June 23, 2014

sis 1So today as we drove to the library to email I just about hit a turtle that was cruising across the road. This guy was a good foot long and 8inches across, so no small boy by any means. One lesson that can be learned from a turtle is that they never go anywhere half-heartedly. With every step they take they don’t tip toe along, but they really lift up their foot and go for it! This particular guy was racing as fast as he could over four lanes of traffic! So if you’re going to do something crazy you can’t chicken out half way through, you have to be willing to bust it out to the end. I sure hope he made it safely to the river!
Monday Sister Helms and I got to go with a wonderful lady in our ward and her little girl to the science center. It was so much fun!!! A list of all the fun things we got to do-
Lay on a bed of nailsbed of nails
Drive a river boat (okay it was fake, but it was still fun to pretend)sister captain
See a baby alligatoralligator sighting(my first alligator sighting!)
Become an architect (I built my very own tower!)tower
Travel through discovery tunnel (I’m sure it was designed for children much younger than I am but who cares lol)discovery tunneldiscovery tunnel 1
Sat in the worldsitting
Land a space shuttlegame
And play twinkle twinkle little star on a giant piano!anya
All in all it was an absolutely stellar time 🙂 science center sis. king anyaAfter our super fun trip to the science center we got to meet with a man that we had tracted into the week before that had asked us to come back on Monday. We had an incredible lesson with him where he told us about his search to find the truth. As we spoke with him the spirit was there to witness the truthfulness of our words and we were able to say things that truly touched him. He told us that he had just been praying earlier to know the truth and the path that he should be on and when we spoke to him he felt like we knew exactly what he was thinking. We were able to promise him very specific blessings that pertained precisely to things that he had been asking the Lord for help with recently. It was amazing. I always feel so blown away when the Lord uses us so directly in this work. We truly are no more than instruments to sing the song of redeeming love to all God’s children 🙂
Tuesday we went out with one of the sisters in our ward to visit some less active women. It is always so sad to visit with women who have no intentions to put in the effort anytime soon to come to church. People think they will feel happier if they don’t have as much to do in the church. They think things will be easier, if they don’t have to try as hard. They make themselves believe that they are being wronged in some way because they are expected to serve those around them. To those people I will firmly tell them that they are wrong. Christ gave his entire life to serve us and very little is expected of us especially when we take into consideration that God has given us everything we have and are. As we serve those around us and make an honest effort to put the Lord first we find a different happiness that fills us far more fully than the momentary pleasures of the world. During this short time that I have been serving as a missionary I have definitely seen that. Less active members who once again put the Lord first then begin to notice the Lord’s hand in their lives. I’ve notice how the Lord is there to lead and guide me as I try my best to make this His work and not my own. There is a calm assurance that comes with knowing that God is at the helm of our lives and we are not merely sitting in a rickety old paddle boat in the middle of the ocean being tossed this way and that by the waves of the sea, but we are actually in a grand cruise ship with a set destination and power behind it to cut through the waves of the ocean. I’ve included the link to an awesome talk by Gordon B Hinkley that talks about this 🙂
Thursday we got to meet with our Relief Society President and talk with her about the different sisters in our ward. It was so great to learn about the people we are trying so hard to serve down here 🙂 Now that we have a good base we can really dive into helping even more with the members in our congregation 🙂 I know his may seem like a simple thing, but I feel like it helps so much!
Friday we went out tracting and ended up sitting with a very interesting woman for a good 50 minutes. She told us that we looked like we were Pentecostal, because the Pentecostals don’t wear makeup or jewelry, which was funny because both of us were wearing both makeup and jewelry. She then went on to tell us her entire life story! I’m pretty sure she didn’t breath in between chapters. It never ceases to amaze me just how open people are with missionaries that they just met. People tell us very personal things that I would never have asked to know. It’s crazy! We walked out of there thinking, “What in the world just happened?” She didn’t want to hear our message, she just wanted to tell us everything about her life. It was… interesting to say the least.
A super cool experience from Friday came while we were at the store. We had gone there to see if we could find people to teach. We were walking around and just felt super awkward and nothing seemed right. After about 15-20 minutes of no luck we suddenly remembered that we had forgotten to pray. So in the middle of a deserted isle we said a simple heart felt prayer asking the Lord to give us the courage and direction we needed to talk to the person He had prepared that day to hear the message. We began again to look through the store and Sister Helms suggested we talk to this lady who was down an isle that no one else was on. We walked up to her and before anyone could say anything the woman turned to us and said, “Hey!” in a very excited voice with a big smile on her face and she grabbed Sister Helms into a big loving hug. Of course both of us were a little confused because we were the ones that had planned on starting the conversation and here this lady is hugging my companion like they are long lost friends. The lady explained to us that she had talked to missionaries before, but they hadn’t left her with anything to read and they had never come back to her house. She basically asked us to come visit her, made sure we took down her information and told us that she can’t wait for us to come by soon! It was incredible. The Lord answers prayers, there is no doubt about that! They don’t have to be complex prayers they just need to have our faith in them 🙂
Sunday we had another wonderful teaching experience. We taught a man that we had met while tracting a few weeks ago. We happened to be in his neighborhood so we dropped by his house and got to meet his beautiful daughters and also teach him about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon 🙂 It was an awesome spirit led visit, where we were able to be guided to teach directly to his needs. Missions are so wonderful!!! I’m so grateful that I get to be out here teaching at this time!
So one crazy story from this week- Yesterday night while we were out tracting we met a 72 year old man named Jerry. As we were chatting with him he had us guess his age and then he decided he wanted to guess our ages. He said Sister Helms is 21 (correct) and then he guessed that I was 14 (definitely not correct). Jerry then went on to explain why he had guessed the way that he had, “A woman is like a pie. I use a pie because I really like pie. In order to make a really delicious pie you have to have all the right ingredients. haha 1 To look like a woman you need all the right ingredients. That’s how I knew she (meaning Sister Helms) was 21.” big eyesSo pretty much, according to Jerry, I don’t have all the right ingredients to be a woman lol. He then went on to say that I shouldn’t worry thought because the men in the world today like all different kinds of women. So it’s okay if I don’t have all the right ingredients because someone who is as picky will eventually want me. He told us he was a very good judge of women back in his day. One of the last things he said before we ended the conversation with him was that one of these days some man is going to just grab Sisters Helms up at one of these doors and leave me standing on the front porch for all the world to see.angry Well that comment was finally too weird so we told him we had to run and then we made a hasty exit.

Well I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂winky face 1


June 16, 2014

Hey there 🙂
Happy Father’s day to all those awesome daddys out there 🙂 Shout out to my Daddy- I love you so much and I’m so grateful for your love and support. You’ve always been so very good to me and I will never be able to repay you for all you’ve done for me and our family 🙂 Thank you!hot sisters
It is hot hot hot down here! We have to take moments to stop and cool off before continuing because we are literally drowning in our own sweat 😛 pretty nasty, I know! sunburn
We went tracting and were let in by a wonderful lady that was ready and willing to hear our message! It was wonderful! I’m excited to meet with her again because I really feel like the Lord has prepared her! We have a less active member that we have been working with. Her spouse comes to church every Sunday but isn’t a member. This week they stayed for all 3 hours of church and afterwards had some super great questions about baptism and the temple! It was super awesome! nine months
It really was a week of finding. We’ve been out searching for those who were willing to listen to the wonderful truths that we bring. Some people were less than fabulous, but we love them anyways. At one door that we knocked on the dog was the size of a small cougar and for a second there I thought we might die. A huge German shepherd at another house sprinted at me growling, but the owner came out just in time to call the dog away before it ate me. Another home had a sign in the from the said, “Beware of Zombie dog.” We laughed and then went to knock at the door. The door had a big glass window and as soon as we knocked this monster dog came smashing against the glass. We honestly were very scared for our lives for a good few moments. I guess the sign wasn’t kidding.
It’s interesting the responses people give us-

“Hello sir, how are you doing today?”
“Good until you knocked on my door.” Followed by a door slam.

“Hi sir, how are you?”
“I’m saved by the grace of God.”
“That is so wonderful thank you for sharing.”
“It is only through the grace, and nothing else.”
“Ya, thank you for sharing.”
“I hope you see the light.” Shakes our hands and shuts the door.

“ Hello ma’am-“
“I already know what you’re sharing and I don’t agree.”
“Oh, what don’t you agree with?”
“I can’t remember.” Shuts the door.

My saying is- “Every door is an adventure!” My favorite doors are the ones were people are polite and willing to listen and not tell me what I believe 🙂

Here is an interesting thought from church yesterday- When we are told to magnify our calling I always had thought that meant to treat it like it is super important. I was wrong. Magnifying our callings means to focus on them and give them the time and effort they deserve 🙂
Also another interesting thought from my studies this week, this is found in 3 Nephi 18 and it’s talking about the less active members or struggling members in the church- “… unto such shall ye continue to minister; for ye know not but what they will return and repent, and come unto me with full purpose of heart, and I shall heal them; and ye shall be the means of bringing salvation unto them.” No one is a lost cause 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
(Half way through with my mission!)hump day

June 9, 2014

I have had such an incredible week filled with miracles!
I have a new companion, her name is Sister Helms. She’s from Meridian Idaho and is absolutely fantastic! I couldn’t be more blessed!sister helms The Lord has blessed us so much this week 🙂
The first time going out tracting together was quite the adventure. At one door we knocked on Sister Helms said, “Hi, we are out sharing a wonderful message about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” The man, with a scowl on his face, replied, “he may be yours but he’s not mine,” and slammed the door in our face. A few doors later a woman opened the door and we cheerfully said hello and told her our names. Without cracking a smile she asked, “Can I help you?” Not to be deterred I responded smiling, “Actually we wanted to know if we might be able to help you.” She rolled her eyes disgustedly and slammed the door. That was an adventure! Thus goes some of our missionary life.
We were able to attend a Latin Mass at a lovely Cathedral with some friends and their little girl this week:)on the way home from mass


For the record, IT IS NASTY STICKY DOWN HERE! We did quite a bit of door knocking this week and yesterday I went to move my bag from off my hip and there was a circle of sweat there about the size of a cantaloupe! So gross! We sweat so much that we have to wipe our hands off an our skirts before shaking peoples’ hands 😛 I know, it’s so nasty.
The heat is worth it though because this week has definitely been a week of miracles. While we were tracting this past Thursday we ran into a less active member. When we knocked he let us right in and we were super confused. He took a look at our confused but happy faces and said, “Wait, ya’ll didn’t know I was a member did you?” Oh the tender mercies of the Lord 🙂 That man really needed the visit that day and we are going to start visiting with him more often to help him get back to church!
Friday while we were tracting we hadn’t had much luck and then as we were finishing up we came to the house of a woman who seemed like she has had a pretty rough go. As we talked with her she began to cry as she told us of the struggles she has in her life. It was very emotional and such a wonderful opportunity for us to share with her how much her Father in Heaven loves her.
Saturday one of the people we were planning on visiting wasn’t home so we decided to tract. We met a woman that invited us in and we had an incredible visit with her and the spirit was there so strong. At one point I said something and she started to cry saying, “It’s like you knew what I was thinking.” The Lord knew what she was thinking and He prompted both me and Sister Helms on what to say to help this woman come closer to Him. It was absolutely a miracle 🙂 I’m so grateful that the Lord was willing to use us as his tools to help comfort the aching heart of one of His children. We had three other similar experiences that week. It truly has been an incredible week. I feel so blessed get to be a missionary 🙂 We also had more than one person who in tears told us that they knew that God had sent us to them because they had been praying for help and looking for answers. Wow. All I can say is that God is so very in charge of this work!epic clouds
I know that there is no such thing as chance in this work. Again and again I am reminded that God is in charge. He leads His missionaries to where they need to be and He prepares the hearts of those we visit. I know this is the work of God. I know that we are able to be forgiven and be made clean again. I am so very grateful for this knowledge and how it helps to shape my life. I know that the Book of Mormon goes hand in hand with the bible and helps us to come closer to our Father in heaven. I’m so grateful that the Lord is willing to use me in this incredible work.
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 pump organ

June 3, 2014

Sometimes this work isn’t the easiest but my goodness I am so grateful to be a part of it! Satan is such a jerk and he is truly out to get all those who seek to do good. We just have to remember that we are on the Lord’s side and with His help we cannot fail!
Transfers are here yet again and this time things are changing up a bit. sisters apartment bossierSister Bonnie left this morning to go to Mississippi and this afternoon I will be meeting my new companion. train trackHer name is Sister Helms and she is simply fabulous! I was able to get to know her a few months back when I was in Slidell because she was serving in the town just next to us 🙂 I’m excited for her to get here and to start new adventures with her! Since it is transfer week we spent quite a bit of our time running around saying goodbyes to people.at the Rowleys Sister Banidawa has been here for 6 months so these people are practically her family now.
We tracted and taught some horses.the pure in heart Went to quite a few dinners that had most of the missionaries at them since so many people were leaving this transfer and everyone needed to get in their goodbyes.deliciousfamily dinner at the Raybons Lucky us we also got to teach young women’s this past Sunday! We got to teach on the priesthood which was absolutely fabulous. I am so very grateful for the priesthood in my life. district bossierIt has helped me so much and it is truly such a blessing from our Heavenly Father!
Sorry I don’t have more to say this week. I promise next week’s letter will be better!
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 like airplanes