April 14, 2014

Well hello everyone 🙂lunch
Monday was super fun! We had zone P-Day at the park and played some ultimate Frisbee with a football. Might I say that I am not all that great at throwing a football, but to give myself some credit, I am improving! We then had dinner with a wonderful family that we are teaching and did a little family home evening with them 🙂 Charades is a ton of fun when some people in the group are Spanish speakers and keep shouting out their responses in Spanish!
Tuesday morning we had splits with the relief society so I got to go out with Sister Sately. I’m still not super familiar with the area so luckily she had a list of people she wanted so see so we headed out. While we were searching for a particular sister’s address we got a little turned around. I was searching in the ward roster for the right address and Sister Sately was on the phone and pulled over so she could write down some directions that another sister in our ward was giving her on how to get to the house we were looking for. I looked up from the ward roster to find that Sister Sately had “randomly” parked in front of one of our investigators houses that I had yet to meet. We had been by the house multiple times, but the investigator was never at home. Sister Sately was still on the phone and started to pull away, but then I stopped her, explaining that I really felt like we should go knock on door. She quickly got off the phone and I explained the situation. We prayed and headed for the door. She was home! Not only was she home, but we were able to have a fabulous discussion with her 🙂 The investigator brought up a concern that she had heard that Mormon’s don’t think adoption is okay. How perfect that it was Sister Sately and I that were there visiting with the young woman. Obviously we all know my experience with adoption, and the sister that was with me has considered adopting herself. The Lord was very aware of who it was that girl needed to talk to and there was nothing random about us just so happening to park right in front of her house. Through whatever means the Lord needs to He will guide us to those who need what we have to offer 🙂 Sister Bonnie and I also had a great lesson with some less active members in our ward and we got to talk about the importance of the restoration of the church. Through the restoration we have the priesthood on the earth today, a prophet that leads and guides us and we are still able to receive God’s council to His children today. He hasn’t stopped speaking to us! What a blessing it is to know that we have modern revelation that helps us to know what direction we are to go in 🙂combing hair
Thursday we went out to tract. At first we went one way and had walked about a half mile down the road towards the neighborhood we were planning on tracting in when Sister Bonnie said, “I just thought of a little trailer park that I think we should tract in.” So around we turned and walked about a mile to this trailer park that was in the opposite direction. The Lord was definitely leading that change in direction because we found three people that actually wanted to talk with us! It was super fabulous! We also gave out 2 Book of Mormons, so the Lord was definitely leading us to those he had prepared 🙂 In the evening we got to go to a Relief Society Enrichment activity that we had been asked to participate in. We were focusing on women of the Old Testament. Sister Bonnie got to talk about Eve and I had Deborah. I knew nothing about her so it was an awesome opportunity to get to learn about that incredible lady. She was a prophetess and she led the people of Israel to victory in battle against the Canaanites. After the people won she and the captain of the army sing a song of praise to God! She was an incredible example and leader for her people and she worked hard to follow the direction of the Lord. After the victory the people of Israel were able to enjoy 40 years of peace. It was wonderful getting to tell the women about such an incredible person. To finish up my section of the program I sang my own song of praise, “How Great Thou Art” verses 1 and 3 🙂 I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to study about Deborah. She is a wonderful role model for all people, not just women 🙂
Saturday we had a fabulous lesson with some of the people we had tracted into on Thursday. The first part was a Q & A but then we were able to get into the lesson. This particular house hold has a man who is very southern Baptist, his daughter that is Baptist, but is open to learning, and his wife that is very open to learning and has started reading the Book of Mormon and is enjoying thus far 🙂 When we visited with them this last time we went over the Plan of Salvation. The wife liked the things we said and agreed with it. She wants to learn more. The super southern Baptist kept talking over us and saying the same thing over and over again, “It is only through the grace of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter what religion you are.” He wouldn’t answer any of our questions so usually we would just wait until he had stopped shouting about Jesus and then we would continue our lesson. Definitely an interesting visit. The wife for sure wants to keep learning and the husband is fine with us coming over, we just have to be ready for him to loudly testify of Jesus’ grace, which is totally great!
Sunday me and two other sister missionaries had the opportunity to talk in church. Our topic was obedience and we all took very different approaches to it which was super fabulous! The first sister talked about how when we are obedient then we are protected. I talked about examples from the scriptures where obedience brought incredible blessings and how we have been promised knowledge and light as we keep the commandments. The last Sister talked about how through obedience we are promised two kinds of blessings. The first are the immediate blessings. She explained that the immediate blessing we receive by following God’s commandments is a closer relationship with the Lord. We are able to come nearer to God as we obey him. Then after a trial of our faith he will bless us in other incredible ways 🙂 It was all around a great Sunday and I am so grateful I get to serve in a ward with so many incredible missionaries! They are all always teaching me 🙂
I love you and the gospel is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 bubbles


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