July 28, 2014

So blessed to get to serve in Bossier City Louisiana 🙂
This past Monday we had the opportunity to go over and make skirts at a member’s home.making skirts The skirts are not quite finished yet, but they are going to be so cute when they are done! Since there was only one sewing machine, one of us would sew, while the other one got to play with their 3 year old daughter, who is just too darn cute! We played princess and put together a mind blowing princess puzzle.
Tuesday we were lucky enough to get to go do some service out at a members barn. This cute sister has three kids! You’ve never guess from looking at her.sis hodges She has just as much energy as a 19 year old girl 🙂 She is just so wonderful and I absolutely love her! As we began our drive out to the farm the kids were all fighting, but then I asked their little girl Lucy, if she knew Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, and the rest of the car ride was filled with all of us singing primary songs 🙂 It was so nice to get to be around horses again!horse funTheir little girl wanted to ride and I got to be the lucky one to get the horse ready. I went and caught that mare and saddled her right up like I had just ridden yesterday 🙂 All those years of riding are paying off, even if I can’t actually get on the horse lol. These people had 6 beautiful horse and it was just so much fun to get to play with them 🙂 horse kissWe also spread a whole bunch of dirt out to add on a new part of the barn, so it wasn’t all play, but it was all fun! It’s healthy to get to go shovel some dirt around every now and again 🙂
Dinner that night was at the Hidalgo’s house and I just love those two! It is always so much fun getting to visit with them and then before we go we get to go through the chapters of the Book of Mormon that they have read that week. The Book of Mormon is such an incredible book! The spirit of the Lord can truly be felt within its pages. I love getting to explain the stories to people! It just makes me so happy to see others understanding, learning, and loving the stories and direction found in the Book of Mormon 🙂 We also saw an adorable lazy squirrel on their back porch 🙂
Wednesday Sister Helms and I got to teach our district development meeting again 🙂 The night before our district leader shot out a text at around 9 in the evening saying that there had been a miscommunication and no one was teaching the lesson. We told him that if no one else volunteered then we’d been willing to do it and not even a minute later he let us know that we would be doing it. The lesson ended up going really well though. This time we used bubbles for our visual aid. We had everyone line up side by side and then try and blow as many bubbles as possible onto a piece of paper that was hanging up in front of the group. They had two minutes and they all tried very hard. Most of the bubbles didn’t make it to the paper of course, but everyone cheered for the few that finally made it. Some bubbles came right next to the paper and then veered off in a different direction just before touching it. We related this back to missionary work. Each bubble was a person that we talk with it what was most important was that we kept trying and kept a positive attitude. We then steered the conversation in the direction of how we could help encourage each other to keep going. It was a fabulous lesson because everyone was so willing to share their thoughts 🙂
We visited a less active family that two adorable twin baby boys and a little girl named Emma. While Sister Helms was having a conversation with Emma’s mom and Grandma she and I played make believe and then took a whole bunch of selfies lol It was too much fun! She even made me wear her silly crown for most of them 🙂 I just love little kids!selfiesselfies 1selfies 2
Our evening ended with a less active man and his wife. It never ceases to amaze me what some of the crazy weird stuff that people believe about the Mormon’s. When people start telling me about my religion it typically makes me want to laugh because some of the things they say are just so off the wall. After a very lengthy discussion with them we made it home just before a big storm blew in that evening.
On Thursday we visited with some less active members. One of them is married to a man that isn’t a member. He brings his wife to church most Sundays because she is in a wheelchair and can’t go herself. In the few months I’ve been here I have seen such a change in him. He used to never sit in the same room as us when we came over. He would always just hang out in a different part of the house. Then my companion and I started to sing every time before we left. The man began to make sure he was always nearby when we sang. He then started to sit in for part of our conversation. The he sat in for all of it. Next he started asking about what he had heard about in church. Then he started asking other questions. Now when we go over he wants his wife to skip the small talk and get to the doctrinal discussion! Talk about a change! They are even working on praying together at night! I love missionary work 🙂 Sometimes the progress is slow, but it is so totally worth it!
Friday we had lunch with Elder Chadwick, Elder Anderson, and Carlie our neighbor and her little girl Jessa 🙂 lunch with jessaIt was all super last minute. The elders had some information that they needed to get from us and it was going to take a while so we invited them to stay for lunch. As we were setting things up outside for lunch our neighbor came out and we asked her she’d like to join us 🙂 It was super fun and a great opportunity to share more with our neighbor about the church. Her little girl is just the cutest! She wandered into our house and found my camera and the she came out of the house saying “cheese!” Little Jessa loves to get her picture taken! Every time I snapped a shot and then showed it to her she would squeal with delight and say momomo, which means more 🙂 Then when the camera was pointed her way she’d say “cheese” with a huge grin on her face 🙂jessa 2 Too cute 🙂 She is 18 months. My goodness she has grown so much since I’ve been their next door neighbor. When I first got here she was so quiet. Now she’s discovered her voice and talks all the time! It is too cute! She loves bubbles and whenever she sees us she starts saying “bubble?” because she knows that we almost always blow bubbles with her 🙂
We didn’t have a dinner appointment Friday so we planned to head home for dinner after going out and visiting. One of the ladies in our ward found out we didn’t have dinner plans and invited us over for dinner as a surprise 🙂 It was so sweet of her. Then as we sat down to give the spiritual thought she surprised us again. We gave a prayer and started sharing a thought when suddenly she jumped up and wanted to take us over to her neighbor’s house. We headed over there and were able to have a lesson with her neighbor and set up a time to meet with a different neighbor that she wanted us to go meet. When all that was over we headed back to the house, finished our spiritual thought, and left with a prayer. It was a total inception lesson! It was awesome! I just love that lady 🙂 She’s so fantastic!
I’m so grateful for nice people! Saturday everyone was so nice to us while we were tracting even if they weren’t all that interested. It was so hot outside and we were sweating like crazy!hot tracting I even got a tan line that day from where the strap of my bag went across my chest. While knocking doors we saw this adorable little girl and her dad outside just hanging out together. We went over and began talking to them. The little girl (she was about 4) asked what we were doing and we told her that we were talking about Jesus. We then asked her if she knows anything about Jesus and she replied, “I know that he loves me so much,” said while throwing her arms out as wide as she could manage to demonstrate. It was just too cute. She sang for us a few different little songs and I just thought how precious it would be if she knew a couple primary songs. When we were saying goodbye she told us how happy she was that we had stopped by and talked with them 🙂 We have an appointment to go back and visit them again next Saturday! A few houses down from them a man who wasn’t interested in our message was concerned that it was too hot out so he very kindly filled up our water bottles with water and ice. I love nice people! Then a little bit further down the street, the man we had talked to earlier came by pulling his little daughter in a wagon and they had brought us two bottles of water because they were worried we might be thirsty 🙂 That is a true Christian 🙂
Sunday we met a very weird man. He told us that he is from a planet where the sun doesn’t rise. He is Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, Lutheran… whatever suits his fancy that day. Pretty sure he isn’t actually any of those things; he is just some crazy guy. He told us that the Bible is super wrong and then he told us all about the Garden of Eden and what really took place there. When we asked him how he knew, he told us it was because he just knew. He also told us that we live in heaven. Last I checked he is wrong. The craziest part of all of this was when he decided to tell us about how our religion came to be. He asked us if we knew and my response was, “Please tell us.” I just wanted to know what totally insane thing he was going to say next. According to him our, “religion began at about the same time Christ was on the earth, after Christ died the people of our faith went into a temple and killed a bunch of priests to steal their pamphlets. Then they traveled down to South America and that’s how it all began.” That’s the sparks notes version because we listened to him tell us about our religion for a good 15 minutes. Once he finished I told him he was wrong, and then handed him a http://www.mormon.org card and a restoration pamphlet and told him that he should go check his facts. I also made sure to clarify for him that the Book of Mormon actually started 600 before Christ was even born. He was very confused, but then again he was pretty darn confused before we even began talking to him. Crazy people always make for interesting tracting experiences.
I would like you to know that our tracting ended on a very good note 🙂 We met a wonderful lady who seems super interested in learning more about the church. She had great questions and she had actually seen us a few days earlier when she was out driving around with her son and he had been asking her why we would go out like we do. We were able to answer his questions for her and by doing so helped her to understand the importance of our message 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers twinkle twinkleB52squirrelcupcake


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