March 18, 2014

So I have so much to say and absolutely no time to say anything 😦
Surprise, I’ve been transferred! Believe me it was a complete surprise to me as well. On Sunday Sister Totterer and I were running into the church for a meeting early in the morning and what should happen just as we are going in, we get a call from our mission president, President McDonough. He said there was a situation and then informed us that last week a Sister had entered the mission field from Africa. Her name is Sister Povanho and she doesn’t drive. The trainer they’d put her with, Sister Banidawa, from Fiji, doesn’t drive either and they were in a full time car area! So President, after thinking it over and praying about it decided to send Sister Povanho down to Slidell and put me up in Bossier LA with Banidawa. From the time I got that phone call to the time I left was just over 24 hours. So 24 hours to say goodbye to the town and people that I have grown to love so much in these past six months and get everything packed to go. Let me just say I saw many miracles that day! After lots of tearful goodbye,pamdria and fletchersis werb and her rock collectionalex and anna mobleybascomsinvestigator Sarahracciopas 2Brandon and Nikki and girlsD'Angelo's a night full of packing, and hours of driving I am now in Bossier with Banidawa Sis Banidawaand I’m excited for this new adventure!

I love you and the church is true!

Sister Mignonne Rogers

My new area looks like home!new home 3 I got Sis. Totterer good!silly stringdrowning her sorrowsDrowning my sorrows with cream soda….(notice the blood shot eyes from tears:(


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