February 3, 2014

An out of the ordinary week………..oh no ice
So we were supposed to have transfers on Tuesday, but there was an ice storm! If you don’t know, Mississippi and Louisiana have a lot of bridges to get across the swamps, so an ice storm means miles of bridges covered in black ice. Less than fabulous if you ask me. Transfers were postponed until Thursday and Tuesday we got stuck sitting in our apartment ALL day. Now it doesn’t matter how fun your companion is, or how creative you are, that is just boring as a missionary. We don’t have tv, games, computers or most of the modern age things that keep normal people occupied for hours on end. So to entertain ourselves we created our own photo shoot station. For a back drop we used my bed cover and we precariously stacked chairs to make a stand for my camera lol It was a party and a half! If nothing else, we got some good laughs out of the whole process 🙂party
Wednesday we had to get out of the house or else too much craziness was going to happen so we went and worked in the bishop’s storehouse. Towards evening the decision was made to head to Gulfport (Our transfer point) that night, because they were talking about shutting down the high way due to ice and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it up there the next morning. SO off to Gulfport we went and had a fun sleepover with Sisters Pamenter, Ridge and Cole.
Thursday we all hung out at the stake center while waiting for the transfer van to come down and bring our new companions. It was definitely hard to see Sister Rigby go and there were a few tears shed on my part 😦 She is going to rock her next area though, so I’m super excited for her! We played games and goofed off. I even learned how to properly shoot a hoop! I’m still absolutely terrible at basketball though lol And then, finally, my new companion arrived on the Transfer Van…sister totter
She is AWESOME!!! Her name is Sister Totterer and she is a super hard worker 🙂 She loves her mission and she is a boss missionary! I’m excited for all the fabulous work we will do here in Slidell. My previous fabulous companion was replaced by someone that is equally as awesome! She is from Farmington Utah and she has been out on her mission for just about a year 🙂Elders Benge Henrickson Adam and Sisters Parsons Helms Totterer and me
Once she arrived we all headed to the beach to grab some fun pictures (we can’t get in the water but we can appreciate the beautiful view 🙂 We headed home to Slidell and enjoyed dinner with a member before finally heading home!sister totterer
Friday we got out and did some fabulous work! Introduced Sister Totterer to lots of different ward members. Tracted a little. Ended the night at the Trampp’s house for dinner. That family is so great! They are one of those where you walk into the house and you can just feel the love and you feel at home 🙂 We got to join them in some silly little skits and it was totally hilarious!skits
Saturday we had a few different adventures! We went tracting and saw a massive dog! One door we knocked had a no soliciting sign on the door. When the lady opened she said, “Did you read the sign?” With a smile on her face my companion said, “Yes, but we aren’t solicitors we are missionaries from-” the woman cut her off, “Same thing!” as she slammed the door on our face. That woman needs a hug and to be reminded that we are all children of God and deserve to be treated as such… but I’m not volunteering to go knock on her door again. One house had a good sized dog that was barking up a storm from behind the screen door. I was kind of feeling like we should just skip that house but Sister Totterer started up the walk with a smile on her face. She is always smiling 🙂 The woman let us right in and talked with us for a good twenty-five minutes. We never get let in, so it was awesome that she let us in 🙂 Her name was Miss Dotty and she was just adorable. She also has a memory problem. She must have asked us where we were from at least 6 times. She also kept stopping and saying, “You girls look happy, you must really love what you’re doing. Do you love what you’re doing?” She must have said it 15 times! I’m grateful that was most prevalent in her mind 🙂 I really do love what I’m doing! It makes me so very happy! Sharing the gospel with God’s children and helping to enrich peoples’ lives is such an incredible thing to be a part of 🙂 We got to end our evening at Sister Werb’s house and she invited us to stay for dinner 🙂 I could never pass up one of Sister Werb’s dinners, she is such a fantastic cook! We got to chat with her and her son for quite a while and it was great 🙂 snakes
Sunday Sister Totterer was introduced to lots of people. Great news!!!! The ward has a missionary plan that they shared with the axillaries!!! The work is moving here!!! It is wonderful 🙂 We went tracting and met a man who seemed interested. We had a great discussion with him about God’s word and being able to know the validity of it. He told us he wasn’t sure what to think about what we were saying and he’s going to have to ask someone else for their opinion. I told him that if he is looking to know the validity of scripture then the person he should ask is our Heavenly Father. He knows the answers and if you are willing to ask in faith I can promise you He will answer. I can promise that I know that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ because I’ve prayed to know and I’ve been answered. Just as the Bible does, the Book of Mormon contains the word of God. If you want to know then you can pray for yourself. If you are afraid to pray, is that because you’re afraid of the answer you will receive? The Lord’s church is on the earth one again in its fullness. What a blessing that it for each of us!
We were able to teach a lesson in a members home to three people who are interested in learning more. The lesson went really well and I’m excited to get back over and talk with them again! We should be seeing them Friday! We visited with the Hearns right before their super bowl party began so we got to have some intense barbeque and try some fried oysters and other sea creatures. Honestly I’m not totally positive about what everything that I ate there was!
All in all it has been a fabulous week! I’m loving my mission, I’m loving my new companion and I’m so very grateful that I get to have this opportunity of being a full time missionary and serving the Lord!
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 mjm


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