November 11, 2013

“We have had 7 people referred to us this week! We are looking forward to working with them and helping them grow closer to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and their Heavenly Father 
One of the referrals that we received is for a woman who has been drawn to the church by the examples of others. She sees the good in the members and she wants to have that in her own life  People really are watching and noticing even if we don’t realize it.!.
I love you all so much and I am grateful for the love and support I get from you This past week I really learned that having a positive attitude is a personal decision. You can choose to look at the good things or you can focus on the bad. It really is a choice. If you think that there is only bad things to see then you are letting Satan take away your agency. There is always something good to look at! Always! You just have to be humble enough to notice what is from God.
I love you and the gospels true!
Sister Mignonne Rogers  “missionary Archie slidell sunrise


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