August 12, 2014

August 12, 2014
This past week was full of adventures 🙂
Tuesday I got to celebrate my birthday yet again with the Kings family! They are just so wonderful 🙂 Sister King made me a delicious chocolate cake and Anya, their little girl, helped me blow out the candles 🙂kings birthday
While knocking doors Wednesday evening we met a hilarious group of people. The first door we knocked on they let us right in and then proceeded to ask us all sorts of questions. They weren’t rude in any way, but it was a large group of friends hanging out and they had a lot of questions. It was so wonderful getting to share with them why we do what we do. It isn’t the most common thing for two 21 year old girls to spend their time knocking on strangers doors and offering to share with them a message that will change their lives for the better if they are only willing to listen. No we are not weirdos. Peculiar yes, but not weird. One of the people asked what we did for fun and we asked, “Do you mean as missionaries?” They responded, “No, as 21 year old girls.” I almost laughed because the question seemed silly to me. What do I do for fun as a 21 year old girl? Well I do what makes me happy. What makes me happy? When I feel pleased with myself. How can I be pleased with myself? When I keep the Lord involved in all that I do. The message of the restored gospel makes me happy 🙂 The thought that my family can be together forever makes me happy 🙂 Knowing that I am literally a daughter of my Father in Heaven makes me happy 🙂 The list goes on and on and it makes me happy to share these important truths with the people I get to meet every day. As a 21 year old girl I can honestly say that partying doesn’t make me happy. Can it be exciting? Of course! Does that energy last? No. I’m not in it for the buzz, but I want the joy that lasts! Spencer W. Kimball wrote in The Miracle of Forgiveness, “What is the Price of happiness? One might be surprised at the simplicity of the answer. The treasure house of happiness is unlocked to those who live the gospel of Jesus Christ in its purity and simplicity. Like a mariner without stars, like a traveler without a compass, is the person who moves along through life without a plan. The assurance of supreme happiness, the certainty of a successful life here and of exaltation and eternal life hereafter, come to those who plan to live their lives in complete harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ- and then consistently follow the course they have set.” I love what one of my mission friends said while talking about his mission this past week, “I have the best job in the world and that is to help people become truly happy.” I couldn’t agree with him more 🙂wonderful family
On Thursday we got to go visit one of our members that lives in a nursing home. She had a new roommate that was just the sweetest little things. Her Name is Reverend Mae and she is 95 years old! She probably only weighs about 85 pounds, she was just so tiny. When we walked into the room to visit with the sister from our church Rev. Mae told me to come sit on the bed with her and talk. So while Sister Helms and the lady from our ward that had come with us, went over to talk to the lady we had come to visit, I stayed back and got to chat with sweet Rev. Mae 🙂 She told me about the 6 different churches that she and her husband had started while he was still alive. One of them in particular is still around and doing well. She also kept telling me that she tries to do all that she can for everyone that is around her. When we had fist walked into the room, this little 95 year old women was helping to wheel her roommate into the hall! Nothing keeps that lady from helping where ever she can 🙂 What a great example she was to me of never stopping 🙂heart 1
Saturday we had a pretty neat experience. So as a missionary it is very easy to feel inadequate in the work that we are doing. For the past few days or so I had been feeling very insufficient in many different areas in the work that I have been given to do. I felt like either the spirit wasn’t talking to me or else I wasn’t listening. I was truly getting frustrated about it seemed as if all communication to my spirit had stopped. That is never a good feeling especially when you are trying to do everything right. Saturday morning I was just tired and I wanted to feel some sort of peace in my soul before we headed out to do the work. I knelt down and prayed very specifically to feel peace and for Lord to help me feel in tune enough to follow his guidance that day. As Sister Helms and I were preparing to leave the house for the day we knelt down and said our prayer together. As we finished I had some names pop into my head of people we needed to text to at least let them know we were going to be in their area that day so if they had time we could drop by. As we were driving to the area we had planned to work in we passed a street that I had never noticed before. It was called Flagg St. You must understand that this particular part of our area is mostly just the main highway going straight through the middle of it with little 1 road side streets that branch off. I kept driving not thinking much of it except that it was strange that this particular street name had jumped out at me. I tried to turn my thoughts to the area we were headed towards, but the image of the street sign kept jumping back to the front of my thoughts. I reasoned, that it would take too much time to go back to the street and that we could just go tract the little thing the next time we passed it. I even started figuring out when would be the next time we’d be going back there. Heavenly Father is so patient with His children. The image just kept coming back and finally I thought, well fine if this is one of your little test to see if I will follow then I guess I’ll do it. Obviously I didn’t have the right attitude, but Heavenly Father was determined to give me an answer to my prayer despite my hard headedness. I turned around and went back to Flagg St. I want you to know that Flagg St. isn’t a street. It is an entire neighborhood that is so perfectly tucked away that you would never know it was there unless you turned down that road. As we drove down into the neighborhood Sister Helms kept saying, “I’ve seen all this before. I know I haven’t really, but it feels like I’ve seen all of this before.” We parked and began knocking doors. We were able to share a Book of Mormon with one woman who wants us to come back and teach her more, and we also we able to bring some degree to a sweet woman who had lost her husband just a few months before. I’m not sure all the reasons we were on that street, but I know we were exactly where we needed to be at that time. I also know that when we feel like Heavenly Father isn’t speaking to us anymore, we just aren’t listening anymore. I’m so grateful that God didn’t give up on me and that He helped to lead us to exactly where we needed to be.
This past Sunday Sister Helms and I had the opportunity to sing in church with one of the members of our congregation. During the week we got to go practice the song. It is always so much fun to get to go into member’s homes and see the power of Christ’s gospel at work in their lives 🙂 they are such a fabulous family and I’m grateful I get to know them. The musical number on Sunday went very well by the way 🙂 The member we sang with has such a lovely voice and her husband is super good at the piano.
Sunday evening when we were out knocking doors we had another miracle happen 🙂 The first door we knocked on a middle aged woman came outside and was willing to speak with us. We told her who we are and asked her if she has ever read the Book of Mormon. To which she replied that she has been interested in reading the Book of Mormon since she was 17 years old, but has never known where to find it! She had been planning on buying herself a copy, but had never gotten around to it. We offered her a copy and then were able to have a fabulous discussion with her about what the Book of Mormon is and how it can benefit her life 🙂 She seemed so ready to get into it! She told us that just before we had knocked on her door she had been praying to the Lord to find out what direction she should be going in. Specifically she had asked what church she should be going to, and just like that we knocked on her door! She then told us that she knew that the Lord had sent us to her door! It was so wonderful 🙂 We are going to go back and visit with her on Sunday!
The first part of Monday (yesterday) was spent helping these people we didn’t know move.moving party This is terrible of me, but I still don’t even know their names lol I even talked with them for quite a while but you must understand there were 14 missionaries there to help these people move so it was quite a party! After the moving party we then got to go on base and see some of the coolest airplanes! Brother Kingsley is just awesome, , and he and his wife have become like second parents to all the missionaries 🙂 Brother Kingsley offered to show us the airplane display that they have on base and to explain the history to us and Sister Helms and I were not going to pass up that opportunity! Some of my favorite things that we looked at were-
The MIG (because it takes me back to my high school days)mig
The huge bombersbig
The same kind of airplane that dropped the bombs on Japan
We saw so many cool things and learned a whole bunch! I felt like he was giving us the dumbed down version and even some of that totally blew my mind. It was awesome!helms and plane
One more quick story. I know I didn’t send a super long email last week because I was running out of time so this is from last week- We were out knocking doors and we turned the corner. AS we began on this new street we heard a hawk squawking up in the trees. You looked up to try and see it and as we did so all these little kids start yelling at us to be careful because the hawk will attack us. What? We weren’t so much freaked out as just plain confused. The kids came up to us and told us that the hawk was mean and if we weren’t careful it would come and scratch out our eyes. They then started telling us all sorts of stories that discredited anything they had to say. First they told us about a 5 foot snake that they had fought with. When we asked them to show us how long it was, one of the little boys held up his hands about a foot apart from each other. I think the real story behind that one is that a little garden snake (they swear it was a cotton mouth) went across the road and they decided to poke it with sticks until one of them finally kicked it into the bushes. The really story behind the man eating hawk is that they had watched it fly around and then when it landed one of the kids chucked a rock at it and it flew and they thought it was going to get revenge. One of the little girls told us that she had seen God on tv. When we asked her what she meant, she told us she’s seen it on Family Guy. As soon as she’s said that all the other little kids started telling her she was wrong! It was pretty hilarious. The just as we were leaving the little boy asked us if we’d take a picture with them 🙂 So cute! So we took a picture with all those sweet, crazy kids 🙂kids 2
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂


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