August 4, 2014

Today I turn 21 and there is no place I’d rather be than here on my mission 🙂singing dogs I know that must sound silly but I’ll explain why. I always thought of a mission as an awesome way to go out and serve the Lord. What was 18 months in comparison to all of the blessings He had given me. I had no idea how incredibly the Lord would take and use, teach, change, humble, witness to, and love me. Silly me to think that this would be a gift I could give to the Lord. This has really been a gift He was waiting to give me. I think one of the most valuable lessons I have learned on my mission is how aware the Lord is of me as an individual. I know that I am not just some random creature that has been placed on this earth, and I also know that I am not an interesting creation that God made for His entertainment, but I am in fact, one of His daughters that he cares about and watches over, just as any loving father would. So often He blesses me simply because He loves me and I am His child. I don’t work to earn a reward, I work to show my appreciation. There is never enough that I can do to repay Him, but I can thank Him not only through my voice, but also though my actions. I can strive to give Him my whole heart so I can have joy in this life as I come to a greater understanding of the plan that He has set for me in particular. I am so grateful for where I am now, what God has taught me, and also for all the many wonderful truths that I have yet to learn but will keep striving to obtain. I am so blessed!fig tree lady friendsunrise birthday
Here is a little simple, but wonderful example of the love of my Heavenly Father. This might sound silly, but the reality of it is incredible. My companion asked me last week, if I could do anything for my birthday, what would it be? I thought for a moment and then told her that since I got to the South I have wanted to see an alligator so badly. Silly I know, but true. She shot a text to a member that lives on base and asked if we could possibly come out to the lake with her today for my birthday. The member was so sweet and said that was totally fine, so this morning we met her at the lake and walked around looking at all the beautiful birds and fish that were nearby. wow swampswamp birthdayThe member explained to us that she really didn’t often see any alligators, because it isn’t the season for them to be up and moving around a lot. It was just the three of us at that section of the lake and we went out on a dock and just sat there talking and enjoying the beauty of God’s creations. Truly the swamp land is so beautiful!snowy egret swamp birthday We had been out there for a little over an hour and we were kind of wrapping things up when I saw a huge 10ft alligator surface probably 40ft from us!birthday girl alligator I’m not going to lie, I cried! I was so excited and overwhelmed with how aware the Lord was of me and my silly simple desires. The gator didn’t just surface, but it swam around with us freaking out on the dock! alligator birthday 2The member was so shocked, because like she said it wasn’t the season and she has been to that dock hundreds of times and never seen this gator. The only gator she ever sees there is a 4fter and she doesn’t see him all that often. It is simple. God, is good and willing to bless His children even with helping them see their childish dreams come true 🙂 This may sounds silly, but like I said, it was my own personal blessing from God. My Heavenly Father gave me a birthday gift 🙂
I’m sorry this letter isn’t longer. Lots of wonderful miracles happened this week, but I am short on time! We planned too much birthday fun for today lol
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂21 birthday 2p dayp day bubble gum 1


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