September 30, 2013

IMG_2991[1]IMG_2891[1]I got to watch the Relief Society Broadcast and I absolutely loved it 🙂 I really liked the story about the farmer and his sheep. While I was at the stake center for the broadcast I started talking to a young women about her children. A little bit into the conversation she asked me how many kids I had! Oops, my hair was covering up my name tag so she hadn’t realized I was a missionary. I doubt I’ll get asked that question all that many more times on my mission lol. There is another new family in the ward? That is wonderful! I think you and dad would totally love the mission! I hope you get to go as soon as you are planning to! The senior couples in our area are awesome! This area is a little different than others because we have the bishop’s store house in our mission so we get to go and do service at the storehouse every Wednesday. This past Wednesday was my first time working there and let me tell you, the people we work with are hilarious! After we finished working, Sister Rigby and I made dinner for everyone that was here working, so about 12 people. We were going to make shepherds pie, but I had stewing beef instead of ground beef and I didn’t realize the mistake until I had already put the meat in the frying pan. To make a long story short we ended up making stew instead. It turned out pretty good, but I promised that next time I would make shepherds pie the right way 😉 So yesterday was my first Sunday in the mission field. Before church we had to go to the ward counsel meeting. Sister Rigby and I were running a little behind and as we were running into the church a big bug hit me smack in the face! I thought the bug might have gone into my hair so I ran my fingers through it really quick as we headed into the meeting. We were about 15 minutes late so when we walked in everyone turned to look. The primary president wasted no time telling me there was a bug on my head and my companion whipped around and smacked me in the face trying to get the bug off from me. The stupid bug took flight and it was then that I saw it was a pretty large wasp that had been chilling in my hair. One of the elders took of their shoes and proceeded to chase the wasp. To say the least my first impression to all of the ward leaders was quite embarrassing.

This is a quick run down of my week –
Monday- travel
Tuesday- Travel and meet my new companion Sister Rigby
Wednesday- District meeting with the Elders, and working at the storehouse (Just so ya know we have 6 sets of missionaries in our ward. There are two senior couples, a set of senior sisters, me and my companion, the district leader and his companion, and the zone leaders) 12 missionaries in total! That’s a lot of missionaries for such a tiny ward! The ward here is like our home ward with wonderful, sweet, and eccentric people, but less people in total.
Thursday- had lunch at a little Guatemalan woman’s house named Marie. She is 91, lives on her own and doesn’t speak a word of English. Which is kind of hard since neither my companion or I speak any Spanish. Despite the language barrier, she still tells stories like most sweet older people do. She uses her hands a lot when she talks so I can kind of understand what she is saying lol She has a sweet little dog and an African Gray, both with intense Spanish names that I can’t remember. After we saw her we went to an investigators house.  We ended our day at the senior sisters house for dinner.
Friday- We went and visited a wonderful sweet couple where the husband is partially paralyzed. Every Friday we have the opportunity to go visit them, which I’m very grateful for. I’m excited to get to know them better 🙂 Once we left their house we made a quick trip to the store and then headed home to pack our apartment. I was very fortunate and got a wonderful companion and a fabulous area to work in, but we had to move from the apartment we were at. We have a new place now that has just been redone and has beautiful wood floors and came furnished and decorated. I’m not going to lie, I feel a little spoiled. Sister Rigby said our first apartment is the worst she has ever lived in and our new one is the best. So lucky me, I got to see both ends of the spectrum in one week lol
Saturday- We moved everything over, we are still working on getting everything moved in, and went to the relief Society broadcast.
Sunday- Went to the meeting in the morning and then to church.  After church we went to visit an investigator. She and her husband are very sweet people. Then we went to a meeting with the ward mission leader, and let me tell ya, after that meeting I felt a little overwhelmed by how much work we have to do. We ended the day with dinner at one of the senior couples houses with the other missionaries as well 🙂 All in all  a great week!
This week we wont be moving so hopefully we will get more missionary work in! My companion, Sister Rigby, is from Blackfoot Idaho.  I’m grateful she is my companion 🙂 I’m loving my mission! The Lord has truly been helping me to love the people I meet 🙂 I’m grateful for this time I have to serve the Lord and learn from his children. There are so many wonderful missionaries our here that I have so much to learn form 🙂 I couldn’t be luckier, or happier 🙂
I love you and the gospels true 🙂

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