January 21, 2014

Another intense week in the mission field
Slidell Memorial Hospital –mask
Monday we had our new missionary training meeting. It was interesting to get to hear how all the other newer missionaries are doing and what they are loving and possibly struggling with. As we were heading home from the meeting we got a call from a member in our ward letting us know that Sister Garcia (the woman we have been visiting in the assisted living center) was in the hospital. When we had tried to visit her last Saturday she wasn’t in her room and a nurse told us that she wasn’t positive but she thought she might be in the hospital. The member informed us that she had been put on a ventilator and wasn’t expected to make it much longer. We hurried over and visited with the family and were able to see Sister Garcia but she was asleep and we didn’t want to wake her. On Wednesday we were able to go visit with her one final time. Her children aren’t members of our church, but they were very kind to us as we visited with them. We asked if we could share a hymn with them before we left, and they said that would be fine. We had prepared Nearer My God to Thee. The song was able to bring the spirit so strongly into the room and I think bring some peace and comfort to the family. Sister Garcia passed away Thursday morning at 1 in the morning. She is now with her husband in heaven. She would talk to us about how much she missed him every time we went to visit her. She told us once that her husband and she never went to bed angry. They had plenty of fights, but before they went to bed they always had to tell each other, “I love you,” and give a kiss. They were married for 70 years! That is a true love story 🙂
We spent quite a few hours in the hospital this past week. We went to visit a brother in our ward that was in the hospital with pneumonia. We had to put on a mask in order to go in and visit with him. He is a temple worker and so he spoke with us for quite a while about the importance of genealogy and family history. He has some very spiritual stories from the temple and also from genealogy work. We had an opportunity to go back again while he was in the hospital because he needed two Book of Mormons. He was sharing the gospel with his nurses! There is never a bad place to share the Restored Gospel with the people we are around. He was sick in the hospital and he was still being an amazing missionary and such a wonderful example to all those who spoke with him 🙂
Being a missionary is a wonderful thing but it can also be challenging. We have the amazing opportunity to be involved in so many people’s lives. We get to see their triumphs and their challenges. In the month or so that we knew Sister Garcia we grew to love her so very much and she will be greatly missed. We attended the stillborns memorial a few weeks back. I didn’t even know the family and my heart was breaking for that poor mother. This upcoming Saturday we will be attending yet another funeral for a woman that used to live in the area. She was elder and it was her time to go, but we will be attending the funeral with people who have no understanding of the plan of Salvation. We see families we love being torn apart from stupid decisions that are made without thinking. People tell us of their struggles and desires and the only thing we can do is listen. Then if they are willing we can help lead them towards Christ, but they have to take those steps. There is so much pain and grief in the world, but it truly is such a comfort knowing that Christ understands it all. When I feel at a loss for understanding, I can always turn upward and know that I will be heard.
The gospel brings so much peace and comfort into our lives. I’m so very grateful for the knowledge that I have and the opportunity I have to share it with those around me. My brothers and sisters, God’s children 🙂 We truly are so blessed to have the fullness of the gospel here on the earth once again. We should never take that incredible gift for granted.
BIG YAY!!!-fletcher2
We had a very exciting thing happen this week… Fletcher was baptized this past Saturday and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Sunday the 19 of January! We couldn’t be more excited for him! When he got to the church for the baptism he expressed, “I’m so excited that I’m nervous.” After the baptism he told us that he felt different and he couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear 🙂 So happy for that kid and the awesome choices that he’s making! When we first started teaching him we had to do the stop smoking workshop with him. When we sat down to give him the stuff for the workshop he didn’t seem to terribly enthused. Sister Rigby explained what we would be going over with him and he didn’t really answer her. I asked, “Yay?” and he responded, “little yay.” I told him, “No! This needs to be a BIG YAY!” and now that is our running joke between Fletcher, his girlfriend Dria, and Sister Rigby and I 🙂 So Fletcher get a BIG YAY for all of the wonderful decisions he is making 🙂
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂eldersisterfletchermailboxtraining misswamp


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