June 3, 2014

Sometimes this work isn’t the easiest but my goodness I am so grateful to be a part of it! Satan is such a jerk and he is truly out to get all those who seek to do good. We just have to remember that we are on the Lord’s side and with His help we cannot fail!
Transfers are here yet again and this time things are changing up a bit. sisters apartment bossierSister Bonnie left this morning to go to Mississippi and this afternoon I will be meeting my new companion. train trackHer name is Sister Helms and she is simply fabulous! I was able to get to know her a few months back when I was in Slidell because she was serving in the town just next to us 🙂 I’m excited for her to get here and to start new adventures with her! Since it is transfer week we spent quite a bit of our time running around saying goodbyes to people.at the Rowleys Sister Banidawa has been here for 6 months so these people are practically her family now.
We tracted and taught some horses.the pure in heart Went to quite a few dinners that had most of the missionaries at them since so many people were leaving this transfer and everyone needed to get in their goodbyes.deliciousfamily dinner at the Raybons Lucky us we also got to teach young women’s this past Sunday! We got to teach on the priesthood which was absolutely fabulous. I am so very grateful for the priesthood in my life. district bossierIt has helped me so much and it is truly such a blessing from our Heavenly Father!
Sorry I don’t have more to say this week. I promise next week’s letter will be better!
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 like airplanes


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