December 4, 2013

“This past week was lovely! We got to have Thanksgiving dinner at a member’s home, which was absolutely fabulous! She made us all kinds of delicious food and afterwards talked to us for about 1 to 2 hours all about her incredible semi-precious and precious stones collection. It was very interesting, and I totally love that sweet little lady 
It rained quite a bit again this past week which again made tracting (knocking on doors) a little more difficult, but we did the best we could with what we had. It can be kind of funny sometimes though, because you ask people how they are doing and they answer with “I’m not interested.” I guess they forget how to be friendly when they see us coming. We are encouraged to tract about 7 hours a week. We will keep going along and trust that the Lord will bless us for our efforts 
Yesterday was our Zone Christmas Devotional and it was simply awesome  Since I’ve been out here for two transfers that means that there is the group I came out with and one other one that is younger than us. I decided to try and focus on the new people, because I had really wished that someone would have done that for me when I got out here. I ended up having such a great time talking with the new people and even a few of the older missionaries as well. I made myself get outside my shy box and I had a blast. I’m grateful for the missionaries that I get to serve next to  For later reference, I am also afraid of new situations and new people, but I know that reaching out instead of closing in is the only way to be happy. Focusing on the people around you instead of how awkward you feel can really make an uncomfortable situation very enjoyable  Keep that in mind the next time you feel awkward or out of place 
Speaking of looking to help others, Sister McDonough (the mission president’s wife) talked about that yesterday at the meeting. She expressed that once we have gotten ready in the morning we need to turn ourselves off and start thinking about others. She went on to explain that “stress is associated with self focus, so self focus can really be destructive.” Looking back at anything that I have gone through that really stressed me out I was definitely thinking more of myself than of those around me. Just focus on those you love and the Lord will help you to love yourself 
One of our Elders is leaving this next transfer and he bore a beautiful testimony. He talked about how his mission has effect him and the harder we work the more we will have our eyes opened to the love Heavenly Father has for his children. I know that finding that love will help us to know how we can better serve those we are around 
I love getting to serve those around me and seeing the light of Christ come to those we work with. Getting to serve out here is so wonderful and I am really loving all of it. I even love tracting. Even when after 3 hours of knocking doors we still haven’t found one single person who is willing to listen to us. I know we are planting seeds. We are working to share this wonderful message that we have been blessed to have in our own lives  While talking with some missionaries about our missions we realized some awesome things. When people think about serving a mission they seem to think that they are giving some incredible service. In all reality we are just giving back what is already the Lords. He has given us our bodies, the time we have on this earth, and all of our material positions. We are just giving back a fraction of what he has given us. How incredibly blessed we are! WE are blessed to know about this message, we are blessed to have eternal families, we are blessed with the amazing opportunities that we are always being given! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembered all that they have been blessed with God IS good! Never forget that 
I Love you and the church is true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers

P.S. We are planning on caroling our little lungs out this month! The elders have agreed to join us a couple of times a week to go visit members, less active and investigators and share our testimony through song at their doors  We are also going to try to carol around town a little! I am so excited and I hope it all works out like we want it too!

This past Sunday a young boy of about 10 or 11 got up and shared his testimony in sacrament. His family is pretty less active and he seemed scared to death to be up there. He wasn’t quite sure how he was supposed to give a testimony, but his words were beautiful and powerful. He gave an analogy that I wanted to share with you guys  I don’t know where he got it from but I totally love it!
The child compared God to a river, ever flowing in the right direction. He then said that we are like pebbles in the stream. If we allow, then the Lord can push us towards our final destination and help us in our eternal progression. He wants us to do good and follow Him. Sometimes we get caught on other rocks as we make our way down the river. Sometimes we might even find ourselves holding others from continuing forward. There may be times that we find ourselves buried in the mud or stuck against tall grass that has grown in our way thinking it can stop us. We need to remember that nothing is impossible through Christ. Another rock may come and knock us loose, placed in our path by the hand of God. The river can work us out of the mud and clean us as we continue down our path so it is like it never happened. Also as we journey along we might find ourselves being bumped or knocked as we go along. It may seem painful and unnecessary at the time, but the stream knows what it is doing. Once we reach the end of our journey we will find that we are now a smooth stone. Our trials were for our own benefit.
Children are so wonderful. They see things in a different way than we do and they are continually teaching me as I’m out here serving unnamed slidell christmas


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