April 22, 2014

So this past week I was pretty sick but no worries, I still had plenty of adventures!
The summer is starting to come and good old Mr. Sunshine is coming out bright as ever. My pasty skin was not ready for that, but I have been promised by a servant of the Lord (my sweet companion Sister Bonnie) that my afflictions shall be for my good aka I will have a smoking hot husband lolburned
The one day I was sick as a dog I looked out the window and I saw the Easter Bunny! I knew no one would believe me because I was taking so much medicine so I took a picture to prove it!easter bunny
While we were out tracting this week this super creepy guy came up and really wanted Sister Bonnie’s phone number. It was super awkward. He kept just staring at her and saying that he needed to be able to get in contact with her. He said, “Your eyes. You make me wanna melt.” Gross creepy man. The joys of having a gorgeous Figian companion. Sometimes I think people listen to us just because they love listening to her accent lol
Easter gave us a wonderful opportunity to have people be more open to our message. We were able to get into quite a few doors this week! One woman had just had her new baby girl 5 days ago and said that we were an answer to her prayer. She had been stressing out so much about her little girl and we had provided her with a few moment of peace which was what she had asked the Lord to help her find 🙂trampoline
Silly random story, we almost got shot by a Beebe gun. This little boy was out in his front yard (he was probably about 3 or 4) and he was shooting at us! Lucky for my comp and I, he didn’t have all that great of marksmanship.
One day when we were out tracting I said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father to help me know how to teach to the persons needs that was ready to hear our message that day. Immediately the scripture Alma 7:11-13 came into my mind which was a perfect Easter scripture. As I thought about it the scenario played through my mind of us offering to share an Easter message from the scriptures and then sharing that thought before explaining about the Book of Mormon. The next door we knocked I followed that prompting exactly and it was incredible! The spirit taught that woman and she was so grateful for the knowledge that we had brought to her! The Lord is truly leading guiding and teaching his missionaries exactly what it is he wants us to do for those who are ready to receive the message!
Sorry I don’t have that much more from this past week. Like I said before, I was sick so that made it a little hard 😛
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 sis rochabird


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