July 21, 2014

What a wonderful week 🙂
It rained quite a bit this week, but that doesn’t stop the work from progressing! Transfers were this past week and pretty much all the missionaries in our area stayed. We have some awesome people serving here so I am so grateful 🙂zone leaders best district evahWe also had our interviews with our mission president this past week and that was fun 🙂
While tracting this week we met a young man named Bobbie. I gave him a mormon.org card and told him to go look up the website. Well silly me forgot that our number was on the back and now we keep getting weird voicemails from him. The last one ended with, “you are a sexy mama.” Not cool Bobbie, not cool! The worst part is that we have some potential investigators that live down his road and every time we go down that street he comes over and wants to talk to us and tell us all about how he knows everything about Jesus. The kids only like 17 or 18.really
We got to go visit with a less active member that is trying to start coming back. Her daughter as two adorable baby twin bows 🙂 I feel like the hardest rule we have as missionaries is that we can’t hold babies. These little guys are so cute, and I just want to scoop them up and rock them to sleep. Instead I am privileged enough to get to watch their mom and grandma love on them 🙂 We had a great lesson with them and are going to go back and visit with them later this week 🙂
Our tracting on Friday was rather eventful. At first it didn’t seem that way because no one was answering their doors. While turning a corner a bird flew out of nowhere and almost hit us. This just kept getting more and more interesting after that. As we were about to leave the street that one of our investigators live on that we haven’t been able to get in contact with for quite a while he pulled onto the road and stopped his truck calling us over. We had a great discussion with him and we set up an appointment to go back and visit with him this week 🙂 While we were talking with him a random man came up to us in his electric wheelchair and started talking to us about how we can’t trust men. surprizedThat made for an awkward goodbye to our investigator since this man was already talking to us :/ Once we were able to say goodbye to the man in the wheelchair we went out to continue our tracting. This black cat started following us which was weird. We never saw it move, but every now and then we would see it in a new place, just sitting there and staring at us. Creepy. We knocked on one door and a Jehovah’s Witness came outside and told us all about her life for a good 45 minutes to an hour. People really love to tell random missionaries their entire life story. Sometimes all we say is, “Hi we are missionaries,” sweetand before we can say anything else they are off and going. She was a very sweet lady though 🙂 The very next house we knocked on a bunch of high teenage boys answered the door and pretty much made us say a prayer with them. One of the boys said the prayer and at about the point he was thanking the Lord for his Kool-Aid I was about ready to deck him in the face.no I restrained myself, because there were little kids there and a missionary probably shouldn’t do that, but my goodness I was angry. Plus there was like 8 big guys there and they could have killed me, but you better believe I sure did weigh my options. To finish off our adventures Sister Helms and I saw an albino cockroach! We would have taken a picture but both of us were too busy being disgusted to even think of pulling out our cameras.
One of the families that we visit in our congregation is a part member family. Typically her husband isn’t all that interested in what we have to say about the gospel and he really just wants us to get to the part where we sing (he loves to hear us sing) but this past time he had quite a few questions that he asked us about the gospel! It was so awesome. The people in the south can be slow movers, but heck, at least they’re moving! It’s like the turtle and the hare thing. As long as they eventually finish the race then I’m all down for them to keep pushing forward 🙂
We got to go visit with an investigator that we meet with every week and this time I was a little bolder then I usually am. The wife is investigating the church and the husband is very southern Baptist and usually the conversations with him end with, “Well as long as we both believe in Jesus Christ, that’s all that matters.” Well this time, that answer just wasn’t going to work. We talked about the baptism and the differences between his church an ours. They believe that you must simply claim Jesus as your Lord and Savior and then you will get to heaven. Well that is a great thought but it isn’t doctrinally sounds since Jesus himself said that you must be baptized or you can in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven (John 3:5). We had a pretty good discussion about it, but when it all comes down to it, our God is a just God. He wouldn’t tell one person that they have to get baptized and then tell another that it isn’t necessary. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I could go on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. I would definitely suggest going and checking out this super awesome talk by Elder Tad D Callister though 🙂 He very clearly lays out what God’s church would need to have in it-https://www.lds.org/broadcasts/article/ces-devotionals/2014/01/what-is-the-blueprint-of-christs-church?lang=eng
We met a super awesome less active member of our ward and his family. He hand makes instruments! How cool is that! Violins, guitars, banjos, ukulele, dulcimers, and a whole lot of instruments that I don’t know the name for. They are so cool! Already I love that family and I just met them lol
One Sunday we visited with a man that is obsessed with the fact that “the Sabbath day is supposed to be on Saturday.” He went on and on about it for a good 30 minutes. He is also very stuck on the fact the anciently the day began at sundown instead of sunup. These things, just seem like very silly matters to be stuck on. They were obviously important to him though so we are going to go meet with him again next Sunday and see if we can steer him towards things like Christ doctrine instead of what day the Sabbath was on in the ancient Hebrew calendar. We also tracted into a very rude young man. He told us all about his thoughts on God, which was great. Then we asked him if he knew anything about Mormon. He then went on to tell us that miracles can no longer happen because God said so and that we follow a false prophet. About the whole miracle thing, go read Moroni 7:26-37. After he had done everything in his power to offend us he then said, “I sure hope I haven’t offended you.” Really? We responded with, really there isn’t much you could say to offend us. This isn’t our first day on the job and you aren’t the first horribly rude person that we have met. Even though you are blatantly mocking our religion it is not going to change our faith. He then went on to tell us that miracle only happened while Christ and now we have been left to find faith for ourselves, because if you see a miracle then you instantly believe. I didn’t mean to but before I could catch the words flying out of my mouth I said, “You’re wrong. The Pharisees saw Christ miracles and did not believe.” Oops, I hadn’t met to tell him he was wrong, but it came out before I even knew what I was saying. That pretty much ended that debate. I know that miracle still happen today though. I know that miracles are not what make our faith, but they happen because of faith. Poor confused young man. Too bad he wasn’t at all interested in listening to us, but simply wanted to mock our faith.
I love you and the church is true!
I know it’s true more than I know anything else! God has given me evidence enough as he has spoken to my spirit and directed my paths. I’m so grateful for this missionary opportunity that I have 🙂 Missions are not an obligation, but a privilege 🙂
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂signthe glory of God


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