March 24, 2014

Well hey there!tracting
Learning a new area is just a bundle of fun. I have met so many people this past week, it is fabulous! I keep looking around me and it is very clear the I am not in Slidell anymore lol
The night I got here we went to Wendy’s to get something to eat. It was late, I was tired, and completely emotionally exhausted. I ordered and the guy over the counter said, “smemrlr?” Umm, I wasn’t quite sure what he said. I thought for a moment and then realized he must have said small medium or large. The next question from him was, “erterga?” I wanted to cry but after concentrating my brain sorted out, “Is that for here or to go?” And that was the moment that I realized I was no longer in Slidell, but was now on the streets of Bossier.
Bossier is a world of a difference from what I’ve grown accustomed to. We tract in the Ghetto. I’ve never felt more like a pathetic little white girl than I do on some of the streets here. I stick out like a sore thumb. Little Mormon girl wandering the streets trying to help thugs come closer to Jesus. It’s pretty fabulous. Inside I feel like I’m dying but on the outside I try really hard to smile and talk with everyone! My companion from Fiji has no fear and is so great at chatting it up with every person we see. BossierWe even talked a little gospel with a man who is definitely a straight up druggy. Good times lol.
My first day here we went to visit a potential investigator. When we got to the house she had left, but there was a ton of people sitting on the porch that we got to talk with a little bit. I have never seen so many gold teeth before in my life! We were able to have a pretty great discussion about the beliefs of our church and the group asked some great questions. All around a different but fabulous experience!
I can not begin to tell you all the miracles that have been happening this week! When the Lord gives you challenges, it is to help you grow! I have definitely seen that throughout this past week! The Lord has helped my teaching skills to increase drastically in these past few days! Whom the Lord calls he qualifies! I completely believe that because I am watching it happen in my own life 🙂
A funnier story from the week – We were out tracting this trailer park and we came to a rickety porch. Sister Banidawa went first and I stayed on the steps, unsure if the porch could hold more than one person. This man came to the door, missing teeth, hair a mess and in a wife beater. He said, “I don’t want you all wasting your time on me. I’m a lost cause.” Of course our response was that no one was a lost cause and that we were sure that this message could benefit him. He told us that he didn’t need our message because he already knows Jesus. He said, “Jesus reached out his finger and touched me,” as he said this he socked Sister Banidawa in the arm, “and he spoke to me from the walls.” At this point I was wondering what kind of drugs he was on. After that weirdness we ended the conversation and headed off to find whomever the Lord had prepared to hear our message that day. Maybe it was that guy and we did share with him so no worries. He had a chance to hear about the truth as well 🙂
Something that I find so interesting is people’s reactions to our church. We come with a message of love and peace, and some respond with anger and hate. They claim their feelings through their religion, and express how Christian their views are while tearing down another person. Christ taught with love. It saddens me that people feel so much hate towards the message that we share purely to help lift and comfort our fellowman. If people don’t agree with us they don’t need to mock what we have to say. I think for me the meanest people make me the most sad. They are filling themselves with feelings towards their brothers and sisters that are not helping them to draw closer to their Lord and Savior. I wish there was a way to help them understand that we aren’t trying to take away their beliefs but just share the message that has brought us so much! We share because we know what the gospel has done for us. This isn’t something we do because we get paid, or because we have to. We do this out of a love for those around us and an understanding of the incredible truths that we have 🙂happy tracting
One more thing before I have to bounce- The Atonement is such an incredible thing! It helps through our worst trials and everyday life. I have seen the atonement working in not only my life, but also the life of those that are around me. It is an incredible gift that has been given to us and whether we use it or not, it will remain sitting there, waiting for us. As we use it we can grow closer to Jesus Christ and feel peace and comfort that only He can give us. Using the power of the atonement may seem like a challenging thing at times, but honestly the Lord has made it so simple for us. It reminds me of the story of the flying serpents in the bible. Moses is told to put a brass serpent on a pole and all that looked at it were healed. It was so easy that some people chose not to look at the snake and died from their snake bites. All we have to do is use the atonement in our lives and it will bring us so much peace!!! It can take work, but it is so very worth it! Christ wants to help us. He wants us to include him in our lives! What an amazing thing that is! “Oh it is wonderful that He should care for me enough to die for me. Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me.”
I love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂sis. rogers and amy


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