September 2, 2014

Sorry this email is going out Tuesday instead of Monday. The libraries were all closed yesterday 😦
Another fabulous week in the life of a missionary 🙂
sister gibbons(Sister Giddins and I)
While door knocking the other day we weren’t having much success so we decided to change the direction we were going in and instead head towards a less active members home and knock on some doors on the way. We went a different way than we usually would and so we walked past a few businesses that we typically would go by. As we were walking past a tire/car place this man came running out on the phone shouting, “Hey, do you have a Book of Norman?” At first we weren’t sure if he was talking to us, but since he was running right in our direction and looking at the Book of Mormon in my hand we assumed he had meant us. He hung up the phone just as he got up to us and explained that he had met some people a while back that had told him about the Book of Mormon, but they had never come back. He wanted a copy and then he asked when we would come to his home and teach him more! Not only that but he was so excited to start reading the book during his down time at work! A few days later we were able to meet him at his house and it turns out that he is the father of the little boy that I had sent home pictures of when I first came to this area that says that I am his girlfriend! When we met with him he had not only read from the Book of Mormon but he had understood what he had read 🙂 We will be going back to meet with him again on Sunday and we can’t wait!

Friday was interviews with our mission president 🙂 He is such a fabulous man 🙂 We are truly so blessed to have him here!new bossier zone While waiting for our interviews the elders wanted to take a boys band picture, so this is their attempt at that lolboy band 2 That evening we were doing our planning and ended up listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate and cider 🙂 Yes we know it is still summer time and yes it was probably about 90 degrees outside, but hey, it was fun 🙂christmas in august

Sunday Sister Helms and I got to teach the older youths’ Sunday School class. We knew we would have some crazy teenage boys so the night before I made cookies as motivation for them to focus until the end of class. We talked about how we can better learn and teach the gospel in the home. For an activity we cut out the Family Proclamation to the World ( )and had them put it in order. Then they each had to say something they had learned from it. One of the 16 year old boys said, “Adam had it made!” Confused we asked for an explanation, and he said, “Eve didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t say, ‘you smell’ or ‘you’re ugly’ because he was all she had. Now there are like millions of guys for the girl to choose from!” My goodness it was hilarious!

Yesterday Sister Helms and I went and visited with an older couple that aren’t able to make it to church because of health issues 😦 Last time we had been over we had noticed that the Sisters nail polish was coming off, so this time when we went we came prepared with nail polish remover and fingernail polish 🙂 While Sister Helms gave her a manicure I sat and chatted with her sweet husband about his experiences in the war (I think WWII) and he just talked and talked, while Sister Helms had such a good time getting to know his wife better 🙂 It was all so wonderful 🙂 We also got to spend time with an investigator and her daughter and I just love that little girl to pieces!love her
Well I hope you know how much I love my mission. Getting to meet honest seekers of the truth is the best! I know this church hold truths from God! I know the Book of Mormon is more scripture from my Heavenly Father and I know that He loves me 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂God is good


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