February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014awesome old bible
I must begin by saying that the Lord is in this work! I do not believe it, but I can testify that I know it! This is Christ church on the earth today. Miracles are happening every which way I turn and I could not feel more blessed to get to witness, and be a part of them 🙂 We are teaching some wonderful people and I feel so very grateful that the Lord is trusting Sister Totterer and I with this wonderful work.

wonderful Slidell Eldersmissionaries at play
Monday we went to the park with the Elders and just had a grand old time 🙂 It’s so nice to get to just have a good time with friends and enjoy God’s creations!
Tuesday we went and visited with a woman that was in the hospital and had just had a beautiful little baby boy. The tiny little guy was literally hours old when we came in to visit with her. He weighed no more than 4 ½ pounds with a full head of hair and he was sleeping like a little angel. eli whittier(this is my cousins son, Eli) It was crazy to think that just hours previous he was preparing to begin his life on earth. I got to think about what it must be like for Heavenly Father as He sends His children down here to gain their experiences. He knows what kind of things they will encounter. He knows what kind of home He is sending them to. My heart broke to think of how He must feel as He sends His children down to circumstances where they will not be loved and cherished like they should be. I’m sure there were many different discussions about what we would face. Some of His children were eager to come down and begin, proving that they were strong enough. Some were ready for the challenge, but I’m sure nervous and I think others were terrified, but they knew that it would be for their good. The need to continue progressing was so great that we all chose to come down here. Looking in that little sleeping baby’s face, I saw a young man that was ready and willing. The eager youth that the Lord loved so much and was now entrusting to this mothers care. How it must break His heart when children go to homes where their true worth is not realized. They are just a toy, or a burden to some. These are the divine sons and daughters of God, and heir to His kingdom. He trusts us with His greatest treasures! The role of mother and father is so incredibly important! I know it must sound silly coming from a young woman that has yet to have children, but I can testify that God is so very aware of every single one of His children. Never doubt that!
Wednesday we met with a young lady who wants to make some major changes in her life and is looking for a church! We spoke with her for a while and she is excited to learn more about the gospel! We are super excited to get to teach her more! At our dinner appointment we visited with a wonderful woman and her 96 year old father. He is such a sweetheart, but can’t really hear anything. As we were leaving he was telling the Elders, “It was nice visiting with you,” I went to shake his hand and in that cute little voice he said, “Especially you.” That just made my day 🙂 It’s the little things that matter most. In our Book of Mormon class one of the members shared his conversion story with everyone. We were discussing overcoming trials and how the Lord will help us in ALL things. The member shared his experience when he was investigating the church. The missionaries had taught him The Word of Wisdom and had committed him to stop drinking and smoking. He said he had tried many times, but had never succeeded. This man was in his 40’s at the time and had been smoking since he was a teenager. He, however, had faith that the Lord would help him. That night he threw away his cigarettes and knelt in earnest prayer, asking God to take away this addiction from him. He said that when he woke up the next morning the craving wasn’t there and it has never come back in the years since (he is in his mid 50’s now). Never underestimate the power of the Lord. Miracles are happening everyday 🙂
Thursday Sister Newman came and went on exchanges with me. It was such a blessing to get to go out with this wonderful sister and learn from her 🙂 During our exchange we went by and visited with one of our investigators that was planning on coming to church on Sunday. She has three beautiful little girls that I just love to pieces! While we were giving the lesson the 3 year old walked over to Sister Newman, who was in the middle of reading a scripture, and just loving placed her hand on Sister Newman’s shoulder and looked down at the Lord’s words that were being read aloud. She just stood there trying to let Sister Newman know how much she loved her without using any words at all. Children are so incredibly wonderful! It’s no wonder that we are to become as little children 🙂 The pure love of Christ was contained right there inside that little angel 🙂
Saturday we went and did quite a few hours of door knocking, which always equals lots of adventures. As we were walking we stopped to talk with a man that was in his front yard with his grandson. We talked with him for quite a while and expressed the amazing message of the gospel that we have to share with others 🙂 I then told him that if he was willing to ask God and truly seek for an answer then he would come to know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and the Lord’s church is again established on the earth today. He answered, “Well I’m not willing.” As we walked away from him I thought, What?! Not willing?! Why ever not!? You don’t want to know for yourself? Are you afraid to ask? What is the worst that could happen? The most frustrating part of missionary work is knowing that what you are sharing with people is so incredibly true and could truly change their life for the better. But then the people are not willing. Unwilling to ask God. Unwilling to learn for themselves. Unwilling to know the truth. I honestly don’t fully understand why people refuse to learn such an incredible message and every time people turn us away it doesn’t hurt because someone said no to me, it hurts because I know what they are missing out on. This gospel is such an incredible blessing in our lives! Take the chance to ask for yourself! I can promise you that if you ask with a real desire to learn then the Lord will answer your prayers! He has PROMISED that He will (Moroni 10:3-5) and God always keeps his promise D&C 82:10.
We had Zone Conference on Monday and learned bunches and bunches! I love when we get to hear from President McDonough and our other leaders! Sister McDonough said something that I absolutely love! “Missionaries are blessed with courage.” I think that not only pertains to the full time missionaries, but also to our member missionaries. If we pray for missionary experiences then the Lord will give us both the opportunity to share and the courage to invite! This work is such a wonderful and powerful thing! Don’t be afraid to get involved 🙂

I love you and the gospel is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
P.S. Alma 13:21-25 & 27-29

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