August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014
I love my mission!!!
This past week was absolutely wonderful! Friday we got to have Zone Conference and it was the spiritual boost that I was needing 🙂Bossier zone conference We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is key to others understanding the message that the gospel brings. Don’t judge a book by its cover! There are so many people in this word who have not taken the opportunity to read the Book of Mormon and to those people my question is, “Why not?” What is stopping you? Before you start throwing stones at my religion, read the book! It was so fun to get to listen to the other missionaries’ favorite parts of the Book of Mormon and how they each use it in their teaching. One fabulous part of Zone Conference is getting to see all the other missionaries and feel of the spirit that they all carry 🙂 it was truly an awesome experience.district august 18
Sister Helms and I won the award for having one of the cleanest cars! That was super fun because neither of us had ever won it before 🙂 To explain a little bit, at each Zone Conference they inspect our cars to make super we are treating them right. We are supposed to come with our cars looking as clean and shiny as possible and if it’s the best you get a little certificate letting you know you did good 🙂 bosch award
My companion and I also had the opportunity to sing at Zone Conference. It went super well and I was so grateful for the chance the Lord gave us to share our talents. A side bit of information for you about the song that we sang. It is titled Grace and I arranged it. It is an original and was arranged in about a week. Truly the Lord arranged it though not me, with the help and patience of Sister Helms. We were asked if we would sing for zone conference and our zone leaders specifically asked if we would include Sister Giddons. She is a sister that has an amazing voice. So we went to the library and searched for a good trio piece, but nothing was sticking out to us. Finally I told Sister Helms that I was pretty sure I could just arrange a piece for us, so that evening I sat on the floor and started flipping through hymns. I’ve wanted to do something with Amazing Grace since I came to the south. The next thing I needed to do was find a good hymn to match it. The majority of the arrangement was composed without a piano and then the rest was done bit by bit as we could find access to a piano. The four of us (Sister Giddons, Sister Cottrell, Sister Helms and I) were only able to practice together once a few nights before and then the morning of. I know that the Lord was in the construction and presentation of that song 🙂 The arrangement consists of Amazing Grace, I Stand All Amazed and I Need Thee Every Hour. One section of the lyrics was rewritten and they come from Moroni 10:32-33 🙂Bossier quartet
Because of Zone conference and also stake conference this weekend, we got to have two sisters stay with us from Texarkana Texas so they wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Shreveport Louisiana three different times. more sistersOn Saturday Sister Helms and I went on splits with them. Sister Hartley and I went up to the far part of our area for an appointment that ended up falling through so instead we got to go knock some doors. hartley 1Simple miracle from that day- It was 104 that day and I had forgotten my water bottle at the house. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done 😛 I was sooooo thirsty and so I asked Heavenly Father if the next house would please offer us something to drink. Practically the first words out of the lady’s mouth that opened the very next door was, “would you all like a bottle of water?” What a blessing! Not only did she give us water but she also excepted a Book of Mormon and we set up an appointment for another day to come and visit with her 🙂 I drained that bottle of water before we had even made it to the next house and the lady that opened that door was also extremely kind. Her first words were, “I see your water bottle is empty. Here let me throw that away for you and get you another one.” I just love nice people! She not only gave us water but also let us share our massage with her and said we could come back 🙂 The Lord is just too good to us 🙂
The Saturday session of Stake Conference was incredible. We had Elder Clayton who is in the presidency of the seventy come to speak to us and it was one of the best Adult sessions of stake conference I’ve ever been to. President Clayton had different recent converts come to the stand and share their experiences about joining the church then he opened it up for a question and answer from the members in the congregation. It was wonderful to get to hear their insight as people who had come from so many different back grounds and had all found such peace happiness and understanding in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 🙂 There was definitely a universal theme of joy that these people had found in their understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ 🙂
Sunday evening we had a neat experience. We were out knocking doors and we came to one where a woman answered. She seemed to hesitate for a moment but then invited us in with a smile on her face. We were able to teach her and her husband who is from the Caribbean. He is actual familiar with our church and they were both so incredibly friendly and sweet. She told us a little later into the conversation that she’s had many Mormons come to her door before, but she’d never let them in. She told us that she decided to let us in because we were smiling so big 🙂 They invited us back over for dinner next Sunday and to continue sharing with them our message 🙂 Miracles for sure are happening down here!
I love my mission! I love the people down here! I love my companion! I just feel so blessed 🙂 Every time I feel like the Lord couldn’t possibly bless me more, He finds some new way to let me know that He loves me and is aware of me so very personally 🙂 I am so blessed!
I love you and this church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers


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