rolling hills, trees, and pastures full of gorgeous horses. Also I am in an area where we share the car with the elders. That means that every other week I’ll be getting to ride my cute little bike, which I have yet to ride on my mission. This should be a new kind of adventure! Since you didn’t really get to hear too much about my week last week because I didn’t have a ton of time to write I’ll throw in a few things about that real quick…
While out teaching we met this crazy couple. They invited us in and we had a chance to sit and talk with them for a moment. Let me set up the scene for you… The home had once been nice, but was now warn down from years of not being cared for. Along the yellow walls crawled baby cockroaches from one crack to the next. A dog that they owned was aching for attention, but the smell from the unclean animal made the desire to show it affection slowly diminish to nothing. This couple began to ask us question about our faith, which we happily answered, but then they started sharing their own thoughts and imagined facts. They told us that the Pope was the anti-Christ, and so they choose to follow a Jewish man instead. Another subject they seemed fond of was the idea that everyone is going to have to have chips implanted in them in order to use electronic devises. All in all it was, to say the least, interesting.
Later, Sister Helms and I were out knocking doors and without warning it suddenly began to pour! We began the long walk to the car, already so soaked that it didn’t matter if we hurried, when a car pulls up beside us. Who should it be, but an investigator that we had not been able to get in contact with for ages! She offered us a ride and during the drive to the car we were able to talk with her a little. As we were getting ready to make a mad dash from her car to ours we talked about the possibility of us coming over to visit her and she gave us the best times to catch her at home 🙂 Blessings! The storm was truly a gift from the Lord!
Leaving Bossier City was not easy. I had been there for 7 1/2 months and I have truly grown to love those people. awesome familyThey are my family and I will miss them so much. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know and learn from all the people that the Lord allowed me to come in contact with 🙂bossier friends I feel so blessed to have been able to spend so much time in such a wonderful place. I know I was also blessed with truly awesome companions and I am so very grateful for that 🙂 sad partingI got to give hugs and say goodbye on Tuesday morning, and then I was off on a new adventure, headed for Mississippi-
My new companion is Sister Griffith and she is just the sweetest thing you could ever meet.Sis. Griffiths I don’t think she could ever say an unkind word about anyone 🙂 She is from Boise Idaho and the oldest of 5 kids. Umm… she likes to do ballroom dancing and she can play the piano and sing super well 🙂 Pretty much she is fantastic! She has only been in the area a few weeks, so we are both pretty new here. We’ve only been together a few days and already we are having all sorts of adventures 🙂
People here in Mississippi are a little less kind when compared to the people in Louisiana, or at least the places I have been so far. In just a few days we had three doors slammed in our faces. One door the woman opened and said, “I’m getting ready to go to church,” and with a scowl on her face she slammed the door. A man opened the door and said, “Mormons? I’ve had multiple people come knocking on my door in the past few months,” and just as he was slamming his door I quickly said, “Well I just got here, I don’t know anything.” That might have made him feel a little bad because he came out to his yard and was at least descent to us when we passed by later. We also had a little old lady let us right in when we said we were sharing a message about Jesus. Once we were in the house she asked us what church we belonged to and once she knew we were Mormons she sent us right back out the door and refused to listen to our message. So it has been a little crazy here, but Sister Griffith and I are still having lots of fun 🙂 Other people don’t determine your happiness. Whether you are going to be happy or not is completely up to you 🙂
We did have a few really good experiences 🙂
While door knocking we met a super cute wife, and mother of three. She was busy when we came by but told us we could come back. When we came back she came right outside and sat down for us to talk with her. We had an awesome lesson with her and she seemed to really love everything that we had told her. When asked what she was feeling she told us, “Usually when I talk to other churches I feel like something is missing, but I don’t have that feeling right now.” I am so excited to get to go talk with her more on Wednesday. She asks the best questions and she is just so super awesome!
This ward seems full of fantastic people 🙂 Our ward mission leader is awesome, the Bishop is fantastic, the members are willing and wanting to help! I feel so blessed to get to be here at this time of the work 🙂

Stake Conference was this past weekend and Elder Nash of the seventy was here. It was a wonderful and spiritual meeting and I just loved it! They talked a lot about needing to make the family a major priority in our lives. Speaking of which, family I hope you all know that I love you! I am so very grateful for each of you and I was thinking of you and missing you during stake conference when they were talking about having family prayer together and reading the scriptures together. I am so grateful that mom and dad made that a priority in our home. I know their example has greatly influenced my decisions this far in life 🙂 I love you all and don’t allow the world to make you forget the peace that the gospel can bring into your life. There is light in this gospel that fills the soul with hope even during the times that we lack complete understanding. I hope you all can see that. If not, then get on your knees and pray to the God who created you. Put your heart in front of Him and he will fill it with peace and direction like you have never had before. Is life easy? No. I have hard days all the time. I have pain, and sometimes I feel the darkness creeping in, but I know that the light is better than the dark. It is easy to give way to the darkness and allow it to encompass your mind, but it is not the darkness that we have been made for. We are children of light and as such have claim to the peace that comes through allowing the Holy Spirit to whisper to our souls words of comfort and peace. I know this church holds the true doctrines of Jesus Christ. I know I will be with my family for eternity. I know the Book of Mormon gives understanding to things that otherwise would be lost and confused. I know that I am on this earth for a specific purpose and the Lord has many incredible blessings in store for me and any who choose to live worthy. If you don’t believe me, if you think that I am simply living on a fairy tale then I charge you to open your eyes and look around you. Look at those who are truly giving their life to Christ. Look at those who are living worthy of the covenants they have made with God. I promise you their lives will not be perfect, but I also promise you that you will see a happy people. When we live worthy of God’s blessings we will have light and joy even in times of difficulty. I know this to be true. I have seen it. I have lived it.
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
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