August 26, 2014

What a fabulous week!
So at the beginning of the week I was pretty sure that I was going to get transferred.bossier district drawing(drawing by Sister Stewart) When Sister Helms and I had talked with president at zone conference he made it sound like I would be leaving and everyone keeps talking to Sister Helms like she will be training this transfer. I’ve been here in Bossier City for 6 months now so it wouldn’t be surprising for me to leave at all. So Sister Helms and I have been super bummed out about that because we totally love being companions. I started saying my goodbyes to people this week and then on Friday morning we got a call from our mission president. He wanted to talk with me so I thought for sure I would be leaving, but really he just wanted to ask if I wanted to stay there another transfer. Of course I did so he said that he was thinking that was a good idea as well! So the next day for transfer calls we were told we were both staying here in Bossier!!! So happy and excited for another fabulous transfer in Bossier City with Sister Helms! I feel so very blessed 🙂
Monday we went out and flew kites with our Elders. flying kitesMine was Spiderman lol I’m so grateful that I get to serve with such fantastic missionaries!!!
Tuesday while we were out knocking on doors we went to one and this lady answered. She was quick to tell us that she wasn’t interested, and then she slammed the door. We could hear her in the house shouting to someone, “They’re trying to preach to me!” She didn’t sound all that happy.
Wednesday we had a pretty cool experience 🙂 A few Sundays ago the elders had an investigator come to church and when the signup sheet to go out with the missionaries was passed to her she went ahead a signed up. Now where do you take another missionaries investigator that wants to go out visiting with you? Well we decided the relief society president wouldn’t be a bad idea, so we went and visited with her. It was an awesome lesson! We asked the elders what the next thing was that they were going to teach and they told us it was faith so we decided to do kind of a group study with the investigator and member on Alma 32. It worked like a charm. We had a wonderful and open discussion about what faith is, how we exercise it and the fruits that come from it. The spirit totally led the lesson and it all went simply perfectly 🙂 testimonies were shared, tears were shed and the Holy Ghost was felt 🙂wow sunset
Thursday we ended up getting to visit with a lot of less active members and sharing with them the things we had learned from stake conference. Elder Clayton from the presidency of the seventy was here and his talk on Sunday morning was about overcoming trials. He really emphasized the importance of fasting. He said, “If there is problem you are struggling with, have you fasted about it?” he then went on to share that we shouldn’t be fasting and praying for others to change, but instead we should be asking the Lord to change us. “There is no part of you He can’t perfect.” I had totally not thought about this before but really we should be fasting for the change to come in us and not in others. We are the only one we can control. He spoke of problems in marriages, raising children and other life situations that we might have issues with and that don’t seem entirely in our control. Pray and fast for the Lord to change you. It was so cool to get to see a theme as we talked with these less active members. This message that had seemed as if it was meant for me when I had heard it, was exactly what these people were needing right then as well. I’m so grateful for the direction and guidance we receive from our leaders and for the opportunities that I have to share what has been given to us 🙂breakfast
Here is a kind of weird experience from this past week- We were out door knocking and we came to this house that was run down looking and seemed as if it hadn’t had anybody really care about it in years. We knocked on the door once and no one came. We knocked a second time and still no one. Just as I was knocking the third time I noticed a pretty intense looking security camera in the corner that was trained on us. I pointed it out to Sister Helms and both of us thought that was strange since this house didn’t seem like the kind you’d want to break into. Still no one came to the door so we started heading across the street. Just as we made it to the side walk on the other side the door to the house opened and a large angry lady was standing there shouting, “Excuse me, can I help you?” Happily we turned around and headed back across the street saying that we were missionaries and we’d come to share a message with her. As we were explaining she interrupted me to say, “You touched my door knob. You tried to break into my house.” Confused I replied, “No ma’am we did knock on your door-“ She cut me off, “I have you on camera, you touched my door knob. That’s a pretty good way to get shot. ” I said, “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding ma’am but we didn’t touch your doorknob.” She slammed her hand down on the door frame and shouted, “I’m not going to argue with you! You touched my doorknob and I have it on camera. I know you are trying to spread the word and all, but there has been 3 break ins, two rapes and a murder in this neighborhood and everyone is on edge. You’re liable to get shot if you’re not careful.” It wasn’t a warning it was more of a threat so with that I said, “Alrighty ma’am you have a nice day.” Sister Helms said, “God bless” and we turned and walked away as she slammed her door shut behind us. I’m so grateful to have that girl as my companion.
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
These are some of the wonderful missionaries who either went home on this transfer or moved to new area’s.leaving2chadwickmission dad 1leavingsis grange I made this silly puppy for this lady we visit each week:) psycho pup mignonne madepsycho pup and new owner


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