December 17, 2013

So transfers have come again and I’m staying here in Slidell Louisiana with Sister Rigby  We are excited for another transfer together! Our district will be changing a little so we will get to meet a few new missionaries 
We were able to go out one night caroling with all four elders 
We caroled for 4 different families and it was a truly great experience. The second home we went to had a bunch of noisy kids inside the house when we got to the door. We knocked and then started to sing. By the time we’d started our second song all the kids were gathered around the door listening quietly  The spirit was there as we finished and the elders were able to set up a return appointment with the family for later in the week.
The last home we caroled for, was that of a man who is completely paralyzed except for his eyes. He is able to speak very slowly by using his eyes as a mouse on a computer screen and selecting words and letters from the screen. Then the computer speaks for him. His wife is a total sweetheart and she is completely dedicated to him. We were able to sing 3 hymns for them and at the end the spirit was so strong. They both thanked us quite a few times  I’m so grateful for the people we get to meet out here and the service we are privileged enough to give. God is good  I feel like I am learning far more than I am teaching anyone. Being a missionary doesn’t mean giving away a year and half of your life to serve the Lord. What it really is, if taken the right way, is the Lord giving you a year and a half to learn and grown so much! It is truly a gift to us and not a service we render.
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers unnamed (36)


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