March 11, 2014

March 11, 2014district
I’M STAYING IN SLIDELL FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER AND I COULDN’T BE MORE THRILLED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! There is so much awesome work to get done here and I’m so grateful that the Lord is allowing me to stay just a little longer and witness the miracles that are happening here!
Tuesday was Mardi Gras and it rained all day. Did you know that in Louisiana the mail doesn’t run on Mardi Gras and school is out for the entire week! They also get a spring break! How unfair is that! I think the rain was the Lord trying to calm down some of the insanity down in New Orleans lol. We tracted a little but were so freezing cold (and no one was taking pity on us) so we found other work that needed to be done on Mardi Gras 🙂 Funny story- that night when we got home my companion and I got scared half to death because of my companions balloon from Valentine’s Day. She was talking to me and the balloon floated past her and that scared me which in turn scared her and there was plenty of screaming and so much laughter my sides hurt! It’s the little things in life that help get you from one moment to the next!
Wednesday- We got to go and help move some storage for a member into her attic. Her little boy who is about 4 or 5 was helping us. He really wanted to go up into the attic, but his mom didn’t want him up there so she told him there was a ghost up there. Oh my goodness it was the funniest thing! He then decided that he needed to prove that he wasn’t afraid so he kept making ghost noises and then asking us, “Did you hear that?” He was the cutest! We also got to go visit with a family in our ward that are just the greatest. They are so in love and it is just fabulous! They have offered to help with fellowshipping new members in our ward which is just the greatest. Slidell is such a great place!!!
Thursday- The silly thing that people always say is be careful what you wish for because God always answers prayers. If you pray for patience then you better believe you are going to be given something that will try your patience. I was thinking about that on Thursday. I had a friend ask me once, “Why would the Lord make things harder for you when you ask to be strengthened in a certain area of your life?” I think the answer to that can be explained in a simple parable. Two young men went to the gym and told the physical instructor that they wanted to get huge. The instructor led them to a set of weights and showed them how to use the weight set. The next day the two young men were so sore they could hardly stand it! One of them made up excuses to not go to the gym and instead stayed home. The other man went back to the gym and tried again and again every day until he got to the point where the pain was no longer there. His friend decided to join him again weeks later for another gym day and was frustrated the next day when his friend felt fine and he was yet again in pain. The Lord gives us the “weights” we need to strengthen ourselves, but then it is our choice whether we continue to strengthen ourselves or sit and wait for the strength to come. Yes we might feel growing pains, but that is normal. The Lord will not hand us “weights” that we can’t handle and He is always there spotting us if we need a boost.
Friday- We visited with Brother Pritechett and Brother Pritechett was full of some of the silliest stories and jokes! My personal favorite was-
How do you get down from a horse?
You don’t get down from a horse you get down from a duck!
It may not seem that funny to you, but Sister Totterer and I were practically rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard! It might be one of those; you’d have to have been there, moments 🙂
Saturday- We got to go to a jewelry store that a member in our ward owns and play dress up! Oh my goodness that was probably the most expensive game of dress up I think I’ll ever play in my life! slidell wedding ringSister Totterer and I probably had too much fun 🙂 We then got to go to one of the most spiritual baptisms I think I’ve ever been to! This man had gone through so much opposition to finally get baptized! He is an incredible asset to the ward and just such a wonderful person! We are lucky to have him 🙂 I was so blessed to get to be at his baptism 🙂 So incase everyone hasn’t heard yet – I’M AN AUNT!!!!!! Little Eleanor Celeste Rogers was born last week! I didn’t hear about it until Saturday. A member in our ward, Brother Bascom, knew that I was waiting for my little niece to be born any day and on Saturday he called us up and said, “So I hear you’re an aunt.” As nonchalantly as you please. Umm… I started screaming and crying and laughing and possibly hopping up and down in the middle of the road (we were currently out tracting). Pretty much I looked like a crazy pants, but I really didn’t care, I was so excited!!!! If anyone look out there window they probably thought I was going crazy, but I was so excited I couldn’t help it!!! Ya so I’m a aunt now to a absolutely gorgeous little girl!!!aunt mignonne Congrats to Chauncey and Becky! The Bascoms were kind enough to let us come by their house later that evening and see pictures of the beautiful little girl!
Sunday Brother Bascom and I presented a musical number in sacrament meeting which went over very well 🙂 The spirit was able to be there and that is definitely the most important part 🙂 I’m so incredibly grateful that the Lord is allowing me to sing while out on my mission. He is allowing me to consecrate all the time and talents He has given me to His work! What an incredible blessing! Sister Totterer and I got to give the lesson in Relief Society this week and that went pretty swell and well 🙂 The lesson was about strengthening the family and we got to share our testimony about how important it is to have a strong gospel centered home! I’m so very grateful for the strong Christ centered home that I was raised in! I know it has truly made all the difference in my life! We went out tracting and might I say it was not our most fabulous tracting experience yet! We had two, count them, two people tell us we are a cult! The silly part is that one of the ladies said it in a very polite way. Let me clarify that it is not polite to tell someone their religion is a cult. It was just all around a very frustrating experience, but through the entire thing I never felt angry. Sure I was frustrated that people were so closed to this wonderful message that we bring, but all I felt was peace. I can promise you that the Holy Ghost goes with you when you are worthy. Though God allows people their agency, He promises that as we follow him we can have the Holy Ghost and the peace he provides, with us at all times. Though frustrating things happen in life and sometimes you don’t always have control over what is going on around you, you can always find peace in the Lord. What an incredible blessing that is for each and every one of us!
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers
P.S. 2 Thessalonians 3:16 stellaWe had to say goodbye to our car. “Stella” was a good one, but we’re grateful for her replacement.district p day Our last P-Day together.


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