May 28, 2014

Another fabulous week! Sorry this email is a little later than usual. We had Zone Conference (one of our big missionary meetings) yesterday and so our preparation day was moved to today 🙂bossier zone
On Monday we were blessed enough to get to go fishing at a members house!pdayfishing I didn’t catch anything, but Sister Banidawa with her mad Fiji skills caught 4 fish! Since she is my companion I claim at least one of those since I was there for moral support lol. successWe also got to see some super cool cars. The members that had us over for fishing restore old mustangs. Both the husband and wife have completely restored two 67 mustangs, two 66s and also a 65 convertible. mustang couplemustang memberEvery part of those cars were beautifully done. It was so cool! For dinner we went to another members home in our ward that fed us some super delicious etouffee with crawfish and sausage. I truly am going to miss all this scrumptious cooking down here 🙂etouffe with crafish and sausage
Wednesday we got to go back and visit with a woman that we had tracted into last Sunday and we had a super great visit with her 🙂 She is reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it! In the evening we went to an investigators house that had invited over some of their friends. Turns out all these friends wanted to do was bash us because our investigator is really beginning to gain a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. As their voices just kept raising finally I said, “As missionaries we only teach with the spirit and it is not here,” and then I bore my testimony of the gospel. After that things calmed down a little. The man that was really going at it at first said, “At least with the bible I know I have a person I can turn to and find an answer.” We were all like, “ya, of course, God.” But the man said, “No, my mom.” Our response was, “You don’t ask God?” and he truly doesn’t ask Heavenly Father. If he has any questions about the Bible he asks his mother and her word is law. I think it’s great that he has such incredible devotion for her, but there comes a time when you have to find things out for yourself. The woman that was there to bash talked about “once saved always saved” and she said something very interesting. She spoke about how she was saved as a teenager and has made some mistakes since then. She then went on to say that she knows she is saved, but she also knows that she will one day have to stand before God and account for all for her sins even though looking back now she would take them all back. What a horrible thought! I am so grateful that in our church we understand how to use the power of the atonement in our lives. It is an enabling power that helps us to become clean. If we are truly repentant than we can be forgiven now and not have to live with that guilt. We can take care of our sins and stand pure and white before the judgment seat of God, as we work and continue to repent and try harder each day. What an incredible blessing that is 🙂
Thursday we got to go help build a flower bed and that was super fun 🙂 We had delicious hamburgers at one of the members houses. It was a hamburger with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, grilled pineapple and avocado. Soooo good! If you haven’t tried it before I would strongly suggest it! The members are the Kings and they are just absolutely fabulous people. They also invited another member family, the Sloans and I just love these people so much! They are such wonderful examples of happiness as you work to have Christ be the center of your home. I’m grateful for the example they have been to me 🙂
Saturday we were blessed with another service opportunity. A family in our ward was staining their deck and other such business and we got to go help! I totally fried, but I also got to know quite a few of the ward members a lot better! Best part of the whole thing- We got to go back to their house Monday evening for family night. All the families that had helped with the work were there and they let us share a spiritual message at the end. We were all outside enjoying the newly stained deck. Neils homeThere was a fire burning and it was just the prettiest night. Sister Banidawa and I sang Abide With Me ‘tis Eventide and the spirit was there so strong 🙂 Before we started to sing one of the little girls that were there said, “I want a princess song.” So I promised that after the church song we would do a princess song. So when we finished I sang The Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World. Oh it was so much fun 🙂 All the little girls came up and gave me a hug after wards 🙂 I’m so grateful the Lord has placed me in such a fabulous area with so many wonderful loving families. It makes being away from home a little easier to know that you are loved by the people in your ward. That being said, I want all people everywhere to know that it is hard being a missionary sometimes and kindness from the people we are serving is the most wonderful thing 🙂 I know I am so blessed!
Sunday we had some miracles happen! Before Sister Banidawa and I left the house we prayed that the Lord would help us to find someone that really needed to be reminded of His love for them. As we drove to begin door knocking we talked about who we wanted to find and teach. We said that we would teach a teenager, a family, and a single person. Within the first few houses we met a woman that needed to hear that God was still aware of her and she even said that she knew we were sent from God. A little bit later we met a teenager that had just gotten home from church and when we explained the Book of Mormon he seemed very interested! We then met a mother that we were able to teach and it was just incredible to see how the Lord was aware of her as He used us to say the things she needed to hear. We also got to teach a single elderly lady 🙂 The Lord helped us to find all those we had set out to teach! We have appointments to return and teach 3 of those people 🙂
Like I said before, Monday was Zone Conference, and my companion and I had been asked to sing 🙂 We got the other sisters in our district involved and the 6 of us presented This Is The Christ. It went really well and I’m so grateful that those awesome sisters were so willing. district in BossierMusic is the best! Zone Conference was absolutely incredible and exactly what I needed 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 girlsHildalgos


May 19, 2014

What a fabulous week 🙂 Lately I’ve been feeling like there are just not enough hours in my day to accomplish everything I had set out to do! Missions fly by too quickly and our time out here is just so very limited!
Monday my wonderful Fijian companion looked outside while we were cleaning the house and exclaimed, “Let’s go take a rain bath!” The sun was shining and the rain was coming down in buckets (an odd mixture I know) so of course we ran outside and got soaked to our skin! The simple joys in life are truly what make this world so wonderful 🙂
Tuesday we got to go over to a member’s house and bake some super delicious pumpkin bread with her 🙂 We made 8 loafs of bread and she had us take 6 home with us to share with the people we visit! She is just too kind!pumpkin cake We got to go visit with two of our investigators that had kind of fallen off the radar for a little while and we just picked them back up again a few weeks ago. We shared a nice message with them and then we had the chance to really dive into some of their concerns. Sometimes hard questions have to be asked in order to help people truly understand the importance of the message that we bring. The really opened up to us about their thoughts and feelings of what they had been learning from the missionaries and it was totally awesome! As we left they thanked us for helping them to open up by asking the harder questions 🙂
Wednesday was a super full day as we ran from one appointment to another and also had an awesome Zone Development Meeting. The best part of the day was when we got to go visit with one of our investigators and really figure out what it was that she needed us to do for her 🙂 Hopefully now we can help her in her baby steps towards her Savior.
Thursday we went out tracting for a few hours and met a few people that we will go back and visit with again. One door we knocked on a man answered and said, “I believe in the bible that was written by God and not some book by Joe Smith.” We quickly tried to explain to him that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets just like the bible was but he cut us off saying, “Well you’re entitled to your opinion.” My opinion? I’m simply stating fact. We don’t say that the bible was written by William Tyndale! The same goes for the Book of Mormon, but the man would not hear a word I said. Instead he said again, “You’re entitled to your opinion.” Before turning away from his door I bore my testimony of the truths declared in the Book of Mormon. The spirit was so very strong as I ended with, “Thank you for your time sir,” and I turned and headed off to the next house. I know that man felt something at that door, and hopefully he will remember that in the years to come. If nothing else that experience was for me as well. I love the chance I am given every day to declare with a sure heart that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, my lord and Savior. This experience is such an incredible blessing for me! I’m so very grateful for the truths that God has given to us and the promise that He will answer us as we search ponder and then pray.
On Friday we went to visit a member and she gave us super awesome shirts that read, “HATERS ARE MY MOTIVATION”.
motivation That is so completely true in missionary work. When someone slams that door in your face or tells you everything you believe is a lie it just gives an extra kick of motivation to prove them wrong. Plus as we share the gospel we are sharing the love of Christ as we teach them how to come closer to their Savior 🙂
Saturday was wonderful and full of great adventures. One thing was that we had so many things we wanted to do, but we had to par down. We had two different people that we really wanted to visit with but we only had time for one. We went with the gut feeling and visited with one that we had tracted into a little while back. We were able to have a great lesson with this young mom and we know that it was exactly where we needed to be at that time 🙂 Often times in missionary work here in Bossier we have many options and they are all great, but we have to search and pray for the best option 🙂
Sunday while we were out tracing it was absolutely incredible to me how many times the fact that sister Bonnie is Fijian was able to help us begin a lesson! One door opened and a young girl answered. When her grandmother came to the door she told us that she was expecting guests any minute and didn’t have time. Sister Bonnie said something in reply and the woman wanted to know where she was from. As soon as Bonnie said she was from Fiji, the woman suddenly became much more interested. She started telling us all about a trip to Hawaii that she had made recently. Sister Banidawa just came from going to school in Hawaii so the conversation took off. The young girl that had answered (maybe 9 or 10 years old) said, “Invite them in, they don’t want to stand out there. It took her saying it three times before the grandmother finally reluctantly let us in. After they had chatted about the islands for a while we sang them a hymn and they pulled out their ipad and started recording while we sang. We also shared a short but powerful message with them 🙂 Though very standoffish at first the grandmother became super friendly by the end and as we were getting ready to leave she invited us back and said we are always welcome 🙂
I have so many incredible experiences each week, but so little time :/ Sorry I can’t write more!
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 pianoThis beautiful piano was lovely restored by it’s owner:)

May 12, 2014

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
I am so very grateful for the fabulous mother I have been given! She works hard to bring joy to all those around her and she is such an incredible example to me 🙂 Moms are the best!2013-09-11 11.22.10
This past Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders and spend a day in Minden learning from the fabulous Sister Cottrell. 10311818_701388903258756_682047493_nIt truly is such a blessing to serve with such incredible missionaries 🙂 We had a chance to go teach a young girl that is preparing for baptism in a few weeks! She is from a family that wasn’t attending church, but the entire family came this past week! We also went and visited with an older woman that hasn’t come to church in quite a while. We went with two awesome woman from our church and when we got to the house the woman told us that she was actually leaving right then so it wasn’t a good time but then the women that came with us started talking to her and she totally opened up and showed us her garden and told us we could come back and invited the women back as well. It was super great! Member missionary work is so important! Every member a missionary 🙂 We wouldn’t have been able to get to know her if those two sisters hadn’t come with us and helped her to feel at ease!
Wednesday we went and visited with one of our investigators. At the beginning we asked her to pray and she said she wouldn’t because she felt uncomfortable and that she doesn’t even pray out loud with her son. She was just fine with us praying, but she wasn’t going to herself. So during the lesson we really focused on prayer with her. She explained that she feels like prayer is a very intimate and personal thing between her and the father and she also said that she never felt comfortable asking the Lord for anything because he has given her so much. She has three grown children so I asked her, “When you kids were younger did you prefer them going to their friends for advice or to you?” she laughed and then replied, “Actually my kids would often bring their friends with them to get advice from me.” She couldn’t have given us a more perfect response! We explained, “Praying out loud with us is just like taking your friends with you to your father for some advice.” The Lord knew what she needed to hear 🙂 After that discussion and an explanation on how we pray she ended our meeting with a sweet and humble prayer spoken from her heart 🙂
Thursday we went out and knocked doors for four straight hours! It was the coolest thing because it didn’t feel like four hours but instead it felt more like an hour because we were able to talk with so many awesome people that day 🙂garden man One door we knocked an older woman answered and expressed, “Oh I belong to a church already!” She was ready to close the door as quickly as she had opened it but then we said, “That’s so wonderful! We saw your sign (it was a sign that read ‘I love _______ Church’) and we think that’s so great. We were wondering if we could sing you a hymn.” To our surprise she didn’t just want us to sing for her, but she also invited us in. We sang and then were able to have a great discussion with her about reading the bible and the church that she is currently attending. As the conversation was wrapping up something inside me (the spirit I’m sure) kept whispering, “don’t leave this house without telling her about the Book of Mormon.” So that’s just what we did. I held up a copy and asked her, “have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon?” “Actually I think I have one of those,” and she got up and went to find it. She came back explaining that she had no idea where she had gotten it from, but that when we showed her the cover she knew she had seen it somewhere before. She knew nothing about it except that it was in her home. We then we able to explain to her where the Book of Mormon had come from and that it was another testament of Jesus Christ and more of God’s words to his children. This got her very excited and she expressed her desire to read more of God’s word! It’s crazy to me to think that we might have left that home without mentioning the Book of Mormon. It was exactly what she needed and had been searching for. We are excited to get to go back and visit with her again 🙂
Saturday we went and visited with an awesome guy that we had tracted into about two weeks ago. He is at the farthest corner of our area so it can be hard to get out to him. We had walked to his house just to find that he wasn’t home, but then as we were heading back down the street we passed him on his way to his house. We turned right around and were able to visit with him for a while and have an awesome conversation with him about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is such a great guy! Next week we are going to try and go visit with him and his girlfriend. He has already started reading the Book of Mormon and he likes what he’s read so far. He explained to us that he always prays before he reads the bible because he feels like there are things that have been misinterpreted or left out over the hundreds of years of translation and he want the Lord to be able to explain to him exactly what it is he s reading, and so he does the same thing with the Book of Mormon when he reads it! The Lord has definitely been preparing him, to receive this gospel 🙂
Sunday was the best day ever! I got to speak to my wonderful family which was such a blessing 🙂 Like any kid away from home, I miss them, but I know that the work I’m engaged in now is so very important. I have the chance every day to help others come closer to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know the Lord is blessing me, my family and my friends for my service and I wouldn’t trade any of this for what the world has to offer. I am so blessed 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
pig<img pet pigsis kittyjetta The kitty went tracting with us and this is our current car. Her name is “Loloma” which is Figian for “Love”:) Oh, and that is someones pet pig!!

May 5, 2014

Happy 5th of May!!!
So I don’t believe I said this before, but Gladys Knight came to town! gladys knightDid you know she’s a member of our church? Well she sure is 🙂 She was in town this past week with her choir “Saints Unified Voices”(SUV) and we got to go! It was actually a major missionary devotional that she goes around doing. The choir sang some incredible gospel music that really made me miss my choir days and Sister Knight shared her conversion story and a very powerful testimony! It was all absolutely incredible!!! If you have a chance you should go look up videos of the choir. They are so awesome! Grammy Award winning for gospel music! I never heard white people sing soul music that well before, and it’s all because of Gladys Knight and the incredible talents that God has blessed her with 🙂 For the past two months we have been inviting everyone to come and see the devotional. Three entire congregations of Baptists were invited. Hundreds of people came and many of them were not from our faith 🙂 At the end of the devotional, if the people liked what they’d heard they could fill out a request card to have a gift bag brought to their house. In the gift bag is a CD of the SUV choir, a Book of Mormon, and a DVD of the Restoration. During the Devotional a wonderful speaker explained the power of music and another explained the Restoration. The day after the event we received the request card and the gift bags to go and bring to people. We met one woman who when we asked her what her favorite part of the devotional was she responded, “Gladys’s testimony. She left me with a lot to think about and me and my friends are planning on attending on of your services soon.” That’s like the missionaries dream response!!! Wow miracles are happening here in Bossier! I am so grateful for Gladys Knight and her incredible talent that she is so ready to share! She knows what the Lord wants her to do and she’s doing it and making an amazing impact on the lives of so many people! I have so much respect for that woman and the work she is doing!!! She is so amazing!!!
Other stories this week-
We were heading out to tract and I missed the road I was supposed to turn down. I went to turn around in a trailer park, and Sister Bonnie realized that she had never tracted there, so we parked the car and got out to tract. Just a few doors in a girl pulled in across the street and when she got out we realized that it was a girl from the library that we had talked with before. It was perfect timing because we were just walking away from a house as she pulled in and we headed over to talk with her. She invited us in and as we were sitting chatting with her and getting to know her better her roommate who is never up at that time because she works the graveyard shift came into the room. Apparently her parents are members, but don’t attend anymore more, and her grandma is a member as well! There is no such thing as “chance” people! The Lord knew exactly where we needed to be! We were able to share a wonderful lesson with them and then we are planning on going back and visiting with them again soon!kenzicinco de mayo
We met this man last week that had told us that he believes there’s a God but he’s never really felt anything before so he stopped going to church. He has searched for a religion and came up dry. When we went to his door he quickly told us that he didn’t want to waste our time and that we might as well keep going, but as we kept talking with him the spirit directed us to share Alma 32 with him. We encouraged him to pray and then read from that chapter and he would get his answer. We told him that if he didn’t feel anything then we would come back and get the Book of Mormon from him the next week. Yesterday we went back and when he saw it was us at the door he went and grabbed the book prepared to give it back. He asked us a few questions about it which we were happy to answer. Then it was our turn to ask a few questions. My first question was if he had gotten down on his knees and prayed before reading. Just as the spirit had quietly witnessed to me his answer was that he had not. I am usually not super pushy at doors, but when the spirit pushes you then you better listen or forever regret it! I took the Book of Mormon that he had handed my companion and handed it back to him. I explained that I typically wasn’t this pushy, but I knew that he needed to pray and read the book and he would be answered. He told me that he really wasn’t that into praying. He said, “I know that God can see how grateful I am for all he does, I don’t see why I’d have to tell him.” I told him that his wife knows that he loves her, but she likes to hear it every now and again as well. God loves him and wants to hear from him. It was intense. He had told us before that he doesn’t ever feel anything, well I know he felt something as we spoke with him. If he chooses to deny it then that is his choice, but both Sister Bonnie and I saw in his face that he was feeling the spirit there just as strongly as we were. He may not fully understand what he is feeling, but he felt the spirit witnessing to him the truthfulness of our words. When the scriptures say that the people were pricked in their hearts that is basically what happened there.
The spirit is real, God is real and His son did walk on this earth, die for each of us and provided the opportunity for us to be able to return to live with our Father in Heaven. This work we are doing out here is the work of Salvation. We are inviting souls to come closer to their God and they have their agency to listen to us or turn away. Read the Book of Mormon and pray, on your knees to know the truthfulness and you will receive an answer. I must sound like a broken record, but really people, I speak the truth. Don’t knock it till you try it 😉
I love you and the church is true!!!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 kaylakayla 1