April 7, 2014

Oh my goodness wasn’t conference just the best?!!I know I will be reading and rereading all of those talks again! I can honestly say that conference was the high light of my week! I loved the analogy of learning to recognize our “spiritual bit”. The Lord has given us our agency but I fully believe that if we can truly try and align our will with the Father’s then we will know what path we need to take. We have to move for him to guide us and sometimes when we aren’t going anywhere He will give us a nudge of encouragement to help us on our way.spiritual bit“Lead me, Guide me” Now, for story purposes I will tell you about my adventures this week in Bossier-sister licorice mustache
Monday- My district went bowling which was a total party! I am happy to say that even though I started in very last place I was able to finish in first both games we played 🙂 Yay for district fun 🙂bowling districtwinner
Wednesday- While tracting we came upon a woman that seemed super friendly. She came to the door and said she’d love to hear our message but she had some food cooking on the stove. She said if we would wait for a minute she would take it off the stove and come back. We waited. Then we waited some more. During the time we waited I told Sister Bonnie a dramatic story from my life and as I was finishing it I looked down at my watch. It had already been 15 minutes! When I pointed this out to Bonnie she replied, “We are going to wait.” With that solemn resolve we waited outside this woman’s house for a good 20 minutes! We knocked, but of course she didn’t come back. No one can say that we weren’t diligent with our efforts.
The Lord was kind and sent my boyfriend riding by on his little bike just as we were leaving that home. I know that I must explain. He is a little boy:) When I first met him he told my companion that I was pretty. The next time I saw him he called me girlfriend, and so you have it. Whenever we are working the area where he lives he makes sure to come over and say, “Hi girlfriend!” He’s a good little buddy to have lol. boyfriend
Sister Banidawa’s birthday was this past Sunday and the celebrations began Wednesday night when one of our investigators threw her a little surprise party 🙂 It was fabulous! I love these peoples kids. They are just the cutest! Their little girl had me come outside and play soccer with her and then I got to play dinosaur games with the 2 year old boy. He loves dinosaurs! Sometimes he kind of reminds me of my brother Chauncey, because even at the young age of 2 he already can tell me all the names of the Dinosaurs lol.
Thursday- The south is a place of many churches, as I’m sure we’ve all heard the name, The Bible Belt. There is a church on every corner and often one between as well. There is one church here that has an incredible white cross set on a hill that reaches towards Heaven. It is very impressive and a great reminder of the gift that the Savior has given us. I couldn’t help myself and I had to get a few pictures with it so you all could appreciate the area I’ve been called to labor is 🙂crossbeautiful sisters
The Lord’s hand is in this work and I’ll give you a fabulous example- We were visiting with the wonderful elderly woman whose husband is not a member. We had brought over a video to watch with her but we couldn’t figure out how to get the TV to cooperate so we ended up having to go into the office where her husband was to watch the video. He hadn’t planned on watching the video, but because we had come to the office he ended up turning his chair around and joining us. The Lord knew he needed to watch that video and he also knew how to make it happen 🙂 That little experience might not sound like a big deal but I promise you it was! I’m so grateful for this incredible work!friends
Something that I have seen out here on my mission is how people will allow themselves to slowly forget the incredible experiences they have had and will slowly become lazy with how they practice their religion. It is a choice and it can be very destructive to your happiness. The gospel brings happiness and security, but if we don’t actively practice then we will fall short of our potential. We see this example given in the bible when Jesus Christ comes walking on the water to the disciples that are out on their boat. When Peter sees Christ he jumps over board and begins walking to the Master, progressing forward and doing something he would never be able to accomplish on his own. As soon as he allows himself to get discouraged, he loses sight of his Lord and he begins to sink. He just had this incredible experience of walking on water and then he begins to doubt. Don’t let yourself doubt the experiences you’ve had, the things you’ve felt. That will only cause you to sink. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and keep using the atonement and you cannot fail! This is a continuous process so never allow yourself to become lazy. With continued faith and remembrance of what you know to be true you can accomplish anything! What an amazing blessing that is 🙂
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
mission friendThis beautiful lady and her husband were the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras parade one year:) paintingThis street painting reminded me of Slidell:)wisteriaThis is wisteria. It grows everywhere here and is so beautiful!wolf dog A huge, friendly wolf-dog!


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