May 19, 2014

What a fabulous week 🙂 Lately I’ve been feeling like there are just not enough hours in my day to accomplish everything I had set out to do! Missions fly by too quickly and our time out here is just so very limited!
Monday my wonderful Fijian companion looked outside while we were cleaning the house and exclaimed, “Let’s go take a rain bath!” The sun was shining and the rain was coming down in buckets (an odd mixture I know) so of course we ran outside and got soaked to our skin! The simple joys in life are truly what make this world so wonderful 🙂
Tuesday we got to go over to a member’s house and bake some super delicious pumpkin bread with her 🙂 We made 8 loafs of bread and she had us take 6 home with us to share with the people we visit! She is just too kind!pumpkin cake We got to go visit with two of our investigators that had kind of fallen off the radar for a little while and we just picked them back up again a few weeks ago. We shared a nice message with them and then we had the chance to really dive into some of their concerns. Sometimes hard questions have to be asked in order to help people truly understand the importance of the message that we bring. The really opened up to us about their thoughts and feelings of what they had been learning from the missionaries and it was totally awesome! As we left they thanked us for helping them to open up by asking the harder questions 🙂
Wednesday was a super full day as we ran from one appointment to another and also had an awesome Zone Development Meeting. The best part of the day was when we got to go visit with one of our investigators and really figure out what it was that she needed us to do for her 🙂 Hopefully now we can help her in her baby steps towards her Savior.
Thursday we went out tracting for a few hours and met a few people that we will go back and visit with again. One door we knocked on a man answered and said, “I believe in the bible that was written by God and not some book by Joe Smith.” We quickly tried to explain to him that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets just like the bible was but he cut us off saying, “Well you’re entitled to your opinion.” My opinion? I’m simply stating fact. We don’t say that the bible was written by William Tyndale! The same goes for the Book of Mormon, but the man would not hear a word I said. Instead he said again, “You’re entitled to your opinion.” Before turning away from his door I bore my testimony of the truths declared in the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so very strong as I ended with, “Thank you for your time sir,” and I turned and headed off to the next house. I know that man felt something at that door, and hopefully he will remember that in the years to come. If nothing else that experience was for me as well. I love the chance I am given every day to declare with a sure heart that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, my lord and Savior. This experience is such an incredible blessing for me! I’m so very grateful for the truths that God has given to us and the promise that He will answer us as we search ponder and then pray.
On Friday we went to visit a member and she gave us super awesome shirts that read, “HATERS ARE MY MOTIVATION”.
motivation That is so completely true in missionary work. When someone slams that door in your face or tells you everything you believe is a lie it just gives an extra kick of motivation to prove them wrong. Plus as we share the gospel we are sharing the love of Christ as we teach them how to come closer to their Savior 🙂
Saturday was wonderful and full of great adventures. One thing was that we had so many things we wanted to do, but we had to par down. We had two different people that we really wanted to visit with but we only had time for one. We went with the gut feeling and visited with one that we had tracted into a little while back. We were able to have a great lesson with this young mom and we know that it was exactly where we needed to be at that time 🙂 Often times in missionary work here in Bossier we have many options and they are all great, but we have to search and pray for the best option 🙂
Sunday while we were out tracing it was absolutely incredible to me how many times the fact that sister Bonnie is Fijian was able to help us begin a lesson! One door opened and a young girl answered. When her grandmother came to the door she told us that she was expecting guests any minute and didn’t have time. Sister Bonnie said something in reply and the woman wanted to know where she was from. As soon as Bonnie said she was from Fiji, the woman suddenly became much more interested. She started telling us all about a trip to Hawaii that she had made recently. Sister Banidawa just came from going to school in Hawaii so the conversation took off. The young girl that had answered (maybe 9 or 10 years old) said, “Invite them in, they don’t want to stand out there. It took her saying it three times before the grandmother finally reluctantly let us in. After they had chatted about the islands for a while we sang them a hymn and they pulled out their ipad and started recording while we sang. We also shared a short but powerful message with them 🙂 Though very standoffish at first the grandmother became super friendly by the end and as we were getting ready to leave she invited us back and said we are always welcome 🙂
I have so many incredible experiences each week, but so little time :/ Sorry I can’t write more!
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 pianoThis beautiful piano was lovely restored by it’s owner:)


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