April 28, 2014

Another fantastic week in Louisiana 🙂 I’m staying in Bossier with Sister Banidawanew dress and I’m looking forward to another exciting 6 weeks here!
Monday was our service day because we have transfers this week. I cornrowed (59 tiny braids!) Sister Bonnie’s hair corn rowcornrow2and then we headed over to an investigators house to do some yard work. After that we got to have a game night with a family in our ward and some of the other missionaries were able to join us as well. One of the sisters was leaving to go home from her mission the next day so she shared her testimony at the end. It was so wonderful to listen to her talk about how much her mission has blessed her life 🙂 Missions truly are the best!!!
Wednesday we got to go teach a woman that has Native American heritage 🙂 She is so excited about the Book of Mormon because many of the things in there match up with old Folk lore from her ancestors. It was so cool to get to hear her stories and then see how perfectly they correlate with that incredible book! Truly it is a book from God. Anyone that has sense enough to read it and pray to their maker will see and feel its divinity! Just read the book and pray! It’d so simple but yet those simple acts will change your life for the better 🙂 It’s absolutely incredible!!!
Thursday we headed out to knock doors and got an unexpected call to head over to the hospital for one of our investigators. No worries they are fine 🙂 Because our door knocking time was cut short we were only able to knock on two doors. The Lord is so aware of what is going to happen. The second door we knocked was one that I was about to walk right past, but Sister Bonnie felt like we should go knock on it. Turns out it was a member of our church that had moved in a little while ago but hadn’t known where the church was so she hadn’t come to church yet and her records hadn’t been moved there yet! Wow the second door and we hit exactly the person we were supposed to see on that street that day! Miracles people, they’re fantastic 🙂 I have no doubt I am doing the work of the Lord for His church here on the earth today, no doubt in my mind!pup
Friday morning while Sister Bonnie and I were planning for the day we discussed who in the ward would make a fabulous friend for one of our investigators. We thought and prayed and one name just kept coming up. That night our church had a BBQ and our investigator was able to make it which was fabulous! I was sitting with the investigator and my companion was off talking with people from the ward. The couple we had talked about that morning “randomly” came and sat at our table and totally got into a great conversation with our investigator no prompting from me at all! On the drive home I asked Sister Bonnie if she told them to come over and sit at our table. She didn’t! Wow what a testimony to me that the Lord knows who people need in their lives. He told us who it was going to be, but then He directed them! It was the coolest thing!!! As they talked with our investigator it was so clear that they were exactly who they needed to help them 🙂
Saturday we went out and knocked doors for 5 hours! Lots of adventures of course 😉 One door we knocked a man came to the door claiming to be a prophet. Prophet Washington is his name. He was an older black man with no shirt on and a 5 inch knife in his hand. surprise We were in a sketchier part of town so I was pretty much terrified. When we asked him to tell us about him being a prophet he said that he was just going to let us leave before we started shouting because the last few missionaries that came to his door left yelling. My thoughts were, “Umm sir I’ve talked to far too many people today to start yelling at you.” But instead we said, “Alrighty sir, you have a blessed day!” On a more spiritual note, we went and taught one of our investigators that has been avidly reading the Book of Mormon. She had owned the book for at least 15 years before we came and knocked on her door and she had never opened it up. With our first visit she went and found the book. Now she has read quite a bit of it. Not only is she reading through, but she is also cross referencing everything with the bible! It’s fantastic 🙂 She told us that so much of what she is reading matches with beliefs she has that she could never connect with another faith before. She believes things and knows them to be true and the Book of Mormon is clarifying those truths to her! The Holy Ghost is manifesting the truth, and it is so wonderful to get to be able to witness that!
Sunday I was able to sing in church again 🙂 I feel so very grateful that the Lord keeps blessing me with these opportunities 🙂 We went out door knocking again after church and we had another super cool experience. We met a man who has totally been searching for truth. We were able to give him a Book of Mormon and promised him that if he would sincerely pray, then the Lord would give him that faith that he truly desires 🙂 It was super awesome and the spirit was totally there! Missionary work rocks!!!
I’m so grateful to be a missionary at this time! The Lord is preparing the hearts of his children to hear this incredible message! Jesus Christ’s church is on the earth again today! There is a living prophet that direct God’s children just as there has been in the past. How do we know these things are true? We read the Book of Mormon. It truly is where we need to start. It promises in the introduction that if we read the book and pray to know that it is true then we will know for ourselves that it is the word of God, that Jesus is the Christ and Savior of the world, and that there is a living prophet on the earth today. This is something that I have pondered about and learned for myself and I know it to be true, but I won’t ask anyone to go off from my word. Instead I encourage you to learn for yourself. Give it a try 🙂 One of two things could possibly happen- First- nothing happens and you lose nothing. Second- you gain a closer relationship with your Father in Heaven, you feel Him answer your prayer, you know the truth with unshaken faith because you received the answer for yourself, and you have a calm reassurance with an understanding of the Lord’s plan for you 🙂 It is well worth the try if you ask me 🙂 I’m not some crazy missionary; I’m a daughter, a sister and a friend 🙂 Most importantly I know that I am a daughter of God and I want everyone I know to understand this incredible message. If we truly understand the doctrine of the church then we will have the desire to help others to feel the joy that we are able to experience through this knowledge 🙂
I love you and the gospel is true!!!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂classic


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