September 29, 2014

I love being a missionary!!!beautiful sisters 1
So this week we had a day that the Zone Leaders had decided we would all fast and go out and find. They dubbed it Angelic Finding Day. So we all prayed to find and then went out to share the gospel. It was incredible!!! We didn’t all have super intense finding experience, but we all had amazing miracles that happened, not only that day, but continued into the weekend. One of the day it seemed practically everyone we talked to, was not only interested in talking to us, but wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon and to have us come back and share the discussions with them. It was fantastic!!! One door we knocked on a teen age girl answered. As we talked with her, her cousin ended up joining into the conversation and her aunt as well. They were all interested to learn more! Blessings and miracles my friends. It was such a fabulous weekend 🙂
Tuesday we got to go help do service at a members home that they just bought. service 2The elders were more than happy to bust down a wall, while Sister Helms and I happily and quietly worked on getting wallpaper down.service 4 Okay we actually weren’t all that quiet. For a good part of it we were singing hymns for all to hear lol Hopefully that wasn’t too annoying.service 7 It reminded me of working with my family on projects back home 🙂 I love all you silly guys and I hope you know that!
Monday a member was so very kind and took Sister Helms and I to get our hair cut 🙂 Not only did they pay for our hair cut, but they also took us out to lunch! I am so grateful for the many blessings that we receive from the Lord. The family that did that for us currently have two kids on missions and I sure hope the members there are spoiling them so much! We get to hear their weekly emails which is super fun to hear about the missionary work in other places 🙂 They are both super boss missionaries!
Wednesday Sister Helms and I taught our District Development meeting and that went really well. We put up pictures of Christ all over the walls and then had everyone meditate while we listened to the song “Consider the Lilies” ( ) and then we watched clips of our modern day twelve apostles and the prophet and his counselors it went super well 🙂 The spirit was there so strong!
Sorry I don’t have time to write more this week! Zone P-Day got us running a little short on time!
I love you and the church is true!fat cat
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
P.S. If you missed the General Women’s Conference go watch it!


September 22, 2014

What an absolutely fabulous week!
To start off our week we got to have dinner with the King family. I just LOVE that family 🙂 After we had given a spiritual message, their little daughter who is four said, “Now I have a message for you guys!” She then sat down and began to give us her own little thought 🙂 It was so cute! i have a messageTheir daughter is always such a cutie. Every time she sees one of us she turns to the parent that is with her and says, “Look it’s the sister missionaries!” and just as excited as she could be, runs over to give us a huge hug 🙂
This week we also had dinner at another families home and they have the cutest little two year old daughter. She has big blue eyes and perfect brunette ringlets all over her head. After dinner was over she told us the entire story of Jonah and the whale. She even included that the whale was an Orca whale that was called by God to swallow Jonah and its mouth smelled really bad. It was hilarious! She told the story better than I could!
While door knocking we met a sweet little lady who was sitting outside rocking in a porch swing. After talking with her for a few minutes it was apparent that she had some memory loss so we asked if we could sing to her. She responded, “I’ve had people preach to me, and I’ve had them read with me, but I’ve never had them sing to me.” She was simply adorable 🙂
One day this week we helped one of the members in our ward pack up her house. She is in the military and is heading to an assignment in Kenya Africa. She has only been in our ward for about 6 months. In fact, when she first got here I helped move her into her house! You know you’ve been in an area a while when you can remember unpacking everything in the members home that you are now helping repack. I am going to miss that girl so much! She is so fabulous and such a good friend 🙂Jenny Gibson
Another door knocking experience this week was when we were out in a sketchy part of town. So every time Sister Helms and I have walked past this particular street we have always felt uncomfortable so we’ve never knocked the doors there. Well this past week we were going by and didn’t have any bad feelings so we decided to go for it. Well we soon realized that the reason we probably didn’t feel bad about it was because practically no one seemed to be home, which was strange because it was like 3 in the afternoon. The very last door we knocked on a very elderly woman came to the door. Her name was Mrs. McNut. She told us right up front, “I’m 92 and too set in my ways for you to change my mind, but you can come inside and cool off if you’d like.” So we went on inside. Mrs. McNut was blind so she never really knew who to look at when we were talking. She was also kind of deaf which made things a little difficult. We decided to sing to her though, because she told us that she was very stressed out. We sang and when we finished she kept going on and on about how we needed to get on TV and share our talent with the world. She said we were much too good for only one person to listen to. We went on with the conversation and then when there was a lull she suddenly said, “I’m trying to think if I know anyone that can get you on TV. Most of my friends are either dead, or in a nursing home.” She was so sweet and friendly.fairy council
We got to have a tea party at one of our member’s homes with their little granddaughter. No worries we were actually drinking juice boxes with the little baby dolls and a butterfly named Lydia. The imagination of kids is simply fabulous!
A miracle from this week- Sister Helms and I were out walking in a very ghetto part of our area were we often get unwanted cat calls and sometimes men will even go to the extent of driving slowly and completely leaning out of their car windows to check us out. All of which is less than fabulous. Well we were walking along and this van, being driven by a young Hispanic man slows down with its windows open and stops next to us. I’m thinking Oh crap, but then the young man very politely asks if we speak Spanish. We told him that we did not and he seemed disheartened, but to not be deterred he then asks what church we go to. This lead into us being able to have a very broken conversation with him where he gave us his information and told us that he wanted missionaries to come by and teach him! It was so incredible! Our Spanish speaking elders should be meeting with him soon 🙂
We also got to go visit with one of our investigators families this past week! It was truly a miracle because her dad has been opposed to having us over to the house, but then he decided to let us come by. It was awesome for a few reasons- first I got to see, smell, pet, and be around horses for the first time in a few months! horsesSecond- I got to hold a cute little baby toad 🙂tiny frog And we got to sing for them before we left the house! As we were heading out the door I asked If we could share a hymn with them and our friend requested that we sing her favorite, which is Lead Kindly Light (That is Sister Helms and my favorite as well). We could literally see a change in the fathers face as we sang. It was amazing. The power of the spirit is incredible and I definitely have a testimony of the spirit of peace that comes through the simple hymns.
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂bubbles 3bubbles 4

September 15, 2014

pretty sisters 2One full year on the mission! I am soooo blessed to be able to be able to be out here 🙂 I love getting to see miracles in this work! I love how my testimony has been strengthened during this past year! I love how the Lord is helping me to grow and change daily! I love being a missionary! I was thinking about it and if it were an option to serve a mission for two years I would totally sign on for another year! But that isn’t an option, so I’m going to try work hard and try and make these last six months really count 🙂 I love this work! “This isn’t missionary work, this is missionary fun!” 🙂
happy 5
So this week we received a referral for this girl that didn’t live in our area. The missionaries who gave us the referral told us that she would prefer Sisters over Elders. So into the elders area we went to a very ghetto side of town. All these children were running around everywhere and the adults that were there either looked at us like we were crazy or they just looked stoned. It was an apartment complex that looked pretty run down. In the front there was a mud hole, about 3 feet across and maybe6 inches deep in the very middle that the kids were using as a swimming pool. We were the only white people so we kind of stood out. One little girl ran up and gave me a huge hug! I still have no idea who she was. We finally found the referral and went in to talk with her. She called her kids to come sit down and we ended up teaching like 6 people including some random neighborhood children. When we left we told them we would be back on Sunday. Yesterday we went back over and the kids met us in the yard of the apartment complex telling us that their mom was sick. Before we could leave a little 2 or 3 year old boy came up and took both my hands and just leaned against me wanting to be loved. One little girl grabbed a hand he was holding onto and began inspecting in, mesmerized by the fact that she could see my veins. A different little girl went behind me and stood there petting my hair. A third girl took my scriptures out of my hand so she could hug my arm. All the other kids gathered around us wanting to talk with us and read our name tags. A little boy named Bubba kept telling us stuff, but he was too young for us to understand him so the other children had to translate for us. It was so precious and I just wanted to take them all home with me. I’m positive this is why the Lord didn’t send me on a foreign mission. I don’t know how much of that I could take. They were all such sweet children who just want love.

whole bunch of missionaries
(after a zone meeting)

We had a chance to visit with our less active that came to church last week and we had a good lesson with her. She had read from Alma 18 in the Book of Mormon and we asked her what her thoughts were on it and she started talking about how bad society is today and how mean and evil people are. The she said, “Sometimes I wish I was Ammon and could just chop everyone’s arms off with a machete!” It was pretty much hilarious! (Alma 17)
This week there was a fantastic Relief Society Activity that we got to bring a few investigators to! Linda Fuller is a lady in our ward that specializes in Cajun cooking so she taught as all a few tricks 😉 Sister Fuller does competition cooking and she travels all over winning all the competitions she enters 🙂 She said, “The secret to Cajun cooking, is cooking with love.” So every time we are adding flavor we just need to remember that we are adding more love. At one point she was working on the rue for a dish and she said, “Let’s just add another stick of butter for flavor.” And that, my friends, is how the south cooks. You want something to taste a little better, no problem, just throw another stick of butter in there! No wonder so many missionaries gain a few extra pound when they serve down here lol Our investigators had a good time and we definitely enjoyed the activity as well 🙂 We learned how to make jambalaya, crawfish etouffee, bread pudding, and gumbo 🙂 Yum, yum, yum! The best part of the activity was when we all got to eat it at the end 🙂 My stomach was very happy 🙂 There is nothing quite like some good Cajun cooking 🙂
So do you remember the man we met a few weeks back that came running after us shouting, “Hey do you have a Book of Normon?” Well… Since then we have been able to meet with him 3 other times! Last week he accepted a baptismal date and by our second visit with him he had already ready up to chapter 16 in the Book of Mormon! Yesterday we got to talk with him about prophets and he loved the idea of there being a modern day prophet leading Christs church today on the earth. We told him to pray about it and he said, “I will pray about it, but I already know that what you said is true. It’s right.” It was fantastic! Things are going so good with him 🙂
Miracles and blessings from the Lord 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
happy 7sisters 2

September 8th, 2014

I love my mission 🙂seeking the light
We got to go out with some of the sisters in our ward and visit with a sister who has been going through an incredible amount of terrible things. I won’t go into detail of all the horrible things that have befallen her, but I wanted to mention her because each week she still comes to church with strong faith and a smile on her face. It doesn’t matter what happened that month, week, or day she will still be at the church because she knows where her strength comes from. I hadn’t realized what her example had meant to me until we were over visiting with her and I started to cry as I told her what she means to me. We need more rocks like her in the building of the Lord’s kingdom. Just as important as having the rocks that are there, is supporting those rocks and letting them know what their example means to you. The experience really built my testimony of the importance of quiet, strong examples. If you have a quiet strong person in your life that comes to mind, I would strongly suggest letting them know what their example means to you 🙂
Sister Helms was sick alot of the week 😦 We had a new elder come in to our district that was sick and he got most of the district sick. Sharing is caring right? Poor Sister Helms was pretty much down and out, but then we had an awesome miracle happen. Two of our elders came over and gave Sister Helms a blessing and before the day was over we were able to get out of the house and go teach quite a few lessons! It was fabulous 🙂
quilting service

We had a great lesson with one of our less actives. She and her grandson (who isn’t a member) actually read from the Book of Mormon!!!! Even better… she came to church for the first time this Sunday for the first time in who know how long!!! I cried when I saw her there and I just beamed all the way through church because I was soooooo happy she had come! 3 Nephi 18:32 “Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out of your synagogues, or your places of worship, for unto such shall ye continue to minister; for ye know not but what they will return and repent, and come unto me with full purpose of heart, and I shall heal them; and ye shall be the means of bringing salvation unto them.” D&C 18: 15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!” I was so happy and just thinking about it makes me that happy all over again 🙂
district chart
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
Hey everyone!

On Sunday we got to teach this awesome guy! He’s the guy that came out yelling wanting the Book of Norman. We asked him how his reading in the Book of Mormon is going and he was like “Well I’m in chapter 16″…..he’s so awesome!!! He’s even trying to apply it to his life. He’s trying to follow Lehi’s example and be a good father to his 10 year old son. We set him with a baptism date and he said he’d come to church! I’m just so excited for him because he’s such a sweet and humble man. He honestly wants to have Jesus in his life and do what’s right 🙂
A less active that we’ve been working with came to church on Sunday. She hasn’t been to church in years and she loved it!! Everyone was coming up and talking to her and making her feel at home 🙂 This is what missionary work is all about. Helping others find Christ and helping those who have lost sight of him get back on that path.
I hope y’all have an amazing week and a Jesus filled day!

Sister Rebecca Helms

September 2, 2014

Sorry this email is going out Tuesday instead of Monday. The libraries were all closed yesterday 😦
Another fabulous week in the life of a missionary 🙂
sister gibbons(Sister Giddins and I)
While door knocking the other day we weren’t having much success so we decided to change the direction we were going in and instead head towards a less active members home and knock on some doors on the way. We went a different way than we usually would and so we walked past a few businesses that we typically would go by. As we were walking past a tire/car place this man came running out on the phone shouting, “Hey, do you have a Book of Norman?” At first we weren’t sure if he was talking to us, but since he was running right in our direction and looking at the Book of Mormon in my hand we assumed he had meant us. He hung up the phone just as he got up to us and explained that he had met some people a while back that had told him about the Book of Mormon, but they had never come back. He wanted a copy and then he asked when we would come to his home and teach him more! Not only that but he was so excited to start reading the book during his down time at work! A few days later we were able to meet him at his house and it turns out that he is the father of the little boy that I had sent home pictures of when I first came to this area that says that I am his girlfriend! When we met with him he had not only read from the Book of Mormon but he had understood what he had read 🙂 We will be going back to meet with him again on Sunday and we can’t wait!

Friday was interviews with our mission president 🙂 He is such a fabulous man 🙂 We are truly so blessed to have him here!new bossier zone While waiting for our interviews the elders wanted to take a boys band picture, so this is their attempt at that lolboy band 2 That evening we were doing our planning and ended up listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate and cider 🙂 Yes we know it is still summer time and yes it was probably about 90 degrees outside, but hey, it was fun 🙂christmas in august

Sunday Sister Helms and I got to teach the older youths’ Sunday School class. We knew we would have some crazy teenage boys so the night before I made cookies as motivation for them to focus until the end of class. We talked about how we can better learn and teach the gospel in the home. For an activity we cut out the Family Proclamation to the World ( )and had them put it in order. Then they each had to say something they had learned from it. One of the 16 year old boys said, “Adam had it made!” Confused we asked for an explanation, and he said, “Eve didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t say, ‘you smell’ or ‘you’re ugly’ because he was all she had. Now there are like millions of guys for the girl to choose from!” My goodness it was hilarious!

Yesterday Sister Helms and I went and visited with an older couple that aren’t able to make it to church because of health issues 😦 Last time we had been over we had noticed that the Sisters nail polish was coming off, so this time when we went we came prepared with nail polish remover and fingernail polish 🙂 While Sister Helms gave her a manicure I sat and chatted with her sweet husband about his experiences in the war (I think WWII) and he just talked and talked, while Sister Helms had such a good time getting to know his wife better 🙂 It was all so wonderful 🙂 We also got to spend time with an investigator and her daughter and I just love that little girl to pieces!love her
Well I hope you know how much I love my mission. Getting to meet honest seekers of the truth is the best! I know this church hold truths from God! I know the Book of Mormon is more scripture from my Heavenly Father and I know that He loves me 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂God is good