June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday America! unnamed (9)
This week has been pretty crazy! I think Saturday was the most insane so I’ll start there-
It started out with an incredible lesson with one of our investigators. When we got there she explained, perfectly, what she had read in the Book of Mormon. Then she told us how the scriptures she had read totally related to her life. She went on to tell us that she has seen a difference in her life and the way she feels about herself and her relationship with God since we started visiting with her and she’s been reading from the Book of Mormon. It was so wonderful 🙂 We then had the opportunity to tell her about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and she just loved all of it! The spirit was so strong in that house, it was marvelous 🙂
After our visit with her we began to walk to the other side of town to knock some doors. The sky was blue with big puffy white clouds and there was a gentle breeze blowing. Suddenly it started raining! We looked up and right above us was a little gray cloud. What are the chances! So we walked along in the rain for about 5 minutes, just long enough to get us damp, and then it stopped raining.
When we finally reached the place we had previously decided to knock doors we had mostly dried off. The first door we knocked a woman answered and as soon as she saw who we were she started saying, “No! No, no, no, no, no! You have it all wrong!” Slightly confused we responded with, “What’s wrong?” “Your doctrine! It’s all wrong! Do you even know what you believe?” With smiles on our faces we happily told her that we do know what we believe and then we asked her what it is that she believes. “I believe that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. That he died on the cross for me, and that he is God’s son.” “Perfect,” we responded, “That’s what we believe as well.” “No you don’t,” came her quick reply, “You don’t even know your doctrine.” I must through my commentary in here. It really seems silly to me when people tell me that I don’t know what I believe. For clarification I am well aware of what I believe. Not only have I taken both high school courses, college courses, and Sunday school lessons on what I believe, but I have also studied the for myself. Do I know everything, of course not! But do I know more about my church than these confused and slightly rude people that I meet, I can confidently say that I do. The lady continued, “You people are brain washed!” That seems like a slightly confusing statement to me since we encourage our members to ask questions and we tell the people that we teach that we really can’t tell them what they should believe. We give them what we have and then we encourage them to pray for themselves. We don’t force people to read from the Book of Mormon, we simply give them the opportunity to read it if they’d like to. All around the entire brain washed idea is completely unreasonable. I have a testimony of this church because it was something I worked to have, not something that was forced upon me. Sister Helms tried to make things a little less awkward and asked, “Have you heard of the Book of Mormon?” To this the woman scoffed, “I don’t know how you can even believe Joseph Smith. It all ridiculous!” I then asked the lady if she believes in the bible. Of course the answer was yes. I then went on to say that the things that happen in the Bible are incredible, but we don’t doubt that they happened. Moses talked to a bush that was on fire. David killed a giant with a little river stone. Daniel survived a night with a bunch of man eating lions. The woman just looked at me like I was something evil. WE then asked if she believed if there were other people on the earth at the time of Jesus. Yes she did believe that but she knows that they were all the spawn of Satan and heathens. She then finished with informing us that what we believe is evil and that she thinks that God wouldn’t even want us on her property. I said, “Well thank you for your time ma’am,” and I reached out to shake her hand, but she drew back as if I was a snake and shook her head in disgust at me. So we thanked her and said that we hoped she had a blessed day and we left. It hurt to see that someone had so much hate. She didn’t care for our souls but instead she loathed our very existence. How can someone claim to be Christian and then act that way? Christ ate with sinners, and cast devils out. Even if we were what she has been made to believe we are, how would sending us away and treating us like scum serve her purpose. Matthew 25:40 – “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” My heart hurts for her. As Sister Helms and I walked away we wanted to cry, but not because what she said hurt us but because of the hatred she had for us that was so apparent in both her face and words 😦 Hatred is exhausting. Love is rejuvenating. I truly hope that woman finds room in her heart to love.
After a bit more door knocking we say lightly over in the blue sky. Then someone we were talking to made the comment that we were about to get very wet. We looked back in the direction our car was parked and after listening to the heaven grumble angrily we decided to head back to the car before we got struck by lightning. Very quickly the sky filled with dark clouds and while we were still a good half mile away from our car it began to rain. Not just rain, it began to dump buckets right on our heads. Within minutes we were completely soaked though and our makeup along with the sunscreen we had put on thinking it was going to be a sunny day, was streaming into our eyes and down our faces. Lightning was striking everywhere, and the thunder was almost deafening. I’m happy to say we made it back to our car alive 🙂not the best day Once safe within the car I just laughed and laughed and Sister Helms could not figure out what was so funny. I had a mission companion tell me once, that sometimes you just have to laugh at your situation. At that moment all I could do was laugh at our predicament. Here we are, two missionary sisters in skirts, soaked to the bone and rather frazzled. It seemed like a laughing matter to me 🙂
We then got to go visit with another investigator that we have. It was a wonderful lesson 🙂 She told us that she liked the things she read in the Book of Mormon and they made since, but besides that she wasn’t really feeling anything. We asked her if she had ever tried to apply the scriptures to her life or find the parallels that lie within. She hadn’t. People, I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Daily scripture study is very important, but if you aren’t apply what you learn of realizing what you can learn from it, then it does you about as much good as reading straight through a math book and not stopping to figure out the problems or seeing how it even relates to real life. You can read the entire book and not gain anything from it. Apply the teachings! Notice the similarities! I promise they are all over the place and they are just waiting to be seen. God has given us our road map but if we don’t stop to see what road we are actually on then what good is the map. Study, apply, pray 🙂
This gospel is such a blessing in my life! I love that our doctrine isn’t changing. I love that our God is the same yesterday today and forever. I love and know that there is a prophet on the earth today that leads and guides the church through divine revelation from our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know I can rely on God to answer my prayers and I know that things are easier for me as I put my trust, faith, and will in His hands. I am weak and could do nothing without my God, but with His love and forgiveness, I have the strength so accomplish all the tasks that the Lord sees fit to put in front of me 🙂
I love you and I know the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 sis adams


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