January 14, 2014

Hello friends 🙂

This week is full of stories. I’ll start with my personal favorite…

cubby-little-devil-cat--large-msg-119654137204 The devil cat…

So I was attacked by a cat on Tuesday. We were over visiting a woman in our ward and when we got there her cat was outside. As we sat talking the cat started scratching at the door to be let in. I went to let it in and it jumped through the door and then turned around and glared at me. As I started walking back to my seat the stupid thing rammed into the back of my legs, but then the dog started chasing it around the house so the cat was too distracted to be mad at us. Suddenly the cat came sprinting for the couch we were sitting on. The sister we were visiting said it won’t jump on the couch just as I yelled, “Crazy cat!” and the animal sprang onto the back of the couch. It sat on the back just glaring at me and my companion. I whispered to Sister Rigby that I was afraid it might attack our faces. The Sister told us that the cat was mean and she reached out her hand to prove it to us. The cat swiped at her hand leaving a long scratch down the side of her hand. This made the Sister angry so she grabbed a glove and Rigby and I jumped off the coach as she grabbed the cat and carried it screaming to another room of the house. After a while the lady wanted to show us something that was in the cats room. She went and grabbed the cat and held it so she could show us. The cat was growing and hissing the entire time! AS we left the room the Sister threw the cat on the bed and as she was going to shut the door the cat sprinted out the door and launched itself onto my foot! It bit down on my ankle and started to scratch me with all four paws. I had no idea what to do! I didn’t want to kick the thing because I was afraid I’d kill the lady’s cat! She then kicked the cat off from me and the cat turned around and tried to attack me again but the lady was able to kick the animal into the room and slam the door shut before it could attack me again. The woman felt so horrible, so I didn’t want her to know how bad my foot was. I kept it hidden behind me the rest of our time at her house and then one we got in the car I was able to take a good look at it. 19 punctures from that darn cat and my foot was a bloody mess. We headed home so I could clean it up and then we headed back out.

The cat story continues…

We had asked the lady who has the evil cat how we could help her when we had visited with her on Tuesday and she had asked if we could come back and help her clean her house. We, of course, said we would love to and we scheduled to come back on Friday morning. When we got there we asked where the cat was and the lady told us that the cat was outside and we shouldn’t worry because it would be out there all day. Just as she was saying this Sister Rigby saw out of the corner of her eye something moving outside. From about a football field away she saw the cat jump up onto a fence and start making its way towards us as quickly as possible. I think the cat had seen us through the window. The cat was very quickly scaling fences and springing across yards towards us. The Sister had a window open to allow the cat and dog to go in and out of the house as she pleased. Rigby and I started yelling to close the window. The lady just said ,”The cat will stay outside all day, she never comes in,” and Rigby and I started running to a back room so we could shut ourselves behind the security of a door. Just as the cat came sprinting to the window the woman finally realized that the cat was coming in and she slammed the window shut. As we cleaned her house the cat just stood at the window watching us. I’ve never seen an angrier looking cat! As we moved from room to room the cat followed us so it could always see us clearly through any window. It was terrifying! When it was finally time to leave we had the lady go get the cat and put it in a room so we could make it safely out to the car. I found this picture on the internet and this is exactly how the cat was glaring at us through the window the entire 2 ½ hours we were there. Creepy!  sis feetfeet soak

The Parrot…

Thursday when we went to have lunch with Maria the Guatemalan lady, she wanted us to help her take down her Christmas tree. Happily we agreed and began helping her. As we worked on cleaning it up her parrot came out from the back room and watched us. It is an African Gray so not the littlest bird. I kept my eye on it because it was acting funny. Suddenly the bird put down its head fluffed up its feathers and started charging at me! I screamed and ran right out the front door practically crying! I think the cat attack might have traumatized me because typically I never would act that way. You have to understand that Sister Missionaries were skirts and flats. As far as animal protection we have none! Pretty much this has not been the best week for me and animals :/ Which is strange because I love animals, they just hated me these past few days :/

Time to switch gears… While we were out tracting this week we met a young woman that seems very interested in the gospel we are supposed to come back and see her later this week 🙂

Saturday and Sunday was stake conference and we had Elder Giddons there from the seventy. I share an analogy he gave. The story comes from his own experiences…

There was a man who found an old used cabinet for sale. He had just enough money to purchase it so he did and then brought it home to his wife. The cabinet was covered in an old green paint, but they knew that if they could get through the first layer than it would look at least decent for their home. The husband got out the materials and then went out to begin working on the cabinet. He looked and looked at it and then went back inside. A few days later he went out and looked at it again and after some time went back inside. After the third time of doing this his wife finally said, “Fine I’ll do it.” She went out and began scrapping away the green paint. As she finished removing the paint she was disheartened to find another layer of paint. She set to it and after removing that layer she found yet another layer. After that layer was done she found another layer, and then another. Her husband suggested that they just throw that one away and get a new one that would take less work, but by this time she was determined to get to the bottom of all of that paint. After five layers of paint and many hours of hard work she finally made it through the paint! After applying the finish she stood back with her husband to admire the beautiful cabinet she had discovered. Now that cabinet sits inside their home and as people enter they come in and look straight into the heart were all of the family treasures are found. The Lord is much like the wife in this story. Though many might not be able to see out true potential the lord is willing to work with us to polish us. Through his help people will be able to look right into our hearts and see the treasures he has placed within.

I love you all very much and I hope you work hard to see the good in all the people around you. Even the most frustrating people we know are still children of God and he loves them. He’s wants us to try our best to love them as well and seek to see the treasures that are hidden within 🙂

I Love you and the gospels true!

Sister Mignonne Rogers 🙂 awesome


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