December 11, 2013

This week has been awfully full and exciting!!! It started with our Christmas Zone Conference on Monday. Sister Rigby and I had the opportunity to sing one of the special musical numbers. The other musical number was done by Elder White. The conference was absolutely wonderful and gave us quite a bit to think about. We also had the opportunity to go help a new family to the ward move in. Our meeting didn’t end until 6 and the people needed help moving in at about 6:30. So we grabbed food at a drive through and ended up helping unload the truck in our dresses lol
We ended up having a second Zone conference this week! On Saturday Elder Zwick of the quorum of the 70, came to speak to us. It was kind of a last minute thing, since he had found that he had a little open time in his schedule. Thursday evening we got a text asking if I’d be willing to sing a duet with Elder White on Saturday at the conference. We only had an hour before the meeting began to run through everything we wanted to do with the piece before it began. I know that the Lord helped us put that song together. We were able to present it without any hiccups and it totally invited the spirit into the meeting 
Elder Zwick was a totally power house of energy. He spoke with us from 1-6 and then to the leadership members of two different stakes for another 2 hours!!! The entire time he kept the same, “we can do it!” attitude. He spoke with us about the hastening of the work of salvation. He also spoke quite a bit about building a sure foundation while we are out here on a mission so that we can maintain high standards and strong faith, once we find ourselves once again in the world. He said, “A sure foundation will last you through this life and beyond.” I had never thought of it that way. We are making a strong base to carry us through eternity  He also talked about the worthiness issue with so many young men. He made it a point to plead with the sisters to be careful as we look for our husband after our mission. Pornography is destroying so many, it’s scary 
Yesterday we had a very cool experience. There was a woman who had invited to her home to help her decorate her Christmas tree on Friday. When we arrived she wasn’t there and she wasn’t answering our phone calls. On Sunday she didn’t show up to church. Sister Rigby and I started feeling a little concerned about her so we decided to drop by after church just to make sure everything was alright. We drove past her home and saw that her car was there so we assumed everything was alright. We didn’t want to bother her since we hadn’t let her know we were coming by so we started to leave. Then we changed our minds and came back to her house. She lives alone and was so grateful that we had thought to stop by and check on her. She loves the missionaries so much, but she hasn’t had the opportunity to really grow close to any of us that are serving around her. I’m so grateful we listened to the spirit and went back. Before we left she asked us to sing her a song. Sister Rigby and I sang Silent Night and at the end the spirit was so strong in the room  She was crying and I wanted to give her a hug and let her know that she is loved.
I’m so grateful that God gives us the opportunity to be his helping hand. He could come down here and do everything himself, but he loves us enough to give us the opportunity to help one another. Through our service to our fellow man we are given the ability to grow closer to our God and better understand the love that he has for us. We are so very blessed to know this  As it is the season of giving don’t forget that a kind word and a warm heart can heal and lift better than anything wrapped in paper and ribbon. Christ our Savior was willing to give us His life. What are we willing to give?
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers unnamed (33)unnamed (34)


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