July 15, 2014

What a wonderful week 🙂
Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on splits with a wonderful sister in our ward and I have a new found testimony of the importance of Relief Society. The Lord is in the organization of this church. We are given stewardship over the members in our wards not to have it be an extra problem for us to worry about. There is true purpose behind each of our callings. The sister I went out with planned to meet up with her her visiting teaching companion and sisters she visits. The woman that they visit taught is currently going through an extremely rough situation in her family life and it was incredible to watch as the Lord worked through these two humble sweet sisters to give this woman the strength and encouragement that she needed. The spirit was there so very strong and there was so much love, charity and humility within that room 🙂 From this experience I’ve learned the extreme importance of doing your visiting teaching and truly caring about those you visit. Do your visiting teaching! You never know when you are going to be needed. 3 Nephi 18:32
Wednesday we had an incredible lesson with a friend of some of our members. We were up in the far part of our area at a stadium. There were people yelling down on the tract and mosquitoes buzzing around everywhere. We opened our lesson with a prayer and everything just melted away. The spirit of the Lord just engulfed us and we were able to have this amazing lesson. sis. mignonne rogersWe talked about feeling the spirit and how we can understand answers to our prayers. Experiences were shared by multiple people and the spirit witnessed to the heart of each of us the truthfulness of the doctrine we were sharing. I loved what one of the girls said, “The spirit witnesses to us in the way that we will best understand.” What a profound thought, but there is so much truth in that. As a member of the God Head the Holy Ghost knows us perfectly and he knows how to talk to us. How cool is that! As we finished up our lesson the friend we were talking with said that we said exactly what she needed, and that is just another testimony to me that the spirit was there leading that lesson. The Holy Ghost isn’t a random unexplainable or unexplained member of the God Head but he is truly a personage of spirit and his presence can be felt in our lives as we live worthy of his company 🙂
Saturday during our visit with one of our investigators she really opened up to us about how she is beginning to finally understand what she is reading. She has been studying the Book of Mormon for a few months now and she has read the Bible many times, but she couldn’t really grasp what she had read. We have continued to encourage her to read and pray before she reads and this past time we visited she very excitedly told us that she is starting to really understand what she reads in the Book of Mormon. When she realized that understanding was coming she then went to the Bible and started to read and could understand that as well! The Lord is blessing her from her diligent efforts and it truly is a miracle happening in her life and she knows it. She even mentioned to us that she has spoken with missionaries before, but this is the first time that she’s really starting to get it. I’m so excited for her! I’m excited that she is understanding and that she is also noticing the blessings that are coming to her 🙂
We also met an incredible woman while tracting. She asked all the right questions and seemed so interested in our message! We laughed when she said, “Wow, you guys are actually normal!” Yup,, us Mormons aren’t the spawn of Satan though we understand that that is a common confusion lol We are so excited to get to go back and visit with her again 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂


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