February 17, 2014

smiling sistersSo last week on P-Day we played volleyball in the rain which was so much fun! Then we went and visited with an investigator that we had previously stopped visiting with because things in her life had gotten a little crazy. When we went and visited with her this time it was like talking to a completely different person. She is ready to learn and willing to change to make her home a place of peace and safety for her family! It is so incredible to get to see the changes that occur in people’s lives as they let the Savior in and learn of the fullness of his gospel. swamp2
Tuesday we went tracting and found ourselves in the swamp land. The first door we went up to had a chicken flying everywhere. My companion is terrified of birds so that was pretty hilarious! Then there was this crazy old blind and mostly deaf dog that barked every 5 seconds or so. I totally expected a man to come out cussing up a storm and wielding a loaded shot gun, but no one answered. In the swamp, a stone’s throw away from the house, there was an old house that was slowly sinking into the swap. It was just the kind of thing you would expect to see in a movie. I expected alligators to come climbing out of the water at any moment!
Wednesday was Elder Henrikson’s birthday! We had lunch at the church together and had a grand old time whipping up eggs, frying hash browns, and making yummy waffles. Later we had a great lesson with Fletcher, the kid that was baptized not too long ago, and is now a member in our ward. It went super well!
Thursday started out pretty interesting. We went and did some service at a members house and then from there we ran to Maria’s for lunch. Only problem with that was that I had forgotten my shoes! I had to wear my white and pink tennis shoes with my black shirt and red and orange skirt. Talk about a walk of shame :/ Hopefully I never have to do that again! We ran home so I could change and then we went and visited with a less active member. Her house was dark and she had such a soothing voice that it was all Sister Totterer and I could do to keep from falling asleep! Then we headed out to tract for a little while. We hadn’t found anyone that was interested in learning about Christ’s true church on the earth today and as we were heading back to the car we called a hello over to a woman that was just coming out of her house. Sister Totterer complimented her outfit and with that the ice was broken. She is from England and has the cutest little accent! We were able to chat with her for a couple of minutes and we have every intention of going back and visiting with her again 🙂 Interviews with our mission President were that night so we had to cut the conversation short because we were already late to pick up the Elders. Interviews were fabulous! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful person to lead our mission 🙂 Talking with him it looks like there is about a 50% chance that I will stay in Slidell again with these next transfers. That would be totally fabulous because I love getting to see the work that is getting done here! Sister Totterer is such a hard worker and so ready to bring the Good Word of God to all that will listen! It’s Awesome 🙂heart pancakesheart and shoes
Friday we were able to meet with a very sweet couple. We talked with them for a little while and they told us all about Mardi Gras and the craziness of New Orleans. Someday I’d love to go there but definitely not during Mardi Gras season. It just sounds like far too big of a party place for my liking. It is super fun to get to be near there for Mardi Gras. There are parades here in Slidell every weekend, and everyone has Mardi Gras wreaths hanging from the doors. The entire town has been covered with gold, green and purple! This part of the country always has something to celebrate. We had dinner with the sweet little sister who has the incredible rock collection. Her house is full of beautiful antiques and at dinner she told us all sorts of stories about the different pieces of furniture that she owns. She is a fabulous story teller and I could honestly just listen to her, completely spellbound for hours 🙂 It is always such a joy to be at her house.
Saturday was a pretty incredible day. We went out tracting and met a young man that was very interested in our message. Right there on the doorstep we taught a lesson about the restoration of Christ’s gospel. The young man just took it all in and said that it all really made sense to him. It was incredible and the spirit was there so strong. We will be meeting with him later on today and I’m super excited! The Lord truly does prepare His children to hear His truths! Later we went and visited a woman that Sister Rigby and I had found while tracting but hadn’t been able to set up a time to meet with her again. We were in the area so we decided we would just drop by and see if she was home. I didn’t have the address with me and it had been at least a month since we tracted her street. I wasn’t positive of the house, but the one I thought looked most familiar we went and tried. A woman opened the door and she said come on in with a smile on her face. Yay, it was the right house! We were able to sit down with her and have a great discussion about Christ’s church and how she can come to know things are true through revelation from God. It was all so wonderful and the spirit was definitely there teaching that lesson 🙂 We ended our night by going and visiting with an elderly woman in our ward who lives alone. When we got there she exclaimed how happy she was that we had come by to see her. Then she talked with us and told us wonderful stories about her life. Sometimes all a person needs is to be listened to. The simple act of listening can chase away the gloomy and overpowering feelings of loneliness. Listening lets others know that you care and are willing to give them that time that they need. Everyone needs to be heard. While we were there we noticed that her curtains needed fixing where a rod had broken, so we were able to help her with her drapes. She could not have been more thrilled 🙂 Small acts of kindness can be all it takes to completely brighten a person’s day 🙂 So many wonderful experiences that day!
Sunday… church was great 🙂 We went out to visit with a referral after church and it was totally awesome! These people are like the ones in a missionaries fairytale. They are a sweet couple and both of them are working on their PHD in religion. They were interested in the Mormons because in their studies none of their classes spent really anytime on our beliefs. They have always been so impressed with the way Latter-Day Saints carry themselves and they have been yearning to learn more about our church but never knew where to look! We will be meeting with them on Wednesday and I can’t wait!!!
I am all out of time for today 😦
I love you and the gospels true!!!
Sister Mignonne Rogers valentines dinner sis. werbsaddest note ever A sad note we received at a cancelled appointment:( We don’t want to replace anyone’s bible – just provide ANOTHER witness of our Lord, Jesus Christ


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