February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014awesome old bible
I must begin by saying that the Lord is in this work! I do not believe it, but I can testify that I know it! This is Christ church on the earth today. Miracles are happening every which way I turn and I could not feel more blessed to get to witness, and be a part of them 🙂 We are teaching some wonderful people and I feel so very grateful that the Lord is trusting Sister Totterer and I with this wonderful work.

wonderful Slidell Eldersmissionaries at play
Monday we went to the park with the Elders and just had a grand old time 🙂 It’s so nice to get to just have a good time with friends and enjoy God’s creations!
Tuesday we went and visited with a woman that was in the hospital and had just had a beautiful little baby boy. The tiny little guy was literally hours old when we came in to visit with her. He weighed no more than 4 ½ pounds with a full head of hair and he was sleeping like a little angel. eli whittier(this is my cousins son, Eli) It was crazy to think that just hours previous he was preparing to begin his life on earth. I got to think about what it must be like for Heavenly Father as He sends His children down here to gain their experiences. He knows what kind of things they will encounter. He knows what kind of home He is sending them to. My heart broke to think of how He must feel as He sends His children down to circumstances where they will not be loved and cherished like they should be. I’m sure there were many different discussions about what we would face. Some of His children were eager to come down and begin, proving that they were strong enough. Some were ready for the challenge, but I’m sure nervous and I think others were terrified, but they knew that it would be for their good. The need to continue progressing was so great that we all chose to come down here. Looking in that little sleeping baby’s face, I saw a young man that was ready and willing. The eager youth that the Lord loved so much and was now entrusting to this mothers care. How it must break His heart when children go to homes where their true worth is not realized. They are just a toy, or a burden to some. These are the divine sons and daughters of God, and heir to His kingdom. He trusts us with His greatest treasures! The role of mother and father is so incredibly important! I know it must sound silly coming from a young woman that has yet to have children, but I can testify that God is so very aware of every single one of His children. Never doubt that!
Wednesday we met with a young lady who wants to make some major changes in her life and is looking for a church! We spoke with her for a while and she is excited to learn more about the gospel! We are super excited to get to teach her more! At our dinner appointment we visited with a wonderful woman and her 96 year old father. He is such a sweetheart, but can’t really hear anything. As we were leaving he was telling the Elders, “It was nice visiting with you,” I went to shake his hand and in that cute little voice he said, “Especially you.” That just made my day 🙂 It’s the little things that matter most. In our Book of Mormon class one of the members shared his conversion story with everyone. We were discussing overcoming trials and how the Lord will help us in ALL things. The member shared his experience when he was investigating the church. The missionaries had taught him The Word of Wisdom and had committed him to stop drinking and smoking. He said he had tried many times, but had never succeeded. This man was in his 40’s at the time and had been smoking since he was a teenager. He, however, had faith that the Lord would help him. That night he threw away his cigarettes and knelt in earnest prayer, asking God to take away this addiction from him. He said that when he woke up the next morning the craving wasn’t there and it has never come back in the years since (he is in his mid 50’s now). Never underestimate the power of the Lord. Miracles are happening everyday 🙂
Thursday Sister Newman came and went on exchanges with me. It was such a blessing to get to go out with this wonderful sister and learn from her 🙂 During our exchange we went by and visited with one of our investigators that was planning on coming to church on Sunday. She has three beautiful little girls that I just love to pieces! While we were giving the lesson the 3 year old walked over to Sister Newman, who was in the middle of reading a scripture, and just loving placed her hand on Sister Newman’s shoulder and looked down at the Lord’s words that were being read aloud. She just stood there trying to let Sister Newman know how much she loved her without using any words at all. Children are so incredibly wonderful! It’s no wonder that we are to become as little children 🙂 The pure love of Christ was contained right there inside that little angel 🙂
Saturday we went and did quite a few hours of door knocking, which always equals lots of adventures. As we were walking we stopped to talk with a man that was in his front yard with his grandson. We talked with him for quite a while and expressed the amazing message of the gospel that we have to share with others 🙂 I then told him that if he was willing to ask God and truly seek for an answer then he would come to know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and the Lord’s church is again established on the earth today. He answered, “Well I’m not willing.” As we walked away from him I thought, What?! Not willing?! Why ever not!? You don’t want to know for yourself? Are you afraid to ask? What is the worst that could happen? The most frustrating part of missionary work is knowing that what you are sharing with people is so incredibly true and could truly change their life for the better. But then the people are not willing. Unwilling to ask God. Unwilling to learn for themselves. Unwilling to know the truth. I honestly don’t fully understand why people refuse to learn such an incredible message and every time people turn us away it doesn’t hurt because someone said no to me, it hurts because I know what they are missing out on. This gospel is such an incredible blessing in our lives! Take the chance to ask for yourself! I can promise you that if you ask with a real desire to learn then the Lord will answer your prayers! He has PROMISED that He will (Moroni 10:3-5) and God always keeps his promise D&C 82:10.
We had Zone Conference on Monday and learned bunches and bunches! I love when we get to hear from President McDonough and our other leaders! Sister McDonough said something that I absolutely love! “Missionaries are blessed with courage.” I think that not only pertains to the full time missionaries, but also to our member missionaries. If we pray for missionary experiences then the Lord will give us both the opportunity to share and the courage to invite! This work is such a wonderful and powerful thing! Don’t be afraid to get involved 🙂

I love you and the gospel is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂
P.S. Alma 13:21-25 & 27-29

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February 17, 2014

smiling sistersSo last week on P-Day we played volleyball in the rain which was so much fun! Then we went and visited with an investigator that we had previously stopped visiting with because things in her life had gotten a little crazy. When we went and visited with her this time it was like talking to a completely different person. She is ready to learn and willing to change to make her home a place of peace and safety for her family! It is so incredible to get to see the changes that occur in people’s lives as they let the Savior in and learn of the fullness of his gospel. swamp2
Tuesday we went tracting and found ourselves in the swamp land. The first door we went up to had a chicken flying everywhere. My companion is terrified of birds so that was pretty hilarious! Then there was this crazy old blind and mostly deaf dog that barked every 5 seconds or so. I totally expected a man to come out cussing up a storm and wielding a loaded shot gun, but no one answered. In the swamp, a stone’s throw away from the house, there was an old house that was slowly sinking into the swap. It was just the kind of thing you would expect to see in a movie. I expected alligators to come climbing out of the water at any moment!
Wednesday was Elder Henrikson’s birthday! We had lunch at the church together and had a grand old time whipping up eggs, frying hash browns, and making yummy waffles. Later we had a great lesson with Fletcher, the kid that was baptized not too long ago, and is now a member in our ward. It went super well!
Thursday started out pretty interesting. We went and did some service at a members house and then from there we ran to Maria’s for lunch. Only problem with that was that I had forgotten my shoes! I had to wear my white and pink tennis shoes with my black shirt and red and orange skirt. Talk about a walk of shame :/ Hopefully I never have to do that again! We ran home so I could change and then we went and visited with a less active member. Her house was dark and she had such a soothing voice that it was all Sister Totterer and I could do to keep from falling asleep! Then we headed out to tract for a little while. We hadn’t found anyone that was interested in learning about Christ’s true church on the earth today and as we were heading back to the car we called a hello over to a woman that was just coming out of her house. Sister Totterer complimented her outfit and with that the ice was broken. She is from England and has the cutest little accent! We were able to chat with her for a couple of minutes and we have every intention of going back and visiting with her again 🙂 Interviews with our mission President were that night so we had to cut the conversation short because we were already late to pick up the Elders. Interviews were fabulous! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful person to lead our mission 🙂 Talking with him it looks like there is about a 50% chance that I will stay in Slidell again with these next transfers. That would be totally fabulous because I love getting to see the work that is getting done here! Sister Totterer is such a hard worker and so ready to bring the Good Word of God to all that will listen! It’s Awesome 🙂heart pancakesheart and shoes
Friday we were able to meet with a very sweet couple. We talked with them for a little while and they told us all about Mardi Gras and the craziness of New Orleans. Someday I’d love to go there but definitely not during Mardi Gras season. It just sounds like far too big of a party place for my liking. It is super fun to get to be near there for Mardi Gras. There are parades here in Slidell every weekend, and everyone has Mardi Gras wreaths hanging from the doors. The entire town has been covered with gold, green and purple! This part of the country always has something to celebrate. We had dinner with the sweet little sister who has the incredible rock collection. Her house is full of beautiful antiques and at dinner she told us all sorts of stories about the different pieces of furniture that she owns. She is a fabulous story teller and I could honestly just listen to her, completely spellbound for hours 🙂 It is always such a joy to be at her house.
Saturday was a pretty incredible day. We went out tracting and met a young man that was very interested in our message. Right there on the doorstep we taught a lesson about the restoration of Christ’s gospel. The young man just took it all in and said that it all really made sense to him. It was incredible and the spirit was there so strong. We will be meeting with him later on today and I’m super excited! The Lord truly does prepare His children to hear His truths! Later we went and visited a woman that Sister Rigby and I had found while tracting but hadn’t been able to set up a time to meet with her again. We were in the area so we decided we would just drop by and see if she was home. I didn’t have the address with me and it had been at least a month since we tracted her street. I wasn’t positive of the house, but the one I thought looked most familiar we went and tried. A woman opened the door and she said come on in with a smile on her face. Yay, it was the right house! We were able to sit down with her and have a great discussion about Christ’s church and how she can come to know things are true through revelation from God. It was all so wonderful and the spirit was definitely there teaching that lesson 🙂 We ended our night by going and visiting with an elderly woman in our ward who lives alone. When we got there she exclaimed how happy she was that we had come by to see her. Then she talked with us and told us wonderful stories about her life. Sometimes all a person needs is to be listened to. The simple act of listening can chase away the gloomy and overpowering feelings of loneliness. Listening lets others know that you care and are willing to give them that time that they need. Everyone needs to be heard. While we were there we noticed that her curtains needed fixing where a rod had broken, so we were able to help her with her drapes. She could not have been more thrilled 🙂 Small acts of kindness can be all it takes to completely brighten a person’s day 🙂 So many wonderful experiences that day!
Sunday… church was great 🙂 We went out to visit with a referral after church and it was totally awesome! These people are like the ones in a missionaries fairytale. They are a sweet couple and both of them are working on their PHD in religion. They were interested in the Mormons because in their studies none of their classes spent really anytime on our beliefs. They have always been so impressed with the way Latter-Day Saints carry themselves and they have been yearning to learn more about our church but never knew where to look! We will be meeting with them on Wednesday and I can’t wait!!!
I am all out of time for today 😦
I love you and the gospels true!!!
Sister Mignonne Rogers valentines dinner sis. werbsaddest note ever A sad note we received at a cancelled appointment:( We don’t want to replace anyone’s bible – just provide ANOTHER witness of our Lord, Jesus Christ

February 10, 2014

Hey there 🙂IMG_4011[1]

What a crazy fun week!

So many stories to share so I’ll just try and focus on one good one from each day or so-

Monday we went and had dinner with a sweet family. It was me and my companion, the three car Elders (Adams, Benge, and Henrikson) and the wife that is a member, her husband, his brother that lives with them (who just was baptized!) and then the couple’s two little kids ages 5 and 3. When we got there the two little kids went to show me some of their toys in their room. I found myself a sword and the little, boy age 5, found a shield for me. What ensued was one of the most epic battles known to mankind. We started dueling, but then I ran out of the room into the front room, where we got the Elders involved. They all found weapons and everything got super intense lol. Our battle had fire breathing dragons, witches, Darth Vader, magic, giant robots, and just about everything else a child’s imagination feels like throwing into the fun. My sword fighting battles as a child really came in handy and the only person that was able to defeat me was the 5 year old Darth Vader! It was super fun and hilarious! I really love that family!!! For the spiritual thought afterwards we shared the story of the 2000 stripling warriors and the faith and courage they possessed. We also talked about putting on the full armor of God from Ephesians 🙂 It was a fabulous dinner appointment 🙂
Tuesday we went and visited the woman with the devil cat. (This is a real picture of it!) We called ahead to ask her to please makes sure it was locked up. When we got there I reaffirmed with her that the cat was in fact put away. She said it was and not one minute later I see the cat outside glaring in at us. She didn’t put it away! It was outside! I was completely distracted by the cat and the thought that at any moment someone could open the door and we’d all be goners. Sister Totterer didn’t know to be afraid of the cat so she chatted it up with the owner while I kept my attentions fixed on the psycho animal. As we were sitting there, the woman’s son went to go outside and as he opened the door the creature came sprinting inside. You better believe it took me less than 5 seconds to jump up, grab my bag and dart into a back room slamming the door shut behind me! After the son grabbed the cat and finally locked it up in a room then I ventured out of my hiding spot. Sister Totterer was dying on the couch with laughter. When I ran into the back room she pulled her feet up on her chair because she didn’t know what else to do. She said that the cat ran in and then stopped in a crouch searching for me!!! That cat is absolutely psycho!!!

Wednesday we went and worked at the storehouse for a good while. While we were there I dropped a stack of boxes on my knee where a nice heart shaped bruise has now formed. I was so sore the next day it was crazy! We had dinner with a nice family and taught our Book of Mormon class so it wasn’t too eventful.
Thursday we went tracting (door knocking) in the sleet which was pretty intense. We also went and tried to meet some of our less active members. We were able to get into the house of one of them. She is very sweet and has an incredible testimony. She said we are welcome back anytime 🙂 If it wasn’t for the fact that she hasn’t been to church in years I would say she is an incredibly strong member. She was offended by members on more than one occasion and finally she had just had enough. Now for years she has been denying herself and the members of her ward so many blessings. She would be such an asset if she would just be willing to come back. It is so important to remember that this is the Lord’s church. Yes, it is made up of imperfect people. Elder Uchdorf said that we are all hypocrites and he is so very correct, but THIS IS THE LORD’S CHURCH. The Lord is in this work and as soon as we forget that we lose sight of what is really important and why we go to church at all. We go to partake of the sacrament. We go to lift our brothers and sisters and be strengthened through their testimonies. We go to worship our God. Church is so important. Don’t ever let yourself be so offended that you then deny blessings for yourself and those you love. It is selfish and harmful. We have all been given so much to share and to learn from others. Don’t ever let yourself stop seeing that. Yes we are imperfect, but God helps to make weak things become strong.

Friday was wonderful. We got to go visit a couple that are just the sweetest people you will ever meet. He has ALS and she is incredibly devoted to him 🙂 We came and sang them a hymn and then listened to the wife talk about how blessed she is to be married to such a wonderful man, the entire time he was just gazing at her with such love. He is an incredible man and I have yet to meet one person that has anything but the utmost respect for him. She is just an angel. I am so grateful that I have been blessed to get to serve in this wonderful town and meet such amazing people. My mission is truly teaching me so very much. You don’t need the world in order to be happy. Happiness comes through gratitude and faith in Christ. The wife said that she hasn’t heard her husband’s voice in years but she doesn’t have to. All he needs to do is give her “that look,” and she know he loves her. She is grateful she still gets to enjoy being with him every day. Happiness is a simple things. People try and make it so complex, but really it is all dependent on your faith and willingness to listen to the Lord. That couple has shown me that you can be happy in any situation. What a blessing they are to all those who know them.

Saturday was interesting. While tracting we talked with a man named David. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he listened to us all the way through. Then he said, “I just don’t know about that whole Joseph Smith thing.” I then asked him if he believed in the Old Testament. That book has some pretty incredible things that happen in it! Sea’s are parted, God speaks to a man through a burning bush, a woman is turned into a pillar of salt, a man is eaten by a whale and then spat up again, and the list goes on and on of incredible things that God was able to do. If you can believe those wonderful miracles from God then why on earth would He not still have miracles like that happening today? People are so funny. They try to limit God. He is still all powerful. He still works mighty miracles in this day and time. Whether we choose to see them or not is our own choice. The man’s response to my question was that he isn’t sure what he thinks about the Old Testament and he is currently in the process of rewriting his own version of it. What? Since when was it okay to just rewrite your own version of God’s word? That is the most epic form of plagiarism that I have ever heard of! People these day… anything goes I guess…

Sunday a young man gave a very good talk about faith. He said, “I know everyone in this room believes IN GOD, but do we BELIEVE GOD?” What an interesting thought. He went on to explain that it is easy to believe and trust the Lord when things are going our way, but as things get difficult we have to have faith that God is in charge and aware of our situation. He told a story of a man that asked a general authority to give him a blessing after he came down with cancer soon after getting married. The authority came and sat and talked with the young man for a while. Then before giving the blessing he asked him, “Do you have faith not to be healed?” The young man was confused and the authority went on to explain that if it was the will of the Lord to not have him recover, could the young man understand that it was all in the Lord’s control and what was going to happen was how it was supposed to be. Could he trust the Lord to have faith in what His will was going to be? That would truly take incredible faith and I will strive to gain that faith in my own life. God has been so very good to me and I know that He is in charge and always watching over me and all of His children 🙂

My tracting epiphany- While tracting this past week it struck me that we are engaged in the very same work that Christ was doing. He came to a people that thought they already had the truth. In reality they were grasping on to the shreds of the Law of Moses. They had some truth but were missing key things that would help them far more than they even knew. Some were willing to listen to him and others thought, we have the Law of Moses, why should we listen to a carpenter from a little town? Here in the south these people believe they have been saved. They are hanging on to the bible and they have many truths, but they have also lost truths. We are here to show them that yes, they have many good things, but we have the fullness of the Gospel. Just like with Jesus, these people think that they have it all, but they are missing very basic principles. Christ worked on bringing the people back to the basics and then building upon that, and that is exactly what we do as well 🙂 What a wonderful work to be involved in! As doors are slammed in our face, we can take comfort knowing that we are literally going about the Lord’s work. The exact work that he was doing, just 2000 years later! How neat is that!

I love you and the gospels true!

Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂

P.S. Mosiah 18:8-10

If you don’t have an e Book of Mormon then go get one (download free at http://www.mormon.org and http://www.lds.org) so you can read the scriptures that I share 🙂 They are all wonderful and all a gift from the Lord our God 🙂
This is a Book of Mormon printed in 1879. Owned by a descendant of Joseph Smith. IMG_4015[1]IMG_4014[1]My new bike!!IMG_4028[1]

February 3, 2014

An out of the ordinary week………..oh no ice
So we were supposed to have transfers on Tuesday, but there was an ice storm! If you don’t know, Mississippi and Louisiana have a lot of bridges to get across the swamps, so an ice storm means miles of bridges covered in black ice. Less than fabulous if you ask me. Transfers were postponed until Thursday and Tuesday we got stuck sitting in our apartment ALL day. Now it doesn’t matter how fun your companion is, or how creative you are, that is just boring as a missionary. We don’t have tv, games, computers or most of the modern age things that keep normal people occupied for hours on end. So to entertain ourselves we created our own photo shoot station. For a back drop we used my bed cover and we precariously stacked chairs to make a stand for my camera lol It was a party and a half! If nothing else, we got some good laughs out of the whole process 🙂party
Wednesday we had to get out of the house or else too much craziness was going to happen so we went and worked in the bishop’s storehouse. Towards evening the decision was made to head to Gulfport (Our transfer point) that night, because they were talking about shutting down the high way due to ice and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it up there the next morning. SO off to Gulfport we went and had a fun sleepover with Sisters Pamenter, Ridge and Cole.
Thursday we all hung out at the stake center while waiting for the transfer van to come down and bring our new companions. It was definitely hard to see Sister Rigby go and there were a few tears shed on my part 😦 She is going to rock her next area though, so I’m super excited for her! We played games and goofed off. I even learned how to properly shoot a hoop! I’m still absolutely terrible at basketball though lol And then, finally, my new companion arrived on the Transfer Van…sister totter
She is AWESOME!!! Her name is Sister Totterer and she is a super hard worker 🙂 She loves her mission and she is a boss missionary! I’m excited for all the fabulous work we will do here in Slidell. My previous fabulous companion was replaced by someone that is equally as awesome! She is from Farmington Utah and she has been out on her mission for just about a year 🙂Elders Benge Henrickson Adam and Sisters Parsons Helms Totterer and me
Once she arrived we all headed to the beach to grab some fun pictures (we can’t get in the water but we can appreciate the beautiful view 🙂 We headed home to Slidell and enjoyed dinner with a member before finally heading home!sister totterer
Friday we got out and did some fabulous work! Introduced Sister Totterer to lots of different ward members. Tracted a little. Ended the night at the Trampp’s house for dinner. That family is so great! They are one of those where you walk into the house and you can just feel the love and you feel at home 🙂 We got to join them in some silly little skits and it was totally hilarious!skits
Saturday we had a few different adventures! We went tracting and saw a massive dog! One door we knocked had a no soliciting sign on the door. When the lady opened she said, “Did you read the sign?” With a smile on her face my companion said, “Yes, but we aren’t solicitors we are missionaries from-” the woman cut her off, “Same thing!” as she slammed the door on our face. That woman needs a hug and to be reminded that we are all children of God and deserve to be treated as such… but I’m not volunteering to go knock on her door again. One house had a good sized dog that was barking up a storm from behind the screen door. I was kind of feeling like we should just skip that house but Sister Totterer started up the walk with a smile on her face. She is always smiling 🙂 The woman let us right in and talked with us for a good twenty-five minutes. We never get let in, so it was awesome that she let us in 🙂 Her name was Miss Dotty and she was just adorable. She also has a memory problem. She must have asked us where we were from at least 6 times. She also kept stopping and saying, “You girls look happy, you must really love what you’re doing. Do you love what you’re doing?” She must have said it 15 times! I’m grateful that was most prevalent in her mind 🙂 I really do love what I’m doing! It makes me so very happy! Sharing the gospel with God’s children and helping to enrich peoples’ lives is such an incredible thing to be a part of 🙂 We got to end our evening at Sister Werb’s house and she invited us to stay for dinner 🙂 I could never pass up one of Sister Werb’s dinners, she is such a fantastic cook! We got to chat with her and her son for quite a while and it was great 🙂 snakes
Sunday Sister Totterer was introduced to lots of people. Great news!!!! The ward has a missionary plan that they shared with the axillaries!!! The work is moving here!!! It is wonderful 🙂 We went tracting and met a man who seemed interested. We had a great discussion with him about God’s word and being able to know the validity of it. He told us he wasn’t sure what to think about what we were saying and he’s going to have to ask someone else for their opinion. I told him that if he is looking to know the validity of scripture then the person he should ask is our Heavenly Father. He knows the answers and if you are willing to ask in faith I can promise you He will answer. I can promise that I know that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ because I’ve prayed to know and I’ve been answered. Just as the Bible does, the Book of Mormon contains the word of God. If you want to know then you can pray for yourself. If you are afraid to pray, is that because you’re afraid of the answer you will receive? The Lord’s church is on the earth one again in its fullness. What a blessing that it for each of us!
We were able to teach a lesson in a members home to three people who are interested in learning more. The lesson went really well and I’m excited to get back over and talk with them again! We should be seeing them Friday! We visited with the Hearns right before their super bowl party began so we got to have some intense barbeque and try some fried oysters and other sea creatures. Honestly I’m not totally positive about what everything that I ate there was!
All in all it has been a fabulous week! I’m loving my mission, I’m loving my new companion and I’m so very grateful that I get to have this opportunity of being a full time missionary and serving the Lord!
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 mjm