March 3, 2014

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth:)

Ya, so it is Mardi Gras week! Tomorrow the entire town will shut down for the craziness, but luckily most everyone will travel down to New Orleans. That is one sketchy place lol but at the same time super intriguing. I’ve heard so many stories about that crazy town!elder sister mardi gras

Wednesday – We tracted in the rain and I must say that the spirit was with us so much that day! We were being leaded and guided to exactly the people who needed us at that time 🙂 The Lord’s hand is in this work and it is fabulous and incredible to get to be allowed to be a part of that.

Thursday – We got to go to a crab/crawfish/shrimp boil!!!crabs Oh my gosh it was so delicious! I am definitely a fan!!! I really love crawfish! crawdad 2The crab was fantastic, but very difficult to break into.The south has the BEST food 🙂

Friday- We got to go to a Mardi Gras parade!mardi gras missionaries No worries we had permission and this one was family friendly 🙂 elder mardi gras 2Our ward was tailgating before, so we went with the ward and tried to bring as many investigators as possible. the ParkersThe parades here are intense. SO much money goes into the floats and stuff that they throw.mardi gras 3 The costumes are incredible as well! They throw beads, stuffed animals, plastic swords, ext. little boyPretty much they are a moving carnival. So funny story about the parade, my companion and I totally got into the spirit of things and were just having a great old time 🙂 On Sunday a member in our ward came up to us and thanked us for being a little crazy. She explained that her daughter (who is less active) thought we were “cool” sister missionaries and almost more entertaining than the parade itself lol She was impressed by the fact that we were normal people and not acting stiff and awkward! That just is a testimony to me that it’s okay to be yourself on a mission. The Lord called Mignonne Rogers to be a missionary, not a cookie cutter sister missionary. Being yourself and having fun in the work of the Lord is the best way to go about being a missionary 🙂mardi gras sisters Another funny story- One of the families that were there had a friend in town and he happened to mention to his friend that he thought we were hot. His friend immediately said, “Those are the sister missionaries! You can’t call them hot or you’ll got to h***!” hahaha too funny! Slidell SistersThe dad told us, “It just goes to show you can still have it, even as a missionary lol Oh I love this place. The members here are just so fabulous! Always great for a good laugh 🙂

elder mardi gras
Tis’ the season to celebrate Mardi Gras!
Twas the weekend before Mardi Gras, and all through the town
Excitement for the Selene Parade soon to go down
The children were decked out with glow sticks galore
And still they kept asking their parents for more
Visitors from far and wide had arrived
The hours of plane ride they’d bravely survived
The missionaries were there to join in the fun
Ready to cheer as the parade then begun
Turning the corner the first float came
The float riders then began to practice their aim
Beads came flying left and right
The floats right before us were dripping with light
Purple and green and gold raining round
Colors of Mardi Gras fell to the ground
Shouts from the crowd, music from the band
You had to dance you couldn’t just stand
Join the fun and offer a shout
Go catch a bead, that’s what the parades all about
Laugh out loud at the craziness near
Be grateful your Mission President lets you be here
It was nice to join in the fun and the play
And we got to have a taste of the Mardi Gras way
By Sister Mignonne Rogers 😉

Saturday- While we were out tracting we had some interesting things happen. First we found a pretty large turtle in a small ditch. I don’t know how the crazy thing got in there.sister turtle I’m still looking for an alligator though :/ While we were going down the street a car flew past us and parked a few houses up. As the car came to a stop three big rough looking guys came flying out of the house and a girl (intense blue hair) jumped out of the car and started telling some very angry animated story to the boys. Sister Totterer was like, “Let’s go talk with them.” I did not feel like that was the greatest idea and as we approached one of the guys looked at us and said, “You really don’t want to be here right now.” We turned and started walking the other way as a car driven by a young man came flying up and stopped in the middle of the road. The guy jumped out of the car and one of the other guys came over and threw the driver up against the car. To not say much more about the entire thing, it was intense to say the least. By the time we had gone just a few more houses down the entire mess had cleaned itself up. I’m sure having some sister missionaries there at that fight definitely added an entirely unexpected dimension to that fight that the spectators weren’t planning on lol

That was my crazy week lol

I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂

P.S. John 15:10 🙂
crocheting We were lucky and were able to crochet scarves for some elderly people this week too!


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